Monday, December 27, 2010

Miss me?

Did you all miss me last week??? I'm hoping you all were enjoying the holidays so much that you didn't even notice I was gone; I was too busy holiday-ing it up to blog anyways. :) I confess the twins have been fed quite well over the last 2 weeks.

Here's the weekly belly shot:

As you can see, we are on the grow. I'm feeling super huge these days, so leaving encouraging comments would be greatly appreciated. ;) Aside from that feeling, I'm also FINALLY feeling definitive, frequent kicks and movements from the little babes. Although the placenta is still anterior and will likely continue to be so throughout the pregnancy, the twins are finally big and strong enough to kick me so I can feel it. I love that reassurance that they're in there and moving.

My ovaries are still acting up as I seem to have 2-3 episodes a month that include discomfort and horrible bloating. Fingers are still crossed that those cysts will make their way out of my ovaries very soon. I also suspect that Baby A has made him/herself comfy and cozy on my sciatic nerve (the nerve roots that come out of the spinal cord to the lower back and can extend through the buttocks and down the leg- *thank you, WebMD*), which makes me walk with a slight gimp from time to time. No worries there though as I experienced that in my previous pregnancies.

I also seem to be on the cusp of graduating from my current maternity clothing size to the next one up. I don't remember this with my other pregnancies, but I am growing 2 babies this time around.

Cute family anecdote before I leave you: The other day, as I was getting dressed, my 6yr old noticed my growing belly. Upon his observation, he said very politely and matter of factly, "Wow, mom. The babies in your belly are getting SO big." Isn't he sweet!

Twins development at 22 weeks:

Generally babies have reached the 1lb mark by this time and are developing a greater sense of touch, hearing, and sight each day. Also, fetal length during this week averages between 10-11 inches. So, I have 20inches or so of baby in my belly! And if you could peek inside my belly, this is what you might see, times 2 of course:

Until next time,, get to encouraging me! No, seriously, do it now. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

20 weeks and growing!

Are you ready for this:

20 weeks
I want to take a moment to remind my readers of something: It's likely you've noticed that my tummy seems to be growing daily. I also am aware of this so there is no need to point out the obvious. ;)
C & M were able to attend my 20 week appointment yesterday. We had a great time in the ultrasound room watching the little babes wiggle around, wave, play peek-a-boo, and even kick each other around a few times. It's amazing that their personalities are already intact and showing themselves. Preliminary reports of the scans on both babies are great: all parts of the anatomy (kidneys, stomach, brain, heart, etc) are all as they should be.
My OB was concerned that Baby B seems to be a 6-7 days behind Baby A in overall size. This is concerning because for the last 2 ultrasounds, they have only been 2 days apart. After speaking with a high-risk OB, our next course of action is to wait. Thrilling, right? We will check on the babies' growth in 1 month and see how Baby B is doing. If there is no increase in growth difference, then we will assume Baby B will be smaller. However, if Baby B is further behind in size, then we will begin to see if we can help Baby B grow through bedrest for me or possible hospital bedrest for monitoring. But in truth, we cannot look at all the scenarios for there are too many this early in the pregnancy. For now, we think positive and lift prayers. I am taking care of myself in the best way possible, I have the best OB giving me and the twins the best care, and C, M, and myself serve the best God. We're banking all our hopes on that.
In other personal news, my ovarian cysts are still present; I knew this before the ultrasound as I woke up in some deep discomfort yesterday morning and spent most of the day there. But on a positive note: my cervix is strong, keeping those babies in there!
I hope to update more, but we'll see how busy the holiday week keeps me. If I don't see you all before then, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and you enjoy all your holidays. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Move along

nothing to see here....


my ever growing belly!!!

Both photos were taken this week...the first on Monday and the second today, Friday. Notice any difference between the two, plus compared with my 18.5 week photo. Definite proof that the little ones are growing in there!
I think I can finally say that the nausea has made it's way on out of here! It only took about 18 or so weeks, but I have certainly noticed that it's not here. Only time will tell if it creeps back up as we near delivery.
I am assuming that the placentas have not moved (it's common for them to do so during the pregnancy) because I am unable to feel any strong kicks from the babies. I can feel very slight movement, similar to what one would feel if you were thumped threw a very heavy coat. I am looking forward to feeling all their activity, but I may have to wait until the placentas move or until the babes get a bigger and stronger.
I am looking forward to the big appointment next week and especially looking forward to sharing it with C & M! It should be unseasonably cold when they arrive, but nothing like they experience in the northeast I'm sure. C sure is getting her taste of this erratic weather we have here in TN!
Well, groupies, that's all I got for now. Thanks for faithfully following me. See you next week!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lessons Learned

I have learned a few things since my last update here.

1. Ovarian cysts are from the devil! (I won't elaborate here because if you have them, you already know. Thankfully, it seems the pain is starting to subside a bit; let's hope!!)

2. Babies grow overnight. Exibit A:

3. Wrapping Christmas presents with said growing babies is becoming increasingly difficult.
4. A flight of stairs is now leaving me winded...and frustrated about the lack of physical activity I can enjoy these days. :/
5. Restful, peaceful sleep is a luxury I can no longer afford these days (due to the inability to find a comfortable sleeping position!)
6. The husband rather enjoys those 2nd trimester hormonal moodswings. ;)
7. Some days, I eat like I might die tomorrow...shhhh!
8. Blogging requires more motivation than I can find.
Yes, I have learned ALL that within the last week or so. Along with all that, I am doing surprisingly well physically and mentally, albeit in a very tired manner. Weight is still hanging out around 8-9lbs, depending on the day.

I am currently 18.5 weeks. I want to leave you all with this "photo" of the twins' development:
Just multiply this by 2! ;)

Babies measure approximately 5-6 inches (crown to rump) each; so, that's 10-12 inches of baby in my belly!

Oh, look what else I found:

Wonder if C would like some cookies in this shape? Hrm, maybe that's just wrong?!?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Lied

The picture quality is still subpar as I haven't found the motivation to take the time figure out the new digi-cam. So, cell phone photos you get...

These bumps are 16 and 17 weeks respectively. Still not much to speak of but I know the babies are in there and growing!

Today I am 17 weeks, 1 day. I had doctor's appointment and I got to see the little ones moving all around in there. Both are doing well and growing as expected. It was a pretty routine appointment but I did learn some things. My OB told me that my cervix is "long and strong," hehe! No sign of pre-term labor, which can be a concern with multiples...but my cervix seems to be in for the long haul, keeping these babies baking to the end! I also learned the sexes of the babies. I cannot tell here those as C has asked to be surprised at delivery; I respect that request and not post any of that information on the web, lest she stumble across my blog and I ruin the surprise.

