Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tired of waiting?

Me, too! But as mentioned before, waiting is part of this particular phase of surrogacy. It's the contract phase, which means C & M and the hubby and I must all agree to quite a long set of contract terms. C & M submitted a first draft of the contract to me the week before last. I have looked over and made a long list of questions to present to my attorney when she calls to review the contract with me.

I am hoping to hear from my attorney, L, early next week. We will review said contract together, make our changes, add anything we feel is necessary, and then send the draft back to
C & M to review with their attorney. At that point, they can accept the terms or send it back to us with revisions for further review. We will do this dance until we all reach agreements that make us comfortable.

I know the IP's and we are on top of this contract review as soon as we receive it; here's hoping our attorney's are, too.

After this process is complete, we can move on to the fun stuff (ie: baby-baking!).