Monday, October 10, 2011

Going dark

The blog here will be going dark for a time as there's nothing new in my surrogacy world to report. Should I get the opportunity to help C & M grow their family in the future, my faithful blog readers will be the first to know. Well, perhaps not the FIRST, but you get my point.

The twins are almost 7 months old and doing well. C & M have a fabulous crew of kiddos and life is moving along as it should.

In the meantime, the world is still turning over here, and I'm actively pursuing my own interests and activities while I wait to see what the future holds for me in the surrogacy world.

Thank you all for following along and for offering all the support you have. It was truly encouraging and appreciated. Until next time?...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some things to think about

or "some thing about which to think." Sorry for introducing the post by ending with a preposition. And I'm sorry for just revealing my inner-nerd, but really if you didn't know that about me already, I suggest you read through the blog again...

Ok, I'm going to let that rabbit get away and bring this post back together:

A couple of things have been on this post-pregnancy brain as of late, and whilst thinking of such things, I thought they'd make a good blog post. Hopefully, I'll be right.

The hubby and I have decided that a little bit plastic surgery could be in my future. (Think this means I could end up looking "plastic?") Nothing too fancy of course - just a little tuck to take care of this tummy. I'll spare you a photo of the tummy that's delivered 6 children in 13 years - you'll thank me. While this may seem like a vain thing to think about in light of those 6 beautiful lives, let's be real: clothing designers don't make clothes differently for women who've had a half-dozen babies. Call me vain if I want my clothes to fit how they should. But since I like to take my time researching and getting all my ducks in a row before I jump into anything serious, any sort of nipping and tucking won't take place for several years. Maybe I'll blog about that too --- hmmmm. Thoughts on another decision has also made me think that this event could be delayed for a time too...

As time is passing and I'm beginning to heal and feel more like my old self again, I confess that I have been seriously considering whether this last surrogacy was my last. Two months ago, my feelings were different but time can change those, I suppose. And of course, not being on a crazy hormone roller coaster helps. Did I mention I think I'm returning to normal?

Recently, C said (ok- texted, because between us, we have 7 children = no time to actually talk, ha!) something that very slightly indicated to me that they may be interested in another surrogacy. Just to clarify before I continue, she said nothing definite/concrete in any capacity at all whatsoever. It was just something that made me think about the possibility of doing another surrogacy for them. The hubby and I have also talked about this. If C & M asked me to carry another child for them, I would be so honored; I would do it again - in a heartbeat. That's on the record. ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Helloooo out therrrrre...

*chirp chirp* Those are the crickets you all probably hear if you ever swing by from time to time. I make no apologies; life's busy. ;)

But I thought I'd jump on over and throw a quick update your way while I had a few minutes of free time, ha!

It's been almost 3 months since the twins' arrival - 12 weeks and 4 days, if you're counting. What that means for them is they are just shy of 3 months old and have been out of the hospital and home for about 8 weeks now. What that means for me is, despite the arguing hormones, that I am well on my way to returning back to my normal.

So, let's get this part out of the way now:

4-6-8-10 weeks, left to right

Eh, it doesn't look like much of a change in photos, but some of my clothes tell a different story. I'm still waiting for the rest of them to agree. :P

My little (and it is little, measuring only about 5 inches in length) scar is doing well, as far as I can tell. But this was my first section, so I'm just guessing on this one.

Life is most definitely back to normal for me. I assume C's has gotten rather interesting over the last few months though, hehe! Our correspondence has dwindled considerably but it is to be expected as we have accomplished what we set out to do. I confess it's a little different not hearing from her as much - not strange different, just different.

I am still on the fence about whether I will do another surrogacy (crazy how much I get asked this). For reasons I choose to keep off this public venue, I may not be going into detail about my complete feelings on that matter -at least not anytime soon.

I could chat at you about a TON of other feelings, but like me, you all probably have some other blogs to get to reading...far more interesting ones than mine, I'll bet. So, while you do that, I'm off to get my Pilates on (gotta pull in this TWIN core of mine!). See you not so soon.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A look back

Hi, stalkers! (But do you really even stalk ye olde bloggie anymore? I mean, what in the world is left that you might be hoping to see? Photos, perhaps....)

That was fun, wasn't it! Photos start at top left at 13 weeks and carry on near weekly to the end, 3 days before delivery, just shy of 34 weeks. Look at that thing grow! Seriously, if someone had warned me how GINORMOUS I looked, I might have put myself on house arrest much, much sooner. Isn't it scary to think what 40 weeks would have been like on me?!

But of course, you all have seen those photos along the way. You were probably hoping to catch a glimpse of the twins. My procrastination demons finally relented and I am able to share some sweet photo love with you all:

That was more fun, ya think?! Ok, so it's not the best photo, but trying to fit all 6 of us plus two tiny individuals on one hotel lobby couch was a feat we could not master well. Add in 2 temperamental boys of mine, and it was downright near impossible.Take what you can get, right. You'll have to squint to catch a peek at Baby Girl. But hey, at least sweet Baby Boy (formerly known as Baby A) was kind enough to give you all a wave. *Whassuuuuuuuuup*

That's all I got for you for now. Be on the lookout for another progess collage of post-partum belly pics, as soon as I get off my lazy bootay and snap one for this week. It's a work for sure!

Thanks to all you loyal followers who still check in on me ever so often; as for the rest of you, I can only assume you've found a life outside the blogosphere. I'm jealous. ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

6 weeks, done

My (standard) 6 week post-partum checkup was a few days ago. I passed, yay! Of course, did you expect anything different? ;) My scar is healing nicely, although still has some ridging, due to the dissolvable staples that were used. I confess that I can't wait for that be FLAT finally - at this point, it looks as if my lower abdomen has a pouty bottom lip, ha! I'll spare you the photo. I am 14lbs away from the pre-pregnancy weight and I am cleared to return to full activity, meaning I can "get my butt in gear" at the gym. It's no fun wearing maternity clothes when you're not pregnant - Express jeans, here I come! I know, I know: this isn't a health & fitness blog, so I'll move on...

C & M's twins are doing marvelously well! Baby Boy recently weighed in 7lbs, 5oz; Baby Girl weighed in 5lbs, 2 oz. Yesterday, they turned 6 weeks old! By C's account, they are normal, happy, healthy babies as we knew they would be. My prayer for both C & M these days has been that they have a smooth transition into the parenting, going from 1 child to 3! They have their hands full to say the least, but from what I know of them, they're going to be great!