I am not feeling any movement yet either. I was sure I would be able to feel the little babies by now, being experienced and all, but nothing. C asked me if I was able to feel them yet; I felt bad having to say no, so seeing them moving all around on the ultrasound screen was such a blessing! The ultrasound tech told me that I have two anterior placentas, meaning both babies' placentas are on the front of the uterus, making it harder for me to feel the movement. It could even be a couple of weeks before I am to feel anything definite.

During the ultrasound, the tech asked me if I was having any pain on my right side. What a timely question since I actually have been having quite a bit of discomfort in my lower right abdomen - I attributed this to round ligament pain or even digestive squabbles. Apparently, my ovaries (both) have developed some cysts since my last appointment with my right side in the worst shape. Thankfully, this isn't harmful to me or the twins, although it can be painful for me and cause more bloating. (Yeah, I could sure use more of that!). The thought is that since the cysts were not present at the last ultrasound, they are likely a result of the increase in hormones due to the multiple pregnancy. My OB is confident they will go away on their own, perhaps even by the next appointment. Let's keep our fingers crossed for that, shall we?!

My next appointment is set for Dec. 14 and will be the big anatomy scan. C is flying in to be there for that one...and M is going to be able to come with her!! I'm so excited that M was able to get off work to come and see his babies, and I'm thankful that C won't have to make the trip alone. I know they are both ready for these next weeks to fly by! Maybe they'll even change their mind and find out the sexes because I'm going to have to be sure and not slip up until then. :)

I hope this post finds all of my readers well and on their way to enjoying a happy turkey day! I definitely plan on eating for 2 or 3 (or 4). Gobble, Gobble!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's here

The bump, I mean:

These photos are 14 weeks and 15 weeks respectively. I have officially graduated into maternity pants full time as my regular pants no longer fit around my hips. The nausea is trying to slack off a bit although it does still catch me by surprise at the oddest times. My fatigue is lessening, however sleep is one my favorite hobbies these days. My rib cage has expanded already giving me the need for one of those lovely extenders. My weight is still in check - up 7lbs as of this morning. I'm also making better food choices since the hormones are finally allowing me to eat a little more protein and crave a little less carbs.
My next appointment is Nov. 23. That should just be a quick, routine check up. I'll have the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks. C is flying down for the appointment. I'm hoping we'll get to visit for a longer time this trip, and the tornado weather should be long gone by that time.

I apologize for not having more regular updates, but honestly, there isn't much to report from week to week, except for the same old stuff. And I don't want to bore all of you lovelies. :) But I will try to commit to weekly belly pics in the meantime. Oh, and I got a new digi-camera, so the pics should be better quality in the future.
Today: 15 weeks, 2 days and counting...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wait for it...

Ta-Da!!!! We are in the 2nd trimester!! Care to dance along with me? It does seem almost surreal to have made it this far, especially with all of the "could-have-beens," but let's just have a party (a CARBalicious party!) for the "what is:" I am carrying and growing 2 perfectly healthy babies for C & M...both of our dreams coming true in this journey.

I am 13 weeks, 1 day today. C and I did go my appointment together this morning for the nuchal scan. Other than the scan lasting over an hour, it was a really positive appointment. Baby A has developed significantly and is now only 2 days behind Baby B. They are both right on track for the gestational age and are quite the little wiggle-worms. At first look of the ultrasound, our OB says that everything looks great and normal. I am having my blood sent to a lab to be tested and read alongside the nuchal scan to provide better accuracy. I should receive those results in about a week. After that C will decide whether or not to move forward with the amniocentesis. For now, we wait.

C really enjoyed getting to see her babies on the ultrasound screen - and who wouldn't, right?!- and I think she was really comfortable with the OB and her staff. I'm excited about that. We did have some creepy weather in the area during her visit -- tornado warnings and all that jazz. Being from NY, she was not used to the sirens and the radio reports I don't think. I hope she wasn't too frightened - it can be a bit intimidating if you're not used to it...and even if you are, for sure! What a nice "Welcome to TN," eh?

Our next appointment is in 4 weeks. Our next big ultrasound will be in 7 weeks; this ultrasound will be to determine the health of the anatomical makeup of the babies: kidneys, heart chambers, brain, etc. C may come back for the visit as well. Hopefully, we can spend more time together then as this visit was quite the quick trip.

Now, in case you think this post is boring, I will leave you with a little happy:

Aren't photos are a nice happy?! For those of you are reading from afar and don't get to see me as often as you'd like (and you know you are *cough, cough*), this is what my 13-week-pregnant-with-someone-else's-twins looks like. You're welcome. ;)
Now, comment me so I'll feel loved...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No news... good news, right? Well, at least in pregnancy it is. I thought I'd pop into bloggie-land and let you all know that I am still alive and well. Truthfully, recent busy developments in my personal life have pushed blogging to the wayside, but not the pregnancy.

Today completes 12 weeks and 2 days of the 40 week journey. So all of you elementary math whizzes out there have probably already figured out that I am 5 days away from the beginning of the 2nd trimester. And hopefully that will bring about some smooth sailing: less fatigue, no more nausea, increased energy, and that wonderful "glow" that has eluded me in my previous pregnancies. I am indeed looking forward to the next trimester.

I am still having slight bouts of daily nausea and random crankiness, but the fatigue is really surprising to me this time around. Perhaps it reveals my age. As of this morning, I am up 4lbs...and while my mid-section is taking shape, I think most of those pounds are making themselves cozy on my arse. I could need bigger pants soon to accommodate that growth. In similar news, I have graduated to maternity shirts as my current tops make me look like a chickie who's wearing clothes that are getting abit too small. We all know what that looks like and it is NOT flattering!

I am officially off the extra hormones that I have been on for the past 8 weeks, and I cannot tell you all how relieved I am - no more shots, pills, or other icky stuff. I'm hoping to start to feel like I'm off those little boogers too -- soon, and very soon!

C's flight comes in on Monday evening; she will join me for the ultrasound on Tuesday morning, then head back to her family shortly after that. We're hoping for a longer visit in the future. I'm anxious for her to see the hospital, meet the OB, and of course meet my crew o'kiddos!

Praying good news awaits us after next week's ultrasound. See you all then!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Your Highlight of the Week!

