Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Lied

The picture quality is still subpar as I haven't found the motivation to take the time figure out the new digi-cam. So, cell phone photos you get...

These bumps are 16 and 17 weeks respectively. Still not much to speak of but I know the babies are in there and growing!

Today I am 17 weeks, 1 day. I had doctor's appointment and I got to see the little ones moving all around in there. Both are doing well and growing as expected. It was a pretty routine appointment but I did learn some things. My OB told me that my cervix is "long and strong," hehe! No sign of pre-term labor, which can be a concern with multiples...but my cervix seems to be in for the long haul, keeping these babies baking to the end! I also learned the sexes of the babies. I cannot tell here those as C has asked to be surprised at delivery; I respect that request and not post any of that information on the web, lest she stumble across my blog and I ruin the surprise.

I am not feeling any movement yet either. I was sure I would be able to feel the little babies by now, being experienced and all, but nothing. C asked me if I was able to feel them yet; I felt bad having to say no, so seeing them moving all around on the ultrasound screen was such a blessing! The ultrasound tech told me that I have two anterior placentas, meaning both babies' placentas are on the front of the uterus, making it harder for me to feel the movement. It could even be a couple of weeks before I am to feel anything definite.

During the ultrasound, the tech asked me if I was having any pain on my right side. What a timely question since I actually have been having quite a bit of discomfort in my lower right abdomen - I attributed this to round ligament pain or even digestive squabbles. Apparently, my ovaries (both) have developed some cysts since my last appointment with my right side in the worst shape. Thankfully, this isn't harmful to me or the twins, although it can be painful for me and cause more bloating. (Yeah, I could sure use more of that!). The thought is that since the cysts were not present at the last ultrasound, they are likely a result of the increase in hormones due to the multiple pregnancy. My OB is confident they will go away on their own, perhaps even by the next appointment. Let's keep our fingers crossed for that, shall we?!

My next appointment is set for Dec. 14 and will be the big anatomy scan. C is flying in to be there for that one...and M is going to be able to come with her!! I'm so excited that M was able to get off work to come and see his babies, and I'm thankful that C won't have to make the trip alone. I know they are both ready for these next weeks to fly by! Maybe they'll even change their mind and find out the sexes because I'm going to have to be sure and not slip up until then. :)

I hope this post finds all of my readers well and on their way to enjoying a happy turkey day! I definitely plan on eating for 2 or 3 (or 4). Gobble, Gobble!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's here

The bump, I mean:

These photos are 14 weeks and 15 weeks respectively. I have officially graduated into maternity pants full time as my regular pants no longer fit around my hips. The nausea is trying to slack off a bit although it does still catch me by surprise at the oddest times. My fatigue is lessening, however sleep