Unfortuntaly, I don't have any progressive tummy shrinking photos to share today. I have them, but they're just not really impressive, hehe! All of internal organs have returned to normal, so the rest is up to me. And since pregnancy takes it toll on the ab muscles (and the skin), it will take time and focus to get it all back to my normal. While I know this blog isn't focused on that, it is an important element in the post-partum period, for any woman who has given birth, so I'll include updates from time to time.

This blog will become a bit inactive as time passes, although I'll check in with you when I have something to say. ;) I wanted to use this as a place to chronicle my experience as a gestational surrogate and I feel I have accomplished that. I feel "done" with my role as a surrogate, but not done with my role in C & M's life.

Since delivering the twins and even before delivery, I have been asked if I would be a surrogate again. I will honestly say that I have thought about it, but am not willing to be more definitive in my decision at this time, considering I am still in the recovery process from this pregnancy and delivery. I'll save those thoughts for another post, just to keep things interesting around here.

Thank you all for following along with me and for all the prayers and words of encouragement. They mean so much! Until next time, friends...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

They're home :)

Hi, friends! In my true blogging fashion, I am *a bit* behind on keeping you all up to date, but it IS the week leading up to holiday, which keeps me pretty busy each time any holiday rolls around. So, let's get to it:

The twins were discharged from the hospital last week. Baby Boy was released on (Thursday) the 14th and Baby Girl was released the next day. My crew - all 6 of us - were able to visit with C,M, and the twins for a time before they flew home on Saturday, the 16th.

I'm so impressed with how well the twins grew and how healthy they looked! Baby Boy was weighing over 5 1/2 lbs (I can't recall the exact numbers now) and Baby Girl was weighing 4lbs 5oz. They were so sweet!

This gathering was the first time my boys had seen the babies, so that was exciting for them, at least for a minute or two. ;) I was able to grab a few photos of the occassion, but my ever present procrastination has kept me from actually asking C for her permission to post it here. I plan on doing this in the few days, but we'll see. ;)

I'm glad we all got to cuddle with the little ones before they went home to begin their life, finally outside of the hospital. It was admittedly the "closure" I needed on my part in this experience. For the first time I truly felt that this, their (the twins) going home to their family with their mom and dad, was the ending for which we were all waiting. It was the goal that both our families desired to accomplish from the very beginning, before we even met one another. During the time that the babies were in the NICU, I struggled with the finality of it all, or lack thereof; but now that they are home, I feel as if this entire process has come full circle. I could talk without end on this alone.

I am still so humbled to have been priveleged to care for those babies for a time and honored that C & M trusted me and my family with such a precious task. I definitely feel that I am just as blessed in all this as they are; my heart is full.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Know, I Know...

It's been 3 weeks since you all have heard from me. Many of you probably thought I had "ended" this blog with the birth of the twins, but I would never leave without saying goodbye. ;) In truth, if I shared with you the craziness of life that I was catapulted back into after delivering those precious babes, you'd likely be bored to tears and never check on me again. I will spare you all those mundane details and get on to the good stuff, the reason why you really check for updates...

C's & M's twins were born 3 weeks and 1 day ago today, making their gestational age 37weeks if they had remained in utero. Both babies are still in the NICU at a local hospital near me; C has been dividing her time between her twins and her family at home. Baby Boy is doing well, growing and eating as expected. Baby Girl is growing and eating as well, and just weighed in at 3lbs 12oz! Generally, for the NICU to feel comfortable discharging them, 4lbs is the "magic number" so long as other health aspects are in line. Baby Girl was still in a warming unit to help regulate her temperature, but was supposed to be removed from that today to see how well she would maintain her temp on her own. They are preparing them to go home, doing last tests and such to help the doctors determine when they can be released home. Our fingers are crossed that could happen within the week.

I get to visit with C and little babes on the weekends. (Weekdays are difficult for me to get up there since I have a toddler in tow who isn't allowed in the NICU.) Just yesterday I was able to feed Baby Girl her bottle. What a neat experience that was! And it clearly showed how out of practice I was in the art of bottle feeding and burping, hehe. I was also able to cuddle with Baby Boy and even change his little baby clothes after he yacked on himself. THAT was like riding a bike seeing how my last child had reflux something awful. I look forward to those sweet visits with C and her angels, but I'm so excited that they are so close to going home and truly living their life. Let's face it: life in a hospital is no way to live life. And of course they have tons of family waiting to share cuddles and love with them when they get home.

I am healing well, but I confess that first week was much, much rougher than I could have anticipated. Even the second week took some adjusting. But three weeks after surgery, I think I'm doing well. Obviously, I've been busy since I haven't had time to sit long enough to even blog for you all, so that must be a good sign. I did see my OB for an incision check about 10 days ago; I am cleared to begin "light exercise/activity" in about a week. I'm looking forward to adding that back into my daily routine. My final doctor's visit for this process will be a 6week post-partum check up on April 29. I should be healed and given the green light to resume life as I knew it, without restrictions. Watch out, folks!

And seeing how we all watched my belly grow, I thought it might be neat to watch it shrink (although clearly not as fun!). So, here's what I got for you:

This is my post-partum belly, taken at the end of its respective weeks. It's kinda nifty, huh?

I'm out, as my life is calling me this very moment. I can't promise it won't be three more weeks before I return, but I'll make a better effort to come back sooner. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birth Story Anyone?

Is this the post you all have been waiting for all this time? I think I have some energy restored to me so that I can make a clear post.

At my last post, we were heading into the OR to deliver some babies. It was somewhat of a hurried moment since we were bumped on the schedule by a few hours. I barely finished the last blog entry before the hubby was taking the laptop out of my hands as the anesthesiology team began to give me the initial prepping medicines. In fact, the operating crew (nurses, anesthesia, etc) wheeled me out before C & M even arrived at the hospital. It all felt pretty fast.

I spent the first 20-30 minutes in the OR alone with the team of nurses and anesthesiologists while they continued to push meds through my IV and of course get me all set up with my pain medication. I had a spinal/epidural combination, then placed on the table I was. I was also given a 24 hour dose of Duramorph (for post op pain control) as well as a shot of Remifentanil (narcotic pain reliever).

The combination of the Duramorph and the Remifentanil made me very dizzy and nauseated. So much so that I actually got sick while on the table. My anesthesiology team was so encouraging and supportive to me during all this (as I was having anxiety thanks to the effects of those medicines), and I honestly don't know what I would have done with them. By the time the hubby arrived at my side, I was very much "out of it" and quite the loopy patient.

C & M were graciously allowed to be in the OR as well to witness the birth of their little ones. I'm so grateful that my OB advocated for them to be present. Once they were settled and my hubby was settled, the surgery got underway.