Wow, readers -- this is it: 2 posts in one week!!! It's the highlight of my week, and I'm guessing that holds true for at least some of you. And I know I said I would update yesterday, but life happened and computer time became a luxury yesterday. (Truthfully, it's a luxury today as I *should* be cleaning the house right now.)

My appointment yesterday went well, however it took 2 hours! I had almost forgot what it was like to wait in a waiting room. I spent 45 minutes with the ultrasound tech before seeing the doctor. For the ultrasound, we had a look-see on top of the belly as well as an intra-uterine (that sounds better than trans- vaginal, don'tcha think?!) ultrasound. This is becoming a pretty standard part of the ultrasound appointment, but I suppose it will always be a bit awkward to have all that going on.

We were able to see the two beans with two little heartbeats beating away!! In fact, the tech had a hard time isolating a heart-rate because the little ones were moving around and wiggling so much. I've never actually seen a little bean this early in a pregnancy, so it was a really neat experience. Baby A is still 4-5 days smaller than Baby B, but at this point, we assume that's due to implantation timing. Both have continued to develop at their normal pace and both have strong heartbeats. My OB was very positive and not concerned about the growth difference. We are moving along with a twin pregnancy!

My next appointment will be October 26. This ultrasound appointment will be a little different since we are having a nuchal scan. A nuchal scan is a sonogram that helps to identify the risks for Down Syndrome. The results of this scan will determine whether we proceed with an amniocentesis. C will be joining me for that appointment. I am excited to have her here and for her to see her babies. The ultrasound techs at the office have started a DVD with all of the ultrasound scans (we add onto the dvd each visit), so C will have a collection of those scans. How neat!

I have gained 2.5lbs so far, and that's good for now. (I read somewhere that a gain of more than 4lbs in the first trimester can put a woman at risk for gestational diabetes.) I'm starting to get a little bump, but I may be the only one that notices because mostly it just looks like I've "gained a few" pounds, ha!

Thanks for giving me a read. I'm off to clean the house and try to find pants that will fit me today.

Monday, October 4, 2010

To Commemorate 10 weeks

In order to commemorate the 10 week mark (which is officially today!), I decided to be involved in a fender-bender this morning. Ok, I really didn't have much of a choice, but what a way to start the week!

I won't re-tell the incident because that would be boring. But I will say, "I am not fault, I am not fault, I am not a fault." I might even be dancing a little bit, too.

It was a slow ding, but due to the pregnancy, the hubby and I thought it would be best to file a police report, for liability purposes. The gentleman than got me was kind and apologized and admitted fault, but the police report insures that. Now, to find a body shop to replace the bumper on my vehicle.

As far as the pregnancy is concerned, I contacted my 2 nurses (one with my OB's office and one at the fertility clinic) and was just instructed to rest for the day, drink fluids, and come in as scheduled tomorrow for the ultrasound. Neither seemed too concerned; thanksfully, I was wearing a seatbelt - I am not a rebel - and the bump was really minor. I think I get jostled around more going upstairs than I did in the car. Although my mom was quick to remind me that an unexpected (little) jostle is different from a purposeful one. Prayers up for the twins and good news tomorrow.

I did let C know as well. Truthfully, if all is well, I could have let her be none the wiser, but I feel like she needs to know all she can about the health and safety of her babies. We're both looking forward to tomorrow's appointment, anxious and excited at the same time.

On another note, a very sweet friend is bringing over some soup in light of my rest instructions. I couldn't be more thankful for that, and I love soup!

Oh, and perhaps you haven't thought about this yet -- but I will have 2 updates in one week...because of course I will update after tomorrow's appointment. Yes, 2 blog updates will be the highlight of my week; I'm old and boring. :) Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Confessions of a Hormone Crazed Mind

Truth: The thought of carrying twins has caused me some anxiety, most of which I assume is aggravated by the progesterone. (Seriously, stay away from that stuff, if you can -- it's a doozy!)As I move further along in this journey, I am becoming more aware of my charge in nurturing these 2 babies for C & M and as a result, some worries have made their way into my mind.

The other night, I made the mistake of googling images for twin pregnancy and came across some frightful sized bellies. Now, I know this just comes with the territory, but my belly grew rather large with just ONE. I can't imagine TWO. This is that whole "fear of the unknown" thing again. Will I be able to find clothes that fit? My shower is kinda smallish...will I be able to bathe? Ha! One other thought on this before I move along: I have read that time and previous pregnancies cause the ab muscles and uterine muscles to relax. I fear that instead of the nice stick-straight-out-belly a'la Angelina Jolie, mine will hang so low as to knock my knees when I walk, mwahahahaha! I guess if i can laugh about that, I must not be too concerned, right?! ;) I likely won't give this one another thought after this posting...

A multiple pregnancy carries a greater risk of bed rest, especially later in the pregnancy. While most moms might love the idea of being told to lay down and do as little as possible, I will have a hard time with this one. I am in charge of entertaining a budding 3 yr old during the day who would not take too kindly to a mom who can no longer hide-and-seek, tickle and chase, and fetch any snacks as he has want. Also, I fear I can only spend so much time on the laptop and in front of the television to pass the time. I suppose could beg folks to come and keep me company from time to time, but all I can think about here is: Goodness, I don't have many visitors when I'm well, how am I going to convince anyone to come when I'm bedridden. :P

Pre-term delivery is also a possibility with multiples. This is a real concern for me as I already feel the responsibility of caring for these babies to make sure they are well and ready for life when they arrive. My wonderful OB has assured me that my risk of early delivery is fairly low given my history and my current health, but it's in the back of my mind nonetheless.

C-section -- more of a possibility with two than one. I've been very fortunate to have avoided being cut in my previous deliveries. Now truthfully, this is not my biggest concern because I know that women have c-sections everyday. This worry just comes from the fact that I personally have no idea what this is experience is like. Although I imagine one would be able to heal much faster whilst not having to care for an infant during the recovery.

I carry more concerns and fears, but those are the ones I can only share with the hubby...the fears that reveal who I am behind the blog screen, ones that might show me as more human that I care to admit, ones that only he could love me after knowing.

Today, I am 8 weeks pregnant with C's Twins, still bearing the weight of first trimester woes. Ultrasound is in 2 weeks to check on Baby A and Baby B. My prayers lie with the health of all 3 of us throughout this pregnancy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Verdict is In

We are seeing DOUBLE!

