Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Travel Plans...check

My very first appointment with the fertility clinic is scheduled for May 26 at 12:30p. Yeah, just 2 weeks from today -- that's crazy soon! My days are quite busy until then so I'm sure the time will fly. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that or not. But I am so excited to be yet another step closer; the first "real" step for me, I think.

We (Theo and I) will be catching a plane to New York on the afternoon of the 25th, arriving there in the evening, just before dinner. We'll pick up a rental car and head to the hotel in Connecticut, about an hour away. I don't have definite plans yet, but I'm hoping C&M will be able to meet us at the airport and we can all have dinner together.

We will be spending our Marathon Day Wednesday at the clinic. It is called a Marathon Day because it is a looong day. My appointment begins at 12:30p where Theo and I will meet the RE and I will undergo tests to be sure I'm healthy and able to carry children for C&M. At 4p, I will undergo a psycholigical evaluation (gotta make sure I'm not crazy!) that's set to last approximately 3 hours. I think we will be tired by the end of this day for sure.

I'm really looking forward to Thursday. We plan on spending the day with C, seeing all the sights of New York City and just getting to know each other even more. We are hoping M will be able to join us, depending on his work schedule of course. We'll catch an evening flight back to Nashville and arrive home after the kiddies' bedtimes!

This is actually really good timing as we will be visiting my mom the few days prior to our scheduled outgoing flight. We are leaving the kids with her for the few days that we'll be in New England. She is even going to drive them home so they can be here waiting for us. They'll also get to spend some time with the most awesome cousin they have while they're visiting my mom!

It's going to be a whirlwind time, I imagine. My fear of flying (ok, not really the flying part so much -- the crashing part is what does it for me, ha!) will only add more stress, so I'm working on getting over that as much as I can. I could type a whole post on this fear alone, but I will spare you all.

I should have internet at the hotel, so I'll try to update during our trip...but I'm really not good about that, so don't hold your breath. :)


  1. Very exciting! What a crazy couple days this will be, I'm so glad that it is scheduled and getting more and more real for you :)

  2. Thats so exciting! I can't wait to read about this whole process for you. :) I will be praying for safe travels!!