Friday, July 30, 2010

Everything's Lining Up!

Hello, all you faithful followers -- all 6 of you. ;) I'm sure you're as anxious to read another update as I am to post one, seeing how they are quite the rare gems. So, here ya go:

Earlier this week, I had another check-up to make sure my body is responding to the meds. You'll remember from my previous post that my Lupron dosage was lowered and we introduced Estrace into my system. *Side note: I have felt so much better since that change.* The ultrasound determined that my uterine lining is building up nicely. In fact, I even impressed the tech; she looked at her screen and said, "You have some very pretty endometrium. Oh, this is nice." Initially, such compliments were awkward (I was laying on an exam table afterall) -- then the awkardness gave way to flattery, "Why yes I do have some pretty endometrium, thank you." My husband was not nearly as impressed when I shared this news with him. My lining measured at 12mm; ideal for implantation is between 7mm and 14mm. So, look at me grow. :) And maybe this can explain the slightly oh-my-good-grief-I-can't-button-my-pants bloated feeling in my tummy. I also had a blood draw to measure my progesterone and estradiol levels.
I passed.

C also had a check-up this week, same day as mine I think. All her levels are where they are supposed to be, and she began her (ovary) stimulation injections today. The doctors will begin investigating her ovaries every other day starting next week. At that time, we will have a more definitive date for her egg retrieval and then the transfer.

For now, both C and I are right on track; the fertility clinic is happy with us; we are moving right along. It's almost surreal to think that I will be on a jet plane bound for the transfer in less than 2 weeks. That takes my breath away.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Stop - Yay!

After having my first ultrasound and lab (with Lukas in tow which I will NEVER do again!):
It's official --my ovaries are NOT producing eggs, yay! Ok, I don't know why anyone would get excited about that, but for me, it means we can move right along in this again, yay!

I'm quite happy about this because it means I can lower my dose of Lupron from 10 units to 5 units AND begin my Estrace pills. The Extrace will put estrogen back into my body, which I've been missing while the Lupron took over my ovaries. During this time, I had slight headaches (well controlled by ibuprofen, yay!) and fatigue. I'm not really used to being a tired type of person, but all I have wanted to do is sleep. I still had the mental energy to move, but my body said, "No thank you, ma'am!" It's been pure exhaustion -- uncharted territory for me. So, I'm hoping the lower dose and the addition of the estrogen will help me get back to normal, whatever that may be for me these days.

The injections are going quite well; cliche as it sounds: I don't feel a thing! I have a bit of bruising on the lower tummy from the injections. My mom tells me it's because I must have hit a capillary. How would I know -- I just squeeze me a big ole hunk o'fat and jab the needle in and go. :) I think it's pretty neat actually, but not one person in this house will willingly watch me shoot myself up. Go figure.

I will have another lab and ultrasound in 2 weeks to be sure my body is still doing what we are telling it to do via the meds. For now, we are still on schedule to head back to CT to transfer 2 embryos during the 2nd week of August. Yay!