Now, you might have to look closely (ha!), but you there are 2 sacs, each with one healthy, heart-beating bean. Baby A is measuring about a 4-5 days behind Baby B. It's not unusual for one baby to be slightly smaller than the other in a twin pregnancy. This could be because Baby B implanted some days before Baby A, or Baby A just might be developing slower. It is possible for Baby A to catch up, so that's where our prayers lie.
Other than that exciting news, everything else was a pretty routine OB visit. I will go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound.
I was in a bit of shock when I saw the 2 sacs. I knew twins were a possibility, but I was still a bit shocked. My shock has turned to excitement for C & M as the day goes on. I will confess that I am a little nervous, mostly due to fear of the unknown. But I am healthy and in the care of more than adequate professionals, so I feel good about all things. And of course, C is very excited. I'm so honored to be able to carry her babies, and I can't wait until she holds them both.
On another note: I need to figure out what to do with this short-waisted, non-existent torso that I have going on...where am I going to grow?!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How You Doin'

It's more than a cheesy pick up line. It's another variation of the infamous, "How are you feeling?" I forgot how many times folks ask you that when you're pregnant. I know they mean well, and perhaps are truly concerned, but I wonder if my inept social ability makes it awkward to say anything else. Go ahead and giggle, you know it's probably true.

I'm guessing that most are content with an "Oh, I'm doing fine," and would prefer to hit up the blog for the real truth. Because, and let's be honest, do you really, really want to know how I'm feeling in the early stages of pregnancy. Should I openly share with you, it would appear as if I'm complaining and you may walk away and never speak to me again, ha!

So, the next time I say, "Oh, I'm doing well," here's what I really mean:

  • My boobs are sore
  • I'd like to sleep for the next week straight
  • Food disgusts me, so I don't eat, therefore I'm always hungry
  • I'm moody just because
  • I'd like to sleep for the next week straight
  • Still working on those digestive issues
  • My pants are starting to get tight -- yes, already!
  • I pee all the time
  • Id like to sleep for the next week straight
  • I get dizzy at the oddest times
  • I can smell everything (and it nauseates me, so grandma-esque potpourri is a no-no
  • I have hot flashes that make me sweat ridiculously
  • I'd like to sleep for the next week straight

Ok, I think that about covers how I feel most days. Now would you really like to stand patiently in the grocery store and listen to me go through all those "feelings?" I'm guessing no, and it's likely that list won't change much until the 2nd trimester, where I hope to have much more positive feelings. :)

Back to the fact that my pants are tight: Yeah, I'm only 6 weeks in and my uterus is already taking shape. I think it's a soldier in ready mode! It's probably not noticeable to those that don't know me. If you do know me, I likely look like I've put on a few pounds. (But I haven't yet, I swear -- I'm actually down 4lbs, but not on purpose.) I'm supposing I will remain in the is-she-fat-or-is-she-pregnant stage for a some time.

Ultrasound is scheduled for Sept. 14th at 9am, yay! I'm off to talk myself out of a nap and into a load of laundry. More updates coming next week.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Betas Galore

Beta level this morning: 2352! I'm not so much good with the math, but I do believe we are continuing to more than double every 72 hours. This brings me a lot of confidence in the strength of the little bean. My ultrasound is scheduled for Sept. 14 at 9a, yay! I am officially 5 weeks pregnant today.

Is this my 3rd post about my beta levels? I believe it is. I'm wondering if you are finding it rather boring reading all my numbers; I'll try to jazz it up a bit for you all. I will warn you though that I am not my usual chipper self today; I'm in quite the cranky mood and I rather enjoy it.

At the present moment, I'm watching Lifetime (yes, I'm admitting it) do a cheesy portrayal of teenage pregnancy. All I can think about, other than the BAD acting, is why constipation is never glorified, hahahaha!! You can check that symptom off my list now, too. While I don't feel the need to add a TMI disclaimer, I will occasionally remind you that you must "pass" the warning page before entering, so you were aware of the possibility. After much googling, I learned that the extra does of hormones present during pregnancy cause the intestinal muscles to relax, thereby slowing the, erm, movement of said intestines. My mission now to to drink water like a camel and hope I can button my pants tomorrow. Lovely mental image, wasn't it?

And so you all don't walk away from this post with thoughts of my gastrointestinal woes dancing in your head, I'll leave you with this:

Fetal image at 5 weeks, approximately 1.25mm - pretty cool, huh?!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movin' on Up!

An update for those of you who can't get enough of me...

Beta levels came back today at 778, whoo-hoo! Again, I have no idea what the specific number means, but it speaks well that it is rising. Thanks to the google, I know that beta levels are expected to double every 72 hours, and since my numbers on Monday were 251, we are more than double. Please don't read anything in to that - It simply means that baby bean is growing strong. I'll check in again on Monday for a final beta.

So that's it, that's my update. But since I have an aversion to short blog posts, I'm going to continue...

I had a very "not my day" kind of morning with regards to my bootay shots yesterday. First stick hurt so much that I could not even get much past the skin; perhaps I had hit some sort of nerve back there. Upon repositioning, I dropped the syringe and silly me tried to catch it. It stabbed me in my knuckle of all places. Puncture count at this point: 2. Reattempt resulted in a successful shot, however removing the needle caused much bloodiness. And continuing the spirit of clumsiness, I dropped the cotton ball that was so supposed to stop the bloodies. So, now I have a nice stain on the backside of my purty unmentionables.

Oh, and yes the nausea of pregnancy has hit me. Luckily, it's not in the morning so as not to disturb my walks (oh, how I miss sweaty cardio, but that's too long of a lament to post here). I get the icky feeling right around lunchtime-ish and it lasts until around 6-7p. It was a bit worse tonight, so I didn't even eat dinner with the family, but who could blame me? It was pigs-in-a-blanket afterall, sick!

One more "symptom" before I go. Ever heard of this fancy term: dysgeusia? I thought maybe not, but as you can see I've been on the WebMD. Basically, it's the medical term for a change in the sense of taste, most commonly a sour/bitter or metallic taste that exists even when not eating. It's pretty yucky and lends to the nausea, although not uncommon in pregnancy. I started to experience this when I first started all the hormones, so I think that's the culprit with the added pregnancy hormones kickin' it up a notch. (Emeril didn't trademark that, did he?!)

I'm off to lounge on the couch, take in some AFV, and see if I can eat a bit o'something. In the meantime, if any of you fabulous readers are wondering what you could do for me: (cup)cakes, cookies, and anything in the pastry family can always make me smile like this ----> :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy Smokes

It worked! (And for the record, I do not think smoke is actually holy, but could find no other words to convey my amazement.) Our transfer a week ago "took." And by that I mean:

I'M PREGNANT (but that baby's not mine, ha! I'm going to love using that one!)
(okay, I'm not this pregnant, but somebody make me this cake, pleeeeaaase!)

