Monday, December 27, 2010

Miss me?

Did you all miss me last week??? I'm hoping you all were enjoying the holidays so much that you didn't even notice I was gone; I was too busy holiday-ing it up to blog anyways. :) I confess the twins have been fed quite well over the last 2 weeks.

Here's the weekly belly shot:

As you can see, we are on the grow. I'm feeling super huge these days, so leaving encouraging comments would be greatly appreciated. ;) Aside from that feeling, I'm also FINALLY feeling definitive, frequent kicks and movements from the little babes. Although the placenta is still anterior and will likely continue to be so throughout the pregnancy, the twins are finally big and strong enough to kick me so I can feel it. I love that reassurance that they're in there and moving.

My ovaries are still acting up as I seem to have 2-3 episodes a month that include discomfort and horrible bloating. Fingers are still crossed that those cysts will make their way out of my ovaries very soon. I also suspect that Baby A has made him/herself comfy and cozy on my sciatic nerve (the nerve roots that come out of the spinal cord to the lower back and can extend through the buttocks and down the leg- *thank you, WebMD*), which makes me walk with a slight gimp from time to time. No worries there though as I experienced that in my previous pregnancies.

I also seem to be on the cusp of graduating from my current maternity clothing size to the next one up. I don't remember this with my other pregnancies, but I am growing 2 babies this time around.

Cute family anecdote before I leave you: The other day, as I was getting dressed, my 6yr old noticed my growing belly. Upon his observation, he said very politely and matter of factly, "Wow, mom. The babies in your belly are getting SO big." Isn't he sweet!

Twins development at 22 weeks:

Generally babies have reached the 1lb mark by this time and are developing a greater sense of touch, hearing, and sight each day. Also, fetal length during this week averages between 10-11 inches. So, I have 20inches or so of baby in my belly! And if you could peek inside my belly, this is what you might see, times 2 of course:

Until next time,, get to encouraging me! No, seriously, do it now. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

20 weeks and growing!

Are you ready for this:

20 weeks
I want to take a moment to remind my readers of something: It's likely you've noticed that my tummy seems to be growing daily. I also am aware of this so there is no need to point out the obvious. ;)
C & M were able to attend my 20 week appointment yesterday. We had a great time in the ultrasound room watching the little babes wiggle around, wave, play peek-a-boo, and even kick each other around a few times. It's amazing that their personalities are already intact and showing themselves. Preliminary reports of the scans on both babies are great: all parts of the anatomy (kidneys, stomach, brain, heart, etc) are all as they should be.
My OB was concerned that Baby B seems to be a 6-7 days behind Baby A in overall size. This is concerning because for the last 2 ultrasounds, they have only been 2 days apart. After speaking with a high-risk OB, our next course of action is to wait. Thrilling, right? We will check on the babies' growth in 1 month and see how Baby B is doing. If there is no increase in growth difference, then we will assume Baby B will be smaller. However, if Baby B is further behind in size, then we will begin to see if we can help Baby B grow through bedrest for me or possible hospital bedrest for monitoring. But in truth, we cannot look at all the scenarios for there are too many this early in the pregnancy. For now, we think positive and lift prayers. I am taking care of myself in the best way possible, I have the best OB giving me and the twins the best care, and C, M, and myself serve the best God. We're banking all our hopes on that.
In other personal news, my ovarian cysts are still present; I knew this before the ultrasound as I woke up in some deep discomfort yesterday morning and spent most of the day there. But on a positive note: my cervix is strong, keeping those babies in there!
I hope to update more, but we'll see how busy the holiday week keeps me. If I don't see you all before then, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and you enjoy all your holidays. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Move along

nothing to see here....


my ever growing belly!!!

Both photos were taken this week...the first on Monday and the second today, Friday. Notice any difference between the two, plus compared with my 18.5 week photo. Definite proof that the little ones are growing in there!
I think I can finally say that the nausea has made it's way on out of here! It only took about 18 or so weeks, but I have certainly noticed that it's not here. Only time will tell if it creeps back up as we near delivery.
I am assuming that the placentas have not moved (it's common for them to do so during the pregnancy) because I am unable to feel any strong kicks from the babies. I can feel very slight movement, similar to what one would feel if you were thumped threw a very heavy coat. I am looking forward to feeling all their activity, but I may have to wait until the placentas move or until the babes get a bigger and stronger.
I am looking forward to the big appointment next week and especially looking forward to sharing it with C & M! It should be unseasonably cold when they arrive, but nothing like they experience in the northeast I'm sure. C sure is getting her taste of this erratic weather we have here in TN!
Well, groupies, that's all I got for now. Thanks for faithfully following me. See you next week!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lessons Learned

I have learned a few things since my last update here.

1. Ovarian cysts are from the devil! (I won't elaborate here because if you have them, you already know. Thankfully, it seems the pain is starting to subside a bit; let's hope!!)

2. Babies grow overnight. Exibit A:

3. Wrapping Christmas presents with said growing babies is becoming increasingly difficult.
4. A flight of stairs is now leaving me winded...and frustrated about the lack of physical activity I can enjoy these days. :/
5. Restful, peaceful sleep is a luxury I can no longer afford these days (due to the inability to find a comfortable sleeping position!)
6. The husband rather enjoys those 2nd trimester hormonal moodswings. ;)
7. Some days, I eat like I might die tomorrow...shhhh!
8. Blogging requires more motivation than I can find.
Yes, I have learned ALL that within the last week or so. Along with all that, I am doing surprisingly well physically and mentally, albeit in a very tired manner. Weight is still hanging out around 8-9lbs, depending on the day.

I am currently 18.5 weeks. I want to leave you all with this "photo" of the twins' development:
Just multiply this by 2! ;)

Babies measure approximately 5-6 inches (crown to rump) each; so, that's 10-12 inches of baby in my belly!

Oh, look what else I found:

Wonder if C would like some cookies in this shape? Hrm, maybe that's just wrong?!?