Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grow, baby, grow!

Sorry I didn't update earlier, readers. I have spent the afternoon baking: Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf & All-Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies (no butter or white sugar!). But that's not what this blog is about nor is it what you came here to find out. So, let's move it right along then.

I am 24 weeks, 1 day and my belly is on the grow, for sure! I have approximately 14 weeks left before our proposed induction. I think 14 weeks will go by so fast as we move through winter to welcome spring. Time moves quicker the older I get, so it will be April before I know it!
I had an ultrasound today to check on Baby B's growth. I always enjoy seeing them on the screen, wiggling and moving about. The technician also allowed me to see some 4D images of them, and she printed those off so I could send them to C & M. Baby A stuck his finger right up his little nose just as the picture was being taken - C will have her hands full with that one, I'm thinking. :)
C was not able to be at the appointment today, so she was conferenced in on speakerphone so she could listen to the OB herself and ask any questions. I feel so fortunate to have such a caring and accommodating doctor.
Baby B is still measuring 1 week behind Baby A, but the most important thing is that both babies showed 4 weeks of development since the last check, 4 weeks ago. Both babies are developing at the same rate, so the OB is no longer concerned about the disparity between the two. Also, Baby A weighs 4 ounces more than Baby B, which is to be expected with multiples. Baby A is currently head down, so each appointment looks more promising for a vaginal delivery. My cervix is continuing to be strong, so hopefully this is an indication that we will not be going into early labor. I am free to continue as I have been, no bed rest necessary. Yay! I also asked about my aerobics classes. As of now, I am free to continue with those as long as my comfort allows. Yay, again!
I will go back for another appointment in 2 weeks for the icky glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. (I chose fruit punch flavored glucola.) Two weeks after that, I will be seen for another ultrasound. Moving right along, we are indeed!


  1. Tasha, I love the super cute pic. I always wonder though, with the belly shots, what the face is saying about that stage of pregnancy. Is the face tired? Fearful? Glowing? Frustrated? How's your face? ;)
    Love checking in on you!

  2. Andrea, my face is purposely not shown due to it's very un-photogenic qualities. :) I will try to get one, when it doesn't look so tired. ;)

  3. Actually, I'd love to hear more about theChocolate Pumpkin Loaf & All-Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies you mention :)

    Looking great!

  4. Looking good! Glad to hear the babies are doing well.