My beta level came in at 251. Now I will confess that I know nothing about beta levels or what they could imply, except that the higher the beta, the more "sure" the pregnancy is at this point. I tried to look up some information on it, but there seems to be a rather large range in numbers, so I'm just happy that we're pregnant, "very pregnant" to use the words of my clinic coordinator. I will have another test for beta levels on Thursday and Monday; we definitely want to see those numbers rising rapidly. Our first ultrasound will be Sept. 13 to confirm a heartbeat.
Fortunately, I am not experiencing any symptoms yet, but it is rather early. I can however tell you that the moodiness of the progesterone will not lay off, even for a second. And my poor hubby gets the brunt of it all. I'm so thankful for a passive and forgiving husband in this....even when I asked him to leave the hotel room because his mere presence was irritating me. Go ahead and giggle -- we did after I said it, both realizing how INSANE I had just sounded. I'm glad we can laugh together through those trying moments.
My meds will remain the same until my 10th week of pregnancy. So, that means I will stay on the aspirin, the estrogen, the progesterone shots, and the prometrium. So, if you'd like a count: 5 pills/day, 1 injection, and 2 other stuffs. Oh, and prenatal vitamins of course, so make that 7 pills/day.
I just spoke with C about all this too. She is very excited, and I think we are both in little bit of disbelief. Yes, we knew what we were doing and what we had hoped, but the realization can be astonshing at first, espcailly considering pregnancy is a miracle in it's own right. This is a huge, giant step in the process for both of us and we're just getting started. Stay tuned...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lovin' from the Oven

The embies are in and hopefully getting all set to begin baking. My transfer was complete a couple of hours ago, and my job now is rest to allow the little babes to latch. The procedure was very quick; in fact, I think I was on the table all of 3 minutes before the doctor was done. That's crazy, right?! C and her mom were there for the procedure. While the doctor didn't allow them in the room (it would have been too small anyway, I think), they were able to view the embryos on the screen as well as watch the procedure from a window into the room. I think we would have both preferred for her to be in the room.

The doctor transferred 2 of C's embryo's. Both embryos were at the blastocyst stage (feel free to google that) and were a grade A. Basically, this means they were the best of the best, and as high of a grade and as developed as they could get. We couldn't have had better embryos. The chance of implantation is 70%, so we are quite hopeful.

My instructions are to rest and lie around the rest of today and through tomorrow as well. After that, I will no longer have to be on bed rest, but I won't be clear to return to my normal activity (read: receiving the cardio high that I live on most days) until after a confirmed pregnancy. In the meantime, I am permitted to get my activity through walking. And since I find the treadmill quite boring, it seems I'll have to take joy-walking trips to Target and the local mall, hehe! I have a blood test for (pregnancy) beta numbers on August 23. I can begin home pregnancy tests earlier, but the blood test will be more accurate.

My plan for the next few days includes trying to relax. That will not be an easy feat for me, but I'm going to give it my best shot. To help me with that, my agency sent a care package to the hotel yesterday:

So, my loot includes a comfy pair of pj's a la Target, chocolates, a novel, a puzzle book, and a magazine. It was so thoughtful of them to think of me like that. I'll also spend time sending the hubby on food runs. :)
Thank you for all the prayers, the thoughts, and the encouragement. I'm now back to another waiting phase, looking forward to a POSITIVE outcome.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flying, Driving, and Transfers, Oh My!

I'm here! And I'm waiting again. It seems the name of this whole process really is, "hurry up and wait." But hey, I'm waiting in a nice hotel room in beautiful Connecticut with the best weather (79 degress!) I've seen in months, so who's complaining? Not this girl, I'll tell ya.

Our flight out yesterday was actually nice, although I still do not like to fly. We departed a little bit early and landed even earlier. Traffic to the hotel was a bear. we rolled along about 20-30mph for about an hour off and on. I guess that's how we roll, ha!

We spent most of yesterday just relaxing. The hubby and I took in a movie and had ice-cream for dinner. (Shhhh, don't tell me kids!) Today, C and I are going to enjoy some girlie time, so you know that must mean there is a mall trip in our future. I think we're also planning on getting manicures and grabbing a bite to eat. The hubby will stay here and enjoy his ESPN quietly.

C spoke with the embryologist this morning, and we have transfer set for sometime on Saturday. We likely won't find out what time that will take place until Friday. So, until then, C and I will hang out and the hubby and I will hopefully get some good quality time together. (As much quality as a couple can get bring in a nice hotel in a pretty state WHILE being on intimate restriction from one another.) *If that was more than you needed to know, then I assume you did not read this post with my disclaimer regarding TMI; it might also mean that this blog is not for you*

I also feel like I need to share with you all that the mood swings from the progesterone are definitely here, and I almost feel no desire to control them, ha! I'm only kidding -- I'm going to do my best to combat what my body think is it's natural tendencies. Hopefully that won't require too many cupcakes as well, bleck. But thank goodness for the hotel gym, right?!

Come back on Saturday; I will definitely have an update then seeing how I will be on bedrest for 36hours after transfer: just me on the couch with my laptop, books, magazines, and the remote control. See you all then, friends!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bringing out the big guns!

Good evening, lovelies! I have quite the informative update for you all. Read on...

Today was my first day of the progesterone my derriere. I will admit that I was quite apprehensive, as you would be too after seeing this ginormous needle that had to be jabbed into my rear. Here, maybe this will help:

(not my photo - thank you, google)
See, I told you it was large. And the kicker of this is: I have to be sure the entire needle is completely "in" before I can plunge the meds. So, after poking around a few times - to see where the needle pricked the least - I found a nice spot and did my business. It wasn't too bad actually. The worst part was plunging the meds since it's progesterone in oil. The oil is thick so I couldn't just plunge quickly like I did with the Lupron belly shots. The challenge will now be to continue finding new places for each dose, as intramuscular shots will bruise more. :( And perhaps another challenge will be the side effects from this particular hormone. Incase you forgot, here's a refresher: bloating, weight gain, and mood swings. Eeek, right?!? But seeing how I was not affected too terribly by the previous hormone set, maybe I can avoid these effects as well. *fingers crossed*
C has spent the last week driving to and from the fertility clinic (a 45min drive for her), almost daily, to have her ovaries monitored for the egg retrieval. Our doctor is very pleased with how her body is responding and he will retrieve her eggs tomorrow morning!!! So, embryo transfer will happen in less than a week. I know, right! My flight leaves very early Wednesday morning; transfer will occur either Thursday or Saturday, depending how the embryos are developing.
It was quite an exciting journey just to get to this point, but I think the real adventure is only beginning.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Everything's Lining Up!