Baby A arrived at 10:20a, weighing 4lbs, 5oz -- IT'S A BOY!
Baby B arrived at 10:21a, weighing 2lbs, 15oz -- IT'S A GIRL!

I was able to see the sweet babes for a few seconds over the drape before the neonatal team began their assessment. C & M were able to see and hold their little ones in the OR before they were both taken to the NICU, with C & M following right behind. I, of course, was being stitched back together during all this.

I didn't get to see the little ones until the next day due to them being cared for in the NICU as well as my adverse reaction to all the medicines used during the surgery. I will spare you the details, but it was indeed a rough night for me. I should have probably warned someone how I react to narcotic med pains and things of that nature. Basically, if "dizziness" or "nausea" is a side effect, I have no tolerance for it and it should be kept far, far away from me. Wonder if they would have let me go through the c-section without the morphine and fentanil?

I am on the mend currently (from my first ever cesarean section) and although it has been quite the tough 48 hours, I feel like I might finally be showing signs of healing and a general leaning towards feeling better, at least better than the first 48 hours. I'm walking the halls with slightly more ease - not pain free though - and I am hoping to be released today. Oh, how I hope to go home today.

The little babes have been in NICU since birth and the doctors are very impressed with the progress they continue to make. They will have their oxygen completely removed today and are even being formula fed. C & M have been allowed to bathe them, change them, and feed them once a day. They are only allowed to hold them and have physical contact with them for only a few minutes each day. I know they are looking forward to the day they can snuggle and hold them without all the restrictions. There is no word yet on how long they may need NICU care, but it is likely it will be for at least another 2 weeks, and possibly longer. I will continue to visit C & M and the babes after I have been discharged. I have not held them or gotten a photo of us all together, so that is a big "must do" before they are released and return home.

I'm sure I have plenty more information, but after the whooziness from all the drugs, I may be missing some things. I have plenty of photos, but C & M have respectfully requested that I keep those off any public venues (ie: blogs).

This ends this surrogacy journey for me, aside from recovery, and it begins a whole new life for C & M and their family! I have so many emotions at this point -- way too many to add to this post for sure. Perhaps another post for that, folks.

I'm off to finish recovering and resting. I'll check in with you all soon.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Day

Today's the day, folks! We're meeting the twin babes in about an hour! We were originally scheduled for a noon-ish time c-section, but got bumped ahead so we're getting things in order to head to the OR.

C & M should be here shortly as well, and we'll get this show on the road!

Obviously, my body did not kick itself into labor overnight.

Being bumped up in our time does make me a little nervous, but perhaps it's better that I'm not going to be spending the next few hours "waiting in worry" beforehand. Plus, it means I'll get to eat and drink sooner, yay! Well, I'm excited about those ice-chips I'm promised in recovery. :)

Nurses are in now to hook me up with some fluids and antibitotics, so we are on the move!

Sorry for the short post. Later, peoples!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last One

Yes, stalkers, this is your very last belly shot, snapped yesterday at 33 weeks, 4 days.

Currently, I am blogging atcha' from a not so comfy hospital bed, AGAIN! Any one else tired of me being here *raises hand*. At yesterday afternoon's ultrasound appointment, Baby B was found to have absent-end diastolic flow (signaling that the placenta is no longer functioning properly), so I was sent for monitoring. This was expected to eventually happen, so while not surprising, we were certainly holding out hope that the decline would hold off a couple of more weeks. When I arrived at the hospital, the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doctor informed me that we would receive another round of steroids to mature babies' lungs and that delivery would happen this weekend. Wow!

Basically, with the B's condition, there is no reason to take any unnecessary risks, so while we have generally said the longer we bake the better, the time has come where the high-risk doctors feel that B would be better served outside the womb. No decision has been made as to whether delivery will occur today or tomorrow, although I suspect tomorrow is the hope in order to complete the round of steroids. However, if there is any concern with the babes as they monitor heart rates - I'm being constantly monitored, so I'm all wired up: 3 monitors on the belly, an IV in one arm, and a BP cuff on the other - or I go into actual labor, then we will deliver at that time.

My cervix was checked yesterday evening and I was found to be 4cm and 70% effaced. Recap from Tuesday's check: 1cm and 40% effaced. It seems some changes have been taking place. I also have been having regular contractions, but only from time to time rather than continuous. It is my hope and prayer that I can go into labor before B's heart rate changes (should it change, that is) and before they decide to whisk me away for a c-section tomorrow. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a wonderful MFM doctor will is willing to deliver both breech babies, as she feels this would be easy since the babes will be small, and she would like to see me avoid major surgery if possible.She is working hospital rotation this week, but we have to tell my body to cooperate during her working hours, gah!

C & M are in town now, and they WILL get their babies this time. I asked many, many times so I could be sure before letting them get on that plane.

We shall see what today holds. Perhaps my next update with have delivery info or even announce the arrive of the little babes! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm an Information Machine!

Gosh, I feel like I'm updating too often -- is that possible?!?!

In any case, I do have more news to share with you all. AND I get to share it from the comfort of my cozy couch. :)

Today's ultrasound showed Baby B to be the same as on Sunday morning, consistent with what we've seen over the last month: blood flow is still slightly elevated. Biophysical profile was great. B is quite the squirmy wormy and appears to be a little fighter, hanging on strong! Baby A is right where A should be, as usual.

And in even more interesting news: we have a delivery date scheduled! I am on the calendar for April 4 at 10:30a. I will be officially 36 weeks on that date. The reason we are not pushing for 38 weeks is due to B's growth. The OB explained it to me that it would be better to take B early in order to avoid any extra stress from the blood flow concern; with B's growth, it would be better to assess the situation from outside the womb at 36 weeks. 36 weeks is a very acceptable "term" delivery for twins. She also told me that twins do not grow very much from week 36 to week 38, so we would really not be losing any growth or development.

And in even more exciting news (I mean, did you even think that was possible?!?!): The OB who treated me today said that if I were to go into labor on my own, she would be more than happy to deliver me naturally. She is experienced and comfortable performing a breech delivery, and even encouraged me to call her if I went into full labor, and she would come to the hospital to deliver me even if she wasn't on hospital rotation. She said that I am an excellent candidate for breech, and delivering a smaller baby who is breech is much easier than delivering a larger baby who is breech. She is actually on the hospital rotation for next week, so while I wouldn't encourage labor, it wouldn't necesaarily be a bad thing if I did spontaneoulsy go into labor next week...during the day of course since the OBs at this office only rotate hospital hours during that time. Also, if I happen to be in labor when I come in on April 4, then we could attempt a vaginal delivery at that time, otherwise a c-section is the way we'll go.

