Monday, June 21, 2010

"He's got a package"

A few days ago, a very nice FedEx delivery guy brought me a package. Any guesses...okay, I'll tell you:

Ta-Da!! It's my meds along with my timeline!! The whole process just seems more and more real with each passing day. I'm a little nervous about the meds, I confess, mostly because I worry about the side effects of introducing the hormones into my already "normal" body. But I won't dwell on that...instead, I'll give all of you lovely readers a rundown of what these meds are and when they'll go in. :)

*TMI disclaimer: possible TMI ahead in this post as well as future posts; you may not see this again, so consider yourself warned from here on out.*

So, in that photo you see, there are 3 bags of needles, 2 boxes of vials of hormones, a bag of prescription meds, a box of prenatal vitamins, 2 boxes of vaginal suppositories (more hormones), a bag of alcohol swabs, and a bio-hazard sharps collector. Whew!

I will begin daily injections of Lupron (a hormone to suppress my ovaries) on July 3, 2010. The injections will be administered in the lower abdomen. Possible side effects can include headaches and/or hot flashes because Lupron puts the body in a temporary menopausal state. Yikes!

I will have an ultrasound on July 14 to make sure the Lupron is doing it's job and other bloodwork to make sure my body is responding positively.

If the ultarsound and labs come back good, I will then begin estrogen in pill form with a low-dose aspirin, continuing the Lupron injections. This hormone will stimulate my uterine lining to prepare for the implantation of the embryo. The estrogen in these pills should also help with the side effects from the Lupron.

Another ultrasound and labs are scheduled for July 28th, again to make sure I'm responding well to the hormones.

The day before C's egg retrieval, likely in the 2nd week of August, I will discontinue the Lupron and begin Progesterone injections. These injections are given in the bum, although I have been given permission to jab the needle into my upper thigh as well. Possible side-effects from progesterone can include bloating, weight gain and mood swings. These are the side-effects that scare me a bit; I'll needs lots of encouragement during this time, I think. I'll also begin the vagianl suppositories. I know, it sounds kinda icky...but after having 4 kids, I'm not grossed out by "bodily" things much. This combination of hormones will continue until the 10th week of pregnancy.

On C's actual egg retrieval date, I will begin 2 other meds in pill form: an antibiotic to prevent an infection reaction against the embryo and a corticosteroid to prevent my body from developing an immune reaction to the embryo. Both of these meds are to prevent any implantation hampering. I will continue these for 5 days.

We have a proposed transfer time of August 12-August 18. I will not have a definite date until only a few days before the actual transfer, but if my body as well as C's reacts healthily to this protocol, then I could be seeing a positive result on a home pregnancy test in about 8 weeks!

For now, my prayers will stay up for both C and I and our reactions to all the meds we will be introducing into our bodies during the next couple of months. Prayers are also up for the future life that God already knows.

Thank you all for following me, checking in on my progress, and most of all, thank you for your support and encouragement. It means so much to me and will be very much appreciated in the coming year.

*Medical disclaimer: I am not a doctor! I cannot be liable for misinformation found in any posts anywhere. I will also not be liable for any symptoms including, but not limited to: dizziness, changes in skin color, or fainting --- from those of you who, however loyal, hold your breath waiting for these updates.*

Love you all!