Hello, all you faithful followers -- all 6 of you. ;) I'm sure you're as anxious to read another update as I am to post one, seeing how they are quite the rare gems. So, here ya go:

Earlier this week, I had another check-up to make sure my body is responding to the meds. You'll remember from my previous post that my Lupron dosage was lowered and we introduced Estrace into my system. *Side note: I have felt so much better since that change.* The ultrasound determined that my uterine lining is building up nicely. In fact, I even impressed the tech; she looked at her screen and said, "You have some very pretty endometrium. Oh, this is nice." Initially, such compliments were awkward (I was laying on an exam table afterall) -- then the awkardness gave way to flattery, "Why yes I do have some pretty endometrium, thank you." My husband was not nearly as impressed when I shared this news with him. My lining measured at 12mm; ideal for implantation is between 7mm and 14mm. So, look at me grow. :) And maybe this can explain the slightly oh-my-good-grief-I-can't-button-my-pants bloated feeling in my tummy. I also had a blood draw to measure my progesterone and estradiol levels.
I passed.

C also had a check-up this week, same day as mine I think. All her levels are where they are supposed to be, and she began her (ovary) stimulation injections today. The doctors will begin investigating her ovaries every other day starting next week. At that time, we will have a more definitive date for her egg retrieval and then the transfer.

For now, both C and I are right on track; the fertility clinic is happy with us; we are moving right along. It's almost surreal to think that I will be on a jet plane bound for the transfer in less than 2 weeks. That takes my breath away.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Stop - Yay!

After having my first ultrasound and lab (with Lukas in tow which I will NEVER do again!):
It's official --my ovaries are NOT producing eggs, yay! Ok, I don't know why anyone would get excited about that, but for me, it means we can move right along in this again, yay!

I'm quite happy about this because it means I can lower my dose of Lupron from 10 units to 5 units AND begin my Estrace pills. The Extrace will put estrogen back into my body, which I've been missing while the Lupron took over my ovaries. During this time, I had slight headaches (well controlled by ibuprofen, yay!) and fatigue. I'm not really used to being a tired type of person, but all I have wanted to do is sleep. I still had the mental energy to move, but my body said, "No thank you, ma'am!" It's been pure exhaustion -- uncharted territory for me. So, I'm hoping the lower dose and the addition of the estrogen will help me get back to normal, whatever that may be for me these days.

The injections are going quite well; cliche as it sounds: I don't feel a thing! I have a bit of bruising on the lower tummy from the injections. My mom tells me it's because I must have hit a capillary. How would I know -- I just squeeze me a big ole hunk o'fat and jab the needle in and go. :) I think it's pretty neat actually, but not one person in this house will willingly watch me shoot myself up. Go figure.

I will have another lab and ultrasound in 2 weeks to be sure my body is still doing what we are telling it to do via the meds. For now, we are still on schedule to head back to CT to transfer 2 embryos during the 2nd week of August. Yay!

Monday, June 21, 2010

"He's got a package"

A few days ago, a very nice FedEx delivery guy brought me a package. Any guesses...okay, I'll tell you:

Ta-Da!! It's my meds along with my timeline!! The whole process just seems more and more real with each passing day. I'm a little nervous about the meds, I confess, mostly because I worry about the side effects of introducing the hormones into my already "normal" body. But I won't dwell on that...instead, I'll give all of you lovely readers a rundown of what these meds are and when they'll go in. :)

*TMI disclaimer: possible TMI ahead in this post as well as future posts; you may not see this again, so consider yourself warned from here on out.*

So, in that photo you see, there are 3 bags of needles, 2 boxes of vials of hormones, a bag of prescription meds, a box of prenatal vitamins, 2 boxes of vaginal suppositories (more hormones), a bag of alcohol swabs, and a bio-hazard sharps collector. Whew!

I will begin daily injections of Lupron (a hormone to suppress my ovaries) on July 3, 2010. The injections will be administered in the lower abdomen. Possible side effects can include headaches and/or hot flashes because Lupron puts the body in a temporary menopausal state. Yikes!

I will have an ultrasound on July 14 to make sure the Lupron is doing it's job and other bloodwork to make sure my body is responding positively.

If the ultarsound and labs come back good, I will then begin estrogen in pill form with a low-dose aspirin, continuing the Lupron injections. This hormone will stimulate my uterine lining to prepare for the implantation of the embryo. The estrogen in these pills should also help with the side effects from the Lupron.

Another ultrasound and labs are scheduled for July 28th, again to make sure I'm responding well to the hormones.

The day before C's egg retrieval, likely in the 2nd week of August, I will discontinue the Lupron and begin Progesterone injections. These injections are given in the bum, although I have been given permission to jab the needle into my upper thigh as well. Possible side-effects from progesterone can include bloating, weight gain and mood swings. These are the side-effects that scare me a bit; I'll needs lots of encouragement during this time, I think. I'll also begin the vagianl suppositories. I know, it sounds kinda icky...but after having 4 kids, I'm not grossed out by "bodily" things much. This combination of hormones will continue until the 10th week of pregnancy.

On C's actual egg retrieval date, I will begin 2 other meds in pill form: an antibiotic to prevent an infection reaction against the embryo and a corticosteroid to prevent my body from developing an immune reaction to the embryo. Both of these meds are to prevent any implantation hampering. I will continue these for 5 days.

We have a proposed transfer time of August 12-August 18. I will not have a definite date until only a few days before the actual transfer, but if my body as well as C's reacts healthily to this protocol, then I could be seeing a positive result on a home pregnancy test in about 8 weeks!

For now, my prayers will stay up for both C and I and our reactions to all the meds we will be introducing into our bodies during the next couple of months. Prayers are also up for the future life that God already knows.

Thank you all for following me, checking in on my progress, and most of all, thank you for your support and encouragement. It means so much to me and will be very much appreciated in the coming year.