A bit more info, if you haven't had enough information yet ;) --- I am still dilated to 1 cm, but my cervix is starting to thin, making me 50% effaced. Perhaps, my body is already starting to show signs of changes that can lead to labor. I also had my uterus measured for fundal height. Fundal height measurement is taken from the top of the uterus to the top of the pubic bone and can aid in determing fetal growth and development. Although this measurement isn't as accurate as ultrasound, it can be useful in assessing when a pregnancy may be nearing it's end, read: labor may begin soon. My fundal height was 40cm, and it is sometimes thought that anything 40cm or above may indicate that the uterus may begin contracting to begin labor. This isn't always the case of course, but I might just cross my fingers that it is for me.

Being on twice weekly appointments now certainly gives me much more reason to come back here and update often, but if the appointments and ultrasounds are unchanged, I may wait until I have more news to share before popping into the blog o'sphere. Thanks for keeping up with me, friends!

Monday, March 14, 2011

What's the Deal?

Here's the deal: I'm home, yay! I was discharged from the hospital late yesterday afternoon and now come blogging to you from the comfort of my recliner. :)

Yesterday morning at the hospital, the attending physician decided it would be good to have one more ultrasound before determining if I should be released to go home. Babies were doing very well on the belly monitors that measure their heart rates, but an ultrasound to check on blood flow and  complete biophysical profiles (a test during the ultrasound to assess the babies' well-being: fluid levels, practice breathing, muscle tone, movement, heartbeat) would determine when the babies should be monitored again.

This ultrasound resulted in more great news, similar to what we have been seeing over the last few weeks, with the exception of the early morning ultrasound on Friday. Baby B's blood flow was slightly elevated and both babies' biophysical profiles came back perfect! Heart rates were strong and steady, both were definitely practicing their breathing (that was so neat to see!), wiggle worms they were, and amniotic fluid levels were great. The only concern was the elevated blood flow as it has been for the few weeks. It seems even my cervix is growing a bit and is not near as short as it once was. All good things!

I was released home on modified bedrest rather than on the previous stricter rest. That means I have a little more freedom to move about the house now. My specific instructions state that I must take 2 hours of rest after every meal, and then I am permitted to do some light activity: light housework, light cooking, etc. Although I won't be vacuuming, scrubbing bathtubs, or bounding up the stairs, I will be able to relieve some of the household duties that have burdened the hubby for the last month. If I stick to simple, quick meals I can even cook dinners for the family now. I must be off my feet completely from 8p until morning. No problem! Despite the lifting of some of the restrictions though, I am still continuing to keep my two youngest in their respective childcare situations. I think that would be the best in order for to continue to required resting during the day not to mention that I still cannot lift anything over 20 pounds, so the little guys will have to wait a bit longer before Mommy can pick them again.

C & M were so wonderful during this whole ordeal. I was so worried about the many ways this situation must have inconvenienced them, and they had to head back home without the babies they thought they were coming to get. They were so kind and understanding. I'm so very thankful for that.

I will have another ultrasound to check on the babies, especially little B that has caused us so much concern, tomorrow morning. It seems I will be having ultrasounds twice weekly for perhaps the rest of the pregnancy. What a nice treat that will be: getting outside of my four walls twice a week. ;)

Until tomorrow, blog groupies...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where do I start?!

I'm seriously not even sure where to start with this update. It's a super long roller-coaster of a story, so I'll take a few deep breaths and try to walk you all through it without being too talky-talky.
I had my regularly scheduled appointment early yesterday morning. During the ultrasound, the tech told me that I would likely be going to the hospital, and she immediately left the room to call the perinatologist to send him the findings on the ultrasound. A few short minutes later, my OB came into the room and told me, "Today's the day." They were telling me we were delivering babies that day!! Can you imagine my shock?!?!

I immediately called IP's to be sure they could try to get to their babies in time; called my mother so she could make the long drive to be here with my kiddos; called the hubby so he could head over to the hospital asap. After texting and notifying multiple people about this last minute scenario, my OB came into my room and notified me that the NICU was full. I would have to transfer to another hospital.

Strapped onto a stretcher I was and given an ambulance ride to another hospital a bit further way. I was admitted at this hospital and given a complete workup: blood draws, slew o'questions about my medical history, etc, and IV'd up to receive fluids. The delivering doctors came in to talk to me, the anesthesiologist came in for her spiel, the social worker came into confirm legal paperwork....I must have had 15 people in and out of that room in the first hour I was there.

I also had another ultrasound. The doctors at the "new" hospital wanted to confirm what they were told was seen in my OB's office. An hour later, the ultrasound was complete. And by that I mean, the actual ultrasound took an hour, an ENTIRE hour! A bit of time passed and the high-risk doctor came in to tell me what the findings were of that ultrasound. They did NOT see the same thing that was seen earlier. In fact, they saw something completely different. In my OB's office, I was told B's blood flow was reversed and B needed to be delivered immediately; after the 2nd ultrasound, I was told the B's blood was slightly elevated, consistent with the ultrasounds over the last few weeks.

Now, if you're confused here, you are not alone. But for the time being, there would be no delivery of the babies. I was admitted for overnight stay for monitoring with another ultrasound coming the next morning. This decision came only after IP's were in the air, coming to me, expecting to meet their babies.

Fast forward to this morning:
The ultrasound this morning showed that Baby B's bloodflow was slightly elevated from yesterday's ultrasound (but still not reversed, yay!), so I am remaining in the hospital for another 24 hours to monitor the babies' heartrates to make sure that the increased elevation is not affecting fetal heart rate. Also, the physicians here took me off the Procardia I was taking to help relax the uterus to avoid contractions, so they want to make sure I'm stable without that for 24 hours before they send me home. If the babies' heart rates remain good as they have been and I don't have regular contractions, then I *should* be able to go home tomorrow sometime after lunch. I will then be seen again on Monday or Tuesday for another ultrasound, and will likely be moved to twice weekly scans.

IP's are on their way home now, but know that is a possibility they may have to return asap based on next week's ultrasounds. Our hope is to continue the pregnancy for 3 more weeks if B's blood flow and growth will allow. My bed rest continues, hopefully at home tomorrow.

Did you get all that? I know, it's a lot to process. Imagine being on this end of it.

And while I know this is the least important part of this post, I wanted to leave you with another tummy shot @ 32 weeks, 4 days:

And if you're really brave, you're welcome to view a bare belly shot -- and if you're not so much with the bravery, you are now free to leave this blog as this post is finished for you. ;) For the rest of you, here's a feast for your eyes maybe:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am convinced...

