Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finally a FINAL

Whew, ok, we finally have a FINAL contract!! (Insert happy lil' jig here.) This process took about 3 weeks, which is somehwhat quick I've been told, so I'll take it. I had my part signed, witnessed, notarized, and sent to Connecticut to await the same from C & M. I hope they are as relieved as I am that this particular part of the journey is complete.

In the meantime, C is charged with making my appointment at the fertility clinic in CT and arranging travel plans for us.

It seems the waiting does not only apply to contracts, either. Now, I'll wait for my appointment. Then, Ill wait for the transfer date. Next, I'll wait to see if the transfer "took." Then of course, I'll wait through the pregnancy for the birth. I am hoping this journey will breed some patience, as I may have no choice but to find some somewhere.

In other updated news, my cycle is currently being controlled by birth control pills (in order for the clinic to control the best appointment dates). I think my body prefers to be "natural" as the hormones seem to be taking their toll on us these days. I am dealing with more emotions than I care to discuss and have become so, so tired. I am amazed at how my energy levels have dropped in the last couple of weeks. So, the sooner I am able to begin carrying C & M's baby, the sooner I can get off these pills...but of course I'll have another set of hormonal ups and downs to manage. :)

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  1. So glad you finally have a contract!! Hopefully it feels like another step forward :)