*Medical disclaimer: I am not a doctor! I cannot be liable for misinformation found in any posts anywhere. I will also not be liable for any symptoms including, but not limited to: dizziness, changes in skin color, or fainting --- from those of you who, however loyal, hold your breath waiting for these updates.*

Love you all!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

You can breathe now

Anybody still holding their breath for this update? I'm hoping not as you might be feeling a little light-headed by now. I had planned on updating while we were away, but it appears I have been spoiled by the land of "free Wi-Fi." Such a place does not exist where I was, at least not in the vicinity of our hotel. And truthfully, I wouldn't have had the time or the energy to update anyways. You are all free to breathe now.

Our visit was pretty textbook, as it should have been. Our departing flight was on time, even a bit early. We landed on Tuesday afternoon around 4:15p Eastern time, took a shuttle to our rental car pickup, and headed to meet C & M. C greeted us outside with a very friendly hug. She welcomed us into her home - a charming 1920's house with sweet character - where she had veggies to snack on while we waited for dinner. C's sister also came over to meet us; that was an unexpected treat. We also got to spend time watching C's toddler play -- he was so sweet, making me miss my own little guy back at home. C prepared a nice meal for dinner for us which we enjoyed on her back deck with a nice evening breeze. We had a few hours of nice and easy conversation. Theo and I were both pleasantly surprised at how comfortable we were with C & M, further confirming to us that I am meant to be matched with this couple.

Wednesday was quite a busy day, as was expected. Theo and I spent the first half of the day exploring the neighborhoods in Connecticut as my first appointment at the clinic wasn't scheduled until 12:30p. The clinic was very close to our hotel, easy to find, and staffed with the nicest people! I had a handful of vials (of blood, ha!) drawn and had a sonohysterography, a saline infusion sonogram. The doctor's diagnosis: a perfect uterus, yay!

We then spent some time with a wonderful nurse to go over the medical protocol and discuss a timeline. She also showed us how to administer the injections that I will need to take for approximately14 weeks, beginning in July. I personally think that the hubby was a wee-bit too excited about the idea of getting to jab a needle into my bum. I may be giving that injection to myself. :P Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch and made our way to another office to receive a phsycological exam. I answered 567 True/False questions for the MMPI 2, which is a personality "test." I wonder if I passed. Next, Theo and I were interviewed by a clinical phsycologist. This was just an informal "conversation" and lasted about an hour and a half. There were a lot of questions, some personal and at one point, I wondered if she were trying to "read' us, hehe! The evening ended with ice-cream for dinner...I know, but I hadn't had a blizzard from Dairy Queen in years!

On Thursday morning, after an hour and a half in traffic!, we met C at her home and headed into the city to do some sightseeing. There was a lot to see, but we didn't have much time after the morning traffic and having to be back at the airport by early evening. We visited Times Square, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and took a cab ride. The cab ride was as scary as they seem on television! C also treated us to lunch at what I thought was a rather swanky place, called TAO. We dined on dumplings, edamame, and sushi. Okay, Theo stayed away from the sushi and opted for steak instead. We definitely plan on seeing more during my next trip, which - if all goes well - should be around the beginning of August.

We headed back to the airport, and after a nearly 2hr weather delay, headed back home to Tennessee. All in all, I'd say it was a good trip, but a very busy one. I adore my parents, C & M...and although I may be a bit bias, I really feel that I got the pick of the litter with them!

And no, I still don't like flying!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Travel Plans...check

My very first appointment with the fertility clinic is scheduled for May 26 at 12:30p. Yeah, just 2 weeks from today -- that's crazy soon! My days are quite busy until then so I'm sure the time will fly. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that or not. But I am so excited to be yet another step closer; the first "real" step for me, I think.

We (Theo and I) will be catching a plane to New York on the afternoon of the 25th, arriving there in the evening, just before dinner. We'll pick up a rental car and head to the hotel in Connecticut, about an hour away. I don't have definite plans yet, but I'm hoping C&M will be able to meet us at the airport and we can all have dinner together.

We will be spending our Marathon Day Wednesday at the clinic. It is called a Marathon Day because it is a looong day. My appointment begins at 12:30p where Theo and I will meet the RE and I will undergo tests to be sure I'm healthy and able to carry children for C&M. At 4p, I will undergo a psycholigical evaluation (gotta make sure I'm not crazy!) that's set to last approximately 3 hours. I think we will be tired by the end of this day for sure.

I'm really looking forward to Thursday. We plan on spending the day with C, seeing all the sights of New York City and just getting to know each other even more. We are hoping M will be able to join us, depending on his work schedule of course. We'll catch an evening flight back to Nashville and arrive home after the kiddies' bedtimes!

This is actually really good timing as we will be visiting my mom the few days prior to our scheduled outgoing flight. We are leaving the kids with her for the few days that we'll be in New England. She is even going to drive them home so they can be here waiting for us. They'll also get to spend some time with the most awesome cousin they have while they're visiting my mom!

It's going to be a whirlwind time, I imagine. My fear of flying (ok, not really the flying part so much -- the crashing part is what does it for me, ha!) will only add more stress, so I'm working on getting over that as much as I can. I could type a whole post on this fear alone, but I will spare you all.

I should have internet at the hotel, so I'll try to update during our trip...but I'm really not good about that, so don't hold your breath. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finally a FINAL

Whew, ok, we finally have a FINAL contract!! (Insert happy lil' jig here.) This process took about 3 weeks, which is somehwhat quick I've been told, so I'll take it. I had my part signed, witnessed, notarized, and sent to Connecticut to await the same from C & M. I hope they are as relieved as I am that this particular part of the journey is complete.

In the meantime, C is charged with making my appointment at the fertility clinic in CT and arranging travel plans for us.

It seems the waiting does not only apply to contracts, either. Now, I'll wait for my appointment. Then, Ill wait for the transfer date. Next, I'll wait to see if the transfer "took." Then of course, I'll wait through the pregnancy for the birth. I am hoping this journey will breed some patience, as I may have no choice but to find some somewhere.

In other updated news, my cycle is currently being controlled by birth control pills (in order for the clinic to control the best appointment dates). I think my body prefers to be "natural" as the hormones seem to be taking their toll on us these days. I am dealing with more emotions than I care to discuss and have become so, so tired. I am amazed at how my energy levels have dropped in the last couple of weeks. So, the sooner I am able to begin carrying C & M's baby, the sooner I can get off these pills...but of course I'll have another set of hormonal ups and downs to manage. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tired of waiting?

Me, too! But as mentioned before, waiting is part of this particular phase of surrogacy. It's the contract phase, which means C & M and the hubby and I must all agree to quite a long set of contract terms. C & M submitted a first draft of the contract to me the week before last. I have looked over and made a long list of questions to present to my attorney when she calls to review the contract with me.