...that there comes time in every pregnancy - perhaps earlier in a multiples pregnancy - that the cute little belly that everyone has "awwww'd" at for so long is now the receipeint of a lot of "Wow!'s, "Good Lord!'s," "You must be so uncomfortable" and "Looks like you you're counting down the days." I think that time has come for me:

It is no longer a cute "bump." It a big ol' belly! :) But in case you were wondering, that's supposed to happen. Hello! Babies grow and as such, so does the belly.
Now, for what you really came here for: a baby update ------>
After spending nearly 3 hours in a doctor's office, I am back at home, blogging to you all. Yay! Although the appointment took a considerable amount of time, the outcome was pretty simple: everything is the same as it was last week! (That's good news, people!!) The blood flow again showed no instance of intermittent or absent end diastolic flow; B's blood flow is still elevated as it was previously. And I learned what that meant as well. Basically, placental blood flow concerns will take this progression:
Normal -Elevated - Intermittent-Absent-Reversed
Once blood flow is reversed, intervention is required = delivery. So, although we would love to see normal blood flow, elevated blood flow (meaning there is some resistance in sending/receiving blood to Baby B) is definitely better than what we saw 3 weeks ago with the intermittent and absent end. The growth scan also showed that both babies grew at the appropriate intervals. B is still a couple of weeks behind, but the important thing is the interval growth. According to the ultrasound, Baby A weighs approximately 3.6lbs and Baby B weighs approximately 2.8lbs. The tech was able to get a 4D photo of Baby A as well; I'm excited to send that to C!
The weekly cervical check also showed my cervix measuring at 16mm, so we're still doing well with that as well.
I also spent quite a bit of time asking the OB about the c-section procedure as I have never had one before. I won't bore you with all those questions (some are TMI, anyway, ha!), but I do feel much better knowing what to expect. And my OB has assured both C and I that she will make it work so that my husband as well as C & M will be able to be in the OR during the procedure. Normally, only one person is allowed, but given our situation, the OB is going to make an exception for us. I can't tell you all how truly blessed I am to have such a wonderful and supportive OB throughout this surrogacy.
I was sent home to continue bedrest and meds. I'll go back on Friday of next week to check B's blood flow again. On that date, I will be 3 days shy of 33 weeks -- I never thought I'd consider every week golden, but I'm so happy at the idea of baking these babies for at least 33 weeks, with a very probable chance at carrying them longer!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Today's appointment could not have been any better!! I just wanted to get that out of the way right off the bat. Now for the details:

Baby B's blood flow looked perfect! It was forward flowing, which is how it should be in a normal, healthy pregnancy. There was no instance of the absent end or intermittent end diastolic flow that we had been seeing at previous appointments. Did you read that: NO instances!!! I don't know about you, but that tickles me silly! The prayers of myself and many others have been for this very thing, and I cannot wait to see what next week's appointment brings. The perinatologist did mention that B's blood flow was elevated, but he didn't really explain to me exactly what that meant. (And I unfortunately didn't think to ask -- I'm blaming the full bladder at the time for my temporary lack of judgement.) I have spent some time googling searching for any information about elevated blood flow to a fetus, but have come up with nothing in return. In any case, the peri didn't seem concerned at all about that, but I will definitely ask at my next appointment.

My cervix was also measured as per usual protocol in my situation. While it had shortened, the change was minimal and not cause for concern or to change my treatment (bedrest, meds, etc).

Based on today's appointment, the doctor thinks that we have a very good chance for delaying delivery for quite possibly a few more weeks - more if B's blood flow continues to impress. Of course, I am still cautioned that this is still a week-to-week monitoring situation, but I'm definitely more confident in B's ability to hang in there for a more acceptable period of time.

I will return for yet another scan next week = Thursday morning. We will do a cervical measurement and check B's blood flow. We will also do a growth scan on both babies to determine growth rate. The growth rate, especially for Baby B, is also a good indicator of how sufficient the blood flow is. C & I are definitely anxious for this appointment. I will also have a routine OB office visit as well; this appointment will take 1.5 hours at least, so for certain there may be a delay in my update that day as those long appointments leave me less motivated to blog right away.

I am of course still on the strict bedrest; I think it's unlikely that it will be lifted at any time during the pregnancy. My family is adjusting to the change as well as can be expected. It must be hard for 4 kiddos and a hubby to have pick all of mommy's slack these days. My husband in particular is a bit overwhelmed by the change, although he really is taking it well. He takes care of all my normal daily chores after he comes from his day at work; he bathes the kids, takes care of their school needs, and makes sure they get in the bed on time. He also takes care of the morning routine as well, making sure all the kiddos get on their respective buses and the toddler gets to the sitter's for the day. Knowing the greater purpose of all this is handing over two healthy babies to their parents is motivation to endure. This temporary change will yield such miracles that it will be forgotten as quick as it began.

I hope that I do not see you all for any other condition updates until after my next appointment because that will mean we are still truckin' along.

Today, I am 30 weeks, 2 days pregnant with C & M's twins:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're good for another week!

I saw my perinatologist today as scheduled. Much to my surprise, the doctor was not actually in the office today. I was only able to see the ultrasound tech. The doctor will read the scan off-site, then send his findings to my OB, who will then call C and I with his results. I confess, that is somewhat nerve-racking since I wasn't able to get as much information as I would have liked during the appointment. I will have to wait on the OB to call me this afternoon/evening with more of the medical info.

I was able to ask the tech some questions though and get some information at least:

Baby B's condition still looks improved, as it did on Monday. That is fantastic news! I was again cautiously reminded that Baby B is not "cured," and the condition will worsen determining when delivery will take place. The longer it takes for that to happen, the better. And we did check on Baby A, too -- A doesn't get as much attention these days as B -- Baby A is doing very, very good, no concerns at all.

My cervical exam showed that my cervix has actually lengthened. Again, more fantastic news! If you remember, it measured 11mm at Monday afternoon's appointment; today, it measured 17mm. Now, that is still on the short side in terms of where my OB would like it to be at this point in the pregnancy. However, the fact that did not continue to shrink is praise-worthy, for sure! I was told that it may not lengthen much more, but continue to be monitored for consistency. As long it stays the same with little change, we're good. :)

Based on these findings, it appears that the medicine and bedrest are working for now. While neither is really a cure, any improvement they can sustain for any length of time is a much needed blessing.

My next check-up will be on Wednesday afternoon; that means the lil' babes get to bake for at least one more week, yay! Definite prayers that next week's appointment will bring just as much as assurance and joy as today's!

Thank you all for checking in on me, praying for me, loving on me through your company and cooking and goodies, and for all your support and encouragement. I'm off to enjoy more rest. ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm still home

For now, that is....