I am hoping to hear from my attorney, L, early next week. We will review said contract together, make our changes, add anything we feel is necessary, and then send the draft back to
C & M to review with their attorney. At that point, they can accept the terms or send it back to us with revisions for further review. We will do this dance until we all reach agreements that make us comfortable.

I know the IP's and we are on top of this contract review as soon as we receive it; here's hoping our attorney's are, too.

After this process is complete, we can move on to the fun stuff (ie: baby-baking!).

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hurry up and Wait to Share the News

Quick mini-update: IP's and I, with our respective attorneys, are reviewing the contract terms. It's somewhat of a paper shifting game. As soon as we all agree on the terms, I will be preparing to head out to meet them. I'm not sure how long this particular process takes, but the experienced surrogate moms I'm taking my advice from call it the "hurry up and wait" phase. So, that's what we'll do -- wait. I am hoping to hear something (a touch of base) by early next week, so you'll know when I know.

C & I have been emailing back and forth almost daily. I am enjoying getting to know her. We are finding that we have so much in common that we can pass for the same person in most respects. We are both sharing our parenting woes and joys and our hopes for this experience together. We are also sharing photos of our families with one another. God has just grown a love for them in my heart so easily and so quickly; I think C & I will feel like best friends by the time we get to meet in person. Now, to get our husbands to become besties. :)

Sharing the News!
We (the hubby and I) have had the pleasure of sharing our decision with our small group family, other members of our church family, and our families. It was very important to me that I have support from those closest to me, so I was a bit anxious about sharing with everyone. To my surprise, everyone has been so encouraging...even those who I thought might be a bit negative about the whole idea. I was not looking for approval, but feel that all of the positive response is further affirmation for me in my decision to carry a child for another family. I am joyfully anticipating what God will do in me and others through this journey.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Call me MATCHED!

I am officially matched!! Yay!!! What does that mean exactly? It means that C&M have chosen me to be their surrogate and I have chosen them; we will have all agreed to walk this journey together, and are moving forward in our process. Isn't that so exciting!!

I have been emailing and speaking with C for a couple of days and we both feel as if we are so perfect one another. Each of us has the support of our family and friends and feel that God has brought us together in such a special way. I truly am honored to be able to carry and nuture their child for a short time. I don't think better parents could have found me.

The next "phases" of our journey is the contract phase. Experience from other surrogate mothers tells me that this is one of the most stressful times, but a necessary evil. I am so thankful to have a wonderful agency to walk me through everything and guide me in my decisions. They have been terrific from the beginning and I can't say enough good things about them. After this phase is complete, my next step will be to fly to New York (I know, right!) and meet the parents in person, undergo psychological testing, blood testing, and receive information and meds to begin the cycling process. After that, I will fly back to New York for the tranfer of C&M's embryo. Prayers up now for a smooth transfer and positive pregnancy!

I wish I could tell you all how ecstatic I am about this. I was somewhat dscouraged after being told I would be a hard match, and had resigned myself to learning patience through this. To my amazement, doors opened so easily and I'm already looking forward to the end, when C&M have their baby in their arms.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Phone "interview"

I did a phone "interview" this morning with a set of Potential Intended Parents (PIPs), C&M. I am calling it an interview because it was quite formal and was moderated by an attorney. I was more nervous than I expected to be, somewhat of a first-date jitter type feeling. We shared some basic things about lives and our desires about this journey. I would have liked for it to have been for casual, but I imagine the first conversation is always a little bit awkward.

Afterwards, each of us were supposed to notify the agency if we wished to have continue communication via personal email and phone numbers. We did! In fact, we both contacted our coordinator immediately. Since then C and I have exchanged a couple of emails. I confess I already feel a connection with her and have a desire to be bonded with her in friendship and surrogacy. We will continue to speak throughout the week and see if we are ready to move along to meeting one another and begin our journey together.

Remember that I mentioned I do have another interview later this week; the PIPs profile came to me within hours of C&M's profile. I can say that if C&M choose me, I will not be going forward with the other interview. I would not want any family to connect with me and allow them to get their hopes up only to tell them I had chosen someone else. I would think it best to not speak at all. I am saddened at the thought of having to break anyone's heart, as I know these families have had enough heartbreak in their lives already.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Progress already?

So, no sooner than I hit "publish" on my first post did I receive 2 (not 1, but 2!) emails from 2 diffierent agencies, each with a couple of Potential Intended Parents (PIP's) who saw my profile and are interested in talking with me about possibly being their surrogate. I'm a little shocked after being told that I would likely be waiting awhile.

While I cannot share any information about the PIP's publicly, I can tell you that both couples seem absolutely perfect! My heart's desire is for each of them, at least on paper. I am humbled to even be in a position to choose between such great couples. But listen to my arrogance; it is they who must choose me.

I will be speaking with one couple, C&M, this weekend, smiliar to a phone interview. I'm hoping we "click" right away, and we will both know that we are a match for each other. I'm absolutely giddy at such a fast and positive response.

I may be posting more than I expected afterall.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have taken a big huge giant step towards my desire to be a surrogate mother. I have been actively persuing this by applying to surrogacy agencies (who match parents with surrogates) as well as contacting parents who have posted "ads" searching for surrogates. I am applying to be a Gestational Surrogate, which means my womb will house an embyro from other parents for 9 months.

During my application process, I have been denied by one agency and told my another to seek matches elsewhere due to my beliefs regarding the termination of a pregnancy and selective reduction. I had no idea how unpopular my beliefs would be in the surrogacy world, although it seems to be the most unpopular when going through an agency to find your match. I have had a coupe of agencies who have been encouraging, although honestly telling me that it would be hard and take time to match me with Intended Parents who feel the same as I do.

Currently, I am working with 2 agencies who seem to be "in my corner" so to speak with regards to my convictions about life.

I am so blessed to have the support of my husband, my mother, my sister, and some close friends. I am also grateful to an online community of surrogate mothers who have fed me with so much information and so much encouragement. This is not a decision my family and I have taken lightly, decided on a whim, or jumped into blindly. I would not want to do this on my own, so again, I'm so thankful for those of you who have been so positive about my decision. *You know who you are, so no shout-outs should be necessary, wink*

I hope this blog serves as a way to update you all who are supporting me and following me along the way. Knowing this process takes time, I cannot promise that this blog will be updated often. It really depends on when and how much progress is made. Hopefully, you'll be hearing from me again soon!