Initial ultrasound today showed improved bloodflow to Baby B, which means the rest seems to be helping. However, the rest isn't a cure and Baby B's bloodflow will decrease; it really is just a matter of time. Hopefully, the rest can buy us some more time. The offical condition for this is called absent end diastolic flow, meaning the bloodlfow from the umbilical cord to the baby is intermittent, causing the baby to receive inadequate nutrients. This leads to a slower growth rate and requires very routine monitoring. Early delivery seems to be imminent, but exactly when that wil happen will depend on the assesment of Baby B's bloodflow, growth rate, and overall development at each monitoring appointment. There's a bit more medical science behind this condition, but I don't want to bore you -- although it fascinates me, of course.

I also had another cervical exam via an internal monitor. My cervix has shortened again, from 21 on Friday to 11 today. Mind you, I have been resting and barely moving since Friday not to mention being on the contraction stopping meds, and still the shortening. This is very frustrating to me as it seems I have no control over this and can't seem to have any positive effect on the situation.

I was sent home to continue to continue to bedrest. Some studies have shown that bedrest can increase bloodflow to the uterus and placenta and it can alleviate pressure on the cervix, so as not to encourage labor. So, here I sit.

I have another appointment on Thursday afternoon to check on the bloodflow of Baby B as well as to examine my cervix. If there is a change in either situation, it is highly likely that I will be sent to the hospital to rest there and for monitoring. The perinatologist shared with me today that hospital bedrest is inevitable due to the fact that as we move along, Baby B will require daily monitoring in order to allow B to grow inside my womb as long as is healthy, then delivered into the NICU when B's placenta begins to fail completely.

This is definitely not the ideal pregnancy C and I had envisioned. I feel for her and how she must feel being so far away. And while I know this is not fault -- this could not have been predicted or prevented -- I worry C may feel she did not make a wise choice in choosing me to be her surrogate.

My prayer and hope, as has always been but perhaps moreso now, is that 2 healthy babies -- NICU health all the same! -- will given back to C & M. Lifted prayers are also for my overall health throughout the process.

I certainly hope that I do not see you all again until AFTER my appointment on Thursday afternoon. I'm off to continue resting and doing absolutely nothing but hoping to contue growing and nuturing these little lives.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Place Like Home

and that is where I'm at now, yay! My fFN test results were negative, signifying that pre-term labor is not on the horizon. I was sent home shortly before dinner yesterday evening and am now on strict bed rest for likely the remainder of the pregnancy. Strict bedrest = must remain in reclined or horizontal positional at all times with the exception of using the restroom, showering, and making the necessary meals to eat, of course. I am not allowed to exercise (duh!), lift anything (poor sweet 3yr old), drive (and I have 2 appointments/week from here on out), no intimate activity (poor sweet hubby!), and must minimize walking/standing. This will indeed be quite a different lifestyle for our whole family, but knowing it is in the best interest of the babies' health and is temporary is motivation enough.

I am so grateful for the wonderful support system that I have here in my home- the BEST HUSBAND EVER!- and the offers to help from many, many members from my church family. A meal schedule is being set up, babysitting is being arranged for my 3yr old who stays home with me during the day, and many others have offered to help with the domestic duties: housecleaning, laundry, etc. I truly am so blessed by all these special people; I only hope they know how truly appreciated all their care is to me and my family.

I have been in contact with C during this whole ordeal to keep her as informed as I can. My OB also contacted her personally to explain everything that was going on, all the possible scenarios, and answered any questions she had. I'm so thankful for her for doing that as I know it brings peace to C to know as much information as she can.

I do have an appointment on Monday afternoon at 2:15p with a peri-natologist (high risk OBGYN) to check on Baby B. This will be the first time I have met with this doctor, but will be under his care as well as my OB's care throughout the rest of the pregnancy. C will be phone conferenced in during this appointment so she can hear everything the doctor says and has an opportunity to ask any questions.

I know I have mentioned before how hopeful we are that we can continue to bake the little babes until at least 32 weeks along -- I am 29 weeks now, so a few more weeks. However, if I cannot keep them in until then and delivery happens before 31 weeks, I will have to deliver at a different hospital than at which I am currently being treated. This is because my hospital has a level 2 NICU which means they cannot treat and care for preemies delivered before 31 weeks. The level 1 NICU that is equipped is located in the downtown section of the metropolitan area closest to my suburb. It is much further away and is not a facility with which I am familiar. This gives me yet another reason to desire delivery to remain several weeks away.

Also, we are well on our way in getting all the paperwork together for the pre-birth order, however being on bed-rest will make it impossible for me to make it to our court date. We may all - C, M, the hubby and I - have to complete our court "appearance" over the phone. It's really important that we get the pre-birth order complete before the births of the little babes. Without those legal documents present at the birth, the state department will be legally required to place my name on the birth certificate (in my state, any woman who gives birth to a child is the legal mother, regardless of DNA). Of course, you can imagine if that is the case, there would be more legal hoops to jump through in order to name C & M as the rightful parents of the twins. I have a fabulous attorney and am confident she will get this taken care of before the birth.

Thanks for following along, readers, and for all the encouragement you've given me along the way. It is truly valued. Another update will be coming tomorrow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

One appointment

can change everything.

Ultrasound from this morning's routine appointment showed 2 concerns. I'll try to keep it short and sensible. Here goes:

Concern 1:
Baby B's growth has slowed, again. Where the twins have always had a disparity between them, it has never been more than 1 week. If you remember from my previous growth update, we were satisfied with the difference between both babies. Today, Baby B was discovered now falling 2 weeks behind Baby A. The reason for this is because Baby B's blood flow in the umbilical cord (from the placenta to the baby) is less than would be acceptable. It seems that the nutrients being delivered to both babies don't seem to be divided evenly, and Baby B is not quite getting enough. I am assured that this has nothing to do with my lifestyle (ie. eating enough, vitamins, moving enough). This is nature taking it's course.

Concern 2:
After an internal ultrasound for a cervical check, it was noted that my cervix has begun to shorten. The OB would like to see the cervix to be longer than 25mm. Four weeks ago, I measured at a nice 39mm. This morning, I measured 21mm. I was sent to the hospital for a few hours of monitoring to see if I was having regular contractions.

Currently, I am writing to you from an uncomfortable hospital bed way past my bed time. Those few hours have now turned into a 28 hour hospital stay. After the monitoring showed regular contractions, I was given Procardia to weaken the contractions. It seemed to work, however upon another cervical exam, my OB found me to be 1cm dialated already. She was not comfortable sending me home, so I am to say overnight for more monitoring and will have a test tomorrow afternoon called a Fetal FibroNectin test. Basically, it's a test to determine my odds of preterm labor. If the test is negative, I could go home to continue on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. However, if it's positive, it may mean that I stay for further monitoring. Believe me, I'd much rather do my time at home.

I was also give a steroid shot to help mature the lungs of the babies. There is a highly likely chance that I will deliver before our hopeful 38 weeks, so we need to do what we can to make sure the babies are as ready for the world as they can be when they arrive. Our goal is to take appropriate measures and for my body to respond to those measures and make it to at least 32 weeks. After that, we will hang in there daily to see just how long the babies can bake. Everyday will be safer for them than the next.

It also seems that the original plan for a vaginal delivery has faded away. A C-section will have to take place given Baby B's condition. Baby B's placenta will be too weak to withstand labor contractions; the risk of the placenta rupturing or tearing away from the uterus during labor is too dangerous. So cut me open, baby!

I have information overload at the moment, way more than I can type here in any sort of order that would make anymore reading worth your effort. I will leave you with a (28.5week) belly shot - because I know you look forward to those! - and I'm going to try to get some sleep and pray for the best outcome tomorrow afternoon. See you all then!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 weeks

That's it -- only 10 weeks left before we get to meet the little babes in my tummy. Wow, 10 weeks! Not to be too cliche, but it really does seem so surreal. I'm truly in awe by how blessed this experience has been. There are times when I have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I am so close to "completing" this dream I have had for so long. I just can't believe it sometimes.

While it might seem strange to some of you that one of my (many) goals/dreams in this life would be to be a surrogate, I think you can still relate to my feelings. If you have ever been blessed with the opportunity to see any of your dreams come to fruition, then you know what I'm feeling in these moments, whether your dream is to be debt-free, run a marathon, graduate, hike a mountain, etc -- it's all the same elated feeling of "Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I am actually doing this!" And if I'm on cloud nine now, what in the world will it be like during and after delivery?

The hubby and I have played birth day over and over with each other, and I can't explain how much both of us are looking forward to giving these babies back to C & M. We almost wonder if it will more emotional than the births of our own children. Perhaps the experience of it all will add a different element of emotion.

I can't say enough how truly humbled I am to be trusted with the care of these 2 precious lives. C & M have held these babies in their hearts long before they I carried them; soon they will hold them in their arms and I am honored to have even a small role in making that happen. What a sweet, sweet beginning to both our dreams!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Apologies

Hi, faithful followers. My apologies for not returning to the blogosphere sooner to update you all on how things are moving along. In me defense, I came down with an icky stomach bug last week that knocked me off my feet for a few days and required that I change my appointment. On a personal note, my family and I have been dealing with our own personal issues inside the home. That alone is enough to keep me away from blogging these days. But no matter, I'm here now and ready to catch up with you all!

I had my glucose lab to test for gestational diabetes last week. I actually didn't even mind the drink this time, although I wouldn't offer to do it again. ;) I passed, so no diabetes here: my body knows what to do with sugar. However, I failed the bloodwork that measures for iron: I am "slightly" anemic. I have been told this before by other doctors with other bloodwork, so I am not surprised. Although, I do feel that the virus that kept food and nutrients out of my body for the first part of the week might have possibly skewed the results. In any case, I am now on an iron supplement in addition to the prenatal vitamins. I confess, I am not looking forward to long-term iron supplements, considering the biggest side effect is constipation! Yeah, like pregnancy doesn't come with its own plethora of digestive yuckiness along the way.

There was no big ultrasound, but my OB did take a quick peek on a small monitor to check for heart-rates and movement. Both babies were beating and kicking away.

C and I have been emailing and communication about what delivery will look like and such since it's getting so much closer. Her and her family are so excited! I'm just so grateful that there's no nervousness from them, only anticipation. One of my (many!) prayers as we get closer to delivery is that C & M would not miss the births of their babies. It is indeed a possibility because labor is unpredictable - and mine seem to move fast!- and C & M are a 2.5hour flight away. We're praying that we are able to keep our planned induction to avoid any of that stress. That would also be easier for me and my family of course, because finding a last minute sitter for 4 kiddos might be a tough job, and I certainly don't want to have to leave my hubby at home while I am in labor, alone. I'm not too worried about what all this will look like, but prayers up just the same.

My next appointment will include the big ultrasound to measure heartrate and babies' growth; that will happen next Friday, the 11th. And I promise I will try my super hardest to update asap after the appointment.

I leave you with this @27weeks:

See you all soon (hopefully!).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Reminiscent These Days

At some point in every pregnancy, every woman starts to remember what she misses about NOT being pregnant. I am noticing such things already, quite a bit earlier than in my previous pregnancies. The cause of such reminiscing:

This ginormous thing! You want a glimpse of what this might feel like? Here's what you do:

First, go find your self a nice round 20 pound medicine ball and strap that baby around your torso, being sure to place the strap around your lower back. Next, grab two 1 pound medicine balls and affix each one to your chest, in addition to the boobies. Now, hunt down two to three 1 pound dumbbells and attach those at random to your hips, butt, and/or thigh. Don't forget: each month, you get to add 4-6 more pounds to the torso area and/or that rear end area. Once you're all strapped up, go do life (laundry, aerobics, grocery shopping, chasing a toddler, room mom it up, and sleep well!). Let me know how you enjoy finding a wardrobe to fit around all those "pounds" too. :)

In all honesty, I love being pregnant. I enjoyed nurturing my 4 babies and am currently enjoying carrying C & M's twins. I do not want to rush them out by any means, but here are a few things that I will look forward to after delivery (comment me up if you can relate!).

1. Stomach sleeping (oh man, I miss this!)

2. Being able to squat comfortably (to reach into the laundry basket, the pick up the crumbs off the floor, to tie a toddler's shoe, etc)

3. Pulling out all the stops in my cardio classes (going to do this one asap!)

4. Being able to shave my legs easily (if you don't know, you don't want to know)

5. Being able to get in or out of a chair without groaning or other weird noises (it's not pretty in my house these days)

6. Not going to the bathroom 27 times a day (no, I'm not exaggerating)

7. Not walking with a waddle

8. Being able to reach my overhead cabinets (seriously, you give it a try)

9. Regaining my balance (that's important)

10. Being able to pick up my sweet 3yr old again (he's a big 'un!)

Next Tuesday is the gestational diabetes test, and a quick "how you doing?" with the OB - No ultrasound. :(

Legal news: I spoke with my attorney today and we are getting the ball rolling on a pre-birth order. This will allow C & M's names to be placed on the birth certificate before birth. This is important because in the state of TN, any mother who gives birth is considered the legal mother, DNA aside. The hubby and I will make a short court appearance in February to finalize this part of the surrogacy. I am definitely looking forward to naming C & M as the parents on the birth certificate. What a sweet time in this process!

Readers, thank you so much for being patient with my sporadic posts and random thoughts. I am so thankful for each of you follow and read along, even you silent lurkers. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grow, baby, grow!

Sorry I didn't update earlier, readers. I have spent the afternoon baking: Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf & All-Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies (no butter or white sugar!). But that's not what this blog is about nor is it what you came here to find out. So, let's move it right along then.

I am 24 weeks, 1 day and my belly is on the grow, for sure! I have approximately 14 weeks left before our proposed induction. I think 14 weeks will go by so fast as we move through winter to welcome spring. Time moves quicker the older I get, so it will be April before I know it!
I had an ultrasound today to check on Baby B's growth. I always enjoy seeing them on the screen, wiggling and moving about. The technician also allowed me to see some 4D images of them, and she printed those off so I could send them to C & M. Baby A stuck his finger right up his little nose just as the picture was being taken - C will have her hands full with that one, I'm thinking. :)
C was not able to be at the appointment today, so she was conferenced in on speakerphone so she could listen to the OB herself and ask any questions. I feel so fortunate to have such a caring and accommodating doctor.
Baby B is still measuring 1 week behind Baby A, but the most important thing is that both babies showed 4 weeks of development since the last check, 4 weeks ago. Both babies are developing at the same rate, so the OB is no longer concerned about the disparity between the two. Also, Baby A weighs 4 ounces more than Baby B, which is to be expected with multiples. Baby A is currently head down, so each appointment looks more promising for a vaginal delivery. My cervix is continuing to be strong, so hopefully this is an indication that we will not be going into early labor. I am free to continue as I have been, no bed rest necessary. Yay! I also asked about my aerobics classes. As of now, I am free to continue with those as long as my comfort allows. Yay, again!
I will go back for another appointment in 2 weeks for the icky glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. (I chose fruit punch flavored glucola.) Two weeks after that, I will be seen for another ultrasound. Moving right along, we are indeed!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Need a chuckle?

I have decided that when I get old and wrinkly (and I mean no disrespect by using those adjectives: I will inevitably get old and according to my genetics, I could be quite wrinkly), I am going to use that as license to say whatever I might be feeling to anyone, pregnant or otherwise. Case in point:

The other night, as I was sipping on some herbal tea in my local Starbucks waiting for a friend, an elderly gentleman took notice of my belly. Here's the conversation that followed:

Elderly Man: "So, I guess you're about to deliver any day now, huh?"
Me: "No, actually I have a bit more time left. I won't be delivering until end of April."
Elderly Man: *with astonishment* "Wow! You must going to have a big baby."
Me: "Well, no, not really. I will be delivering twins."
Elderly Man: *more astonishment* "Twins?! Two of them?! I don't know how women can have two babies, but I guess, I guess they can. Wow, two of them!"

I took advantage of a long pause, assuming this was the end of our conversation, and continued my reading, waiting, and tea -sipping. It wasn't the end.

Elderly Man: "Do you have any of them?"
Me: "Pardon me. Any of what, sir?"
Elderly Man: "Kids. Do you have kids already?"
Me: "Yes, sir. I have 4 children at home."
Elderly Man: *most astonishment yet* "Four! You already have four, and now you're having two more? That's six! Six kids! What will you do with six? *shaking his head* Six! Are they all your husband's?"
Let me take a moment here to tell you that this is NOT the first time someone has asked me if all my children belong to the same man; apparently, I have a certain look about me that leads people to believe I am quite friendly with the opposite sex. Really?Me: "Yes, they're all my husband's. And I won't have six children. I'm actually carrying these two for another couple, so I will still only have four."
Elderly Man: *confused now* "So, you're carrying for another couple? They want you to carry their children? How do you do that?"
Me: "Oh, the wonders of medical science are great, aren't they?"

Thankfully, my friend showed up at this time, putting an end to my awkward conversation. The elderly man just looked at me for a second more, chuckled to himself, then went back to enjoying his cookies and coke.

Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman, EVER
(all have been said to me in some form)
1. "Yeah, I looked like you when I was 9 months pregnant" -- I'm only 6 months.
2. "You're hips must be getting ready for the birth."
3. "Wow! You're huge!"
4. "You seem to grow each time I see you."
5. "How much weight have you gained?"
6. "'Are you sure there's not two in there?" -- There is, this time.
7. "Don't you know what causes that?"
8. "Haven't you had that baby yet?" -- Clearly no, if you're asking me and I'm still pregnant.
9. "You must be having a big baby."
10. "You look tired." -- This code for "you look awful."
Leave me a comment adding your own; I'd love to read them. Hope you got a small chuckle and I'll see you all in a few days.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Black is Slimming, right?

Maybe that fashion rule doesn't apply in my situation, hehe!! We are 23 weeks, 2 days and chugging right along in this pregnancy. Other than the concerns from my last appointment, I'd have to say that this pregnancy has been pretty textbook. Although I confess that I' might be feeling my age a bit more than in my previous go 'rounds.

My aerobics classes may be numbered soon. Each week seems to get harder and harder, and I am no longer able to keep up with the class (whereas I used to be able to keep up and in some cases outdo some of my classmates...even only 2 weeks ago!). I think after this month, I may be resigned to ellipticals and long walks around Target. I have no restrictions on my activity -- it's just getting plain uncomfortable and at times impossible. I mean, really, ab work with this belly!

My lower back has been causing me quite discomfort in the last few weeks as well. You might even be able to see in the photo up there that there is quite a pull on my lower back from the belly. I'm chalking this up to the fact that I am carrying two and the way I'm carrying in my lower belly. Although, I wonder if this back pain is any indication of possible back labor? I've never had back labor before, but I hear it is no picnic. Now I ask you, anyone had labor that was a picnic?!? At any rate, the lower back discomfort along with the sciatic pain is definitely lending itself to some waddling and sometimes all out limping. It's not pretty, people!

Next week is the OB appointment and ultrasound. I always look forward to those, and I'm sure you do too as they make for much more interesting posts. :) C was supposed to come, but has decided that she cannot. Apparently, airfare jumped a pretty penny since her last flight. (I hope this is temporary, for sure!) I plan on having her on speaker phone during the appointment so she can listen to the OB and ask her any questions. This will work out well, I think, since no way could I write all the information down that I get and I certainly couldn't remember it all!

Unless anything unusually blog-worthy happens between now and then, you all can find me back here on Tuesday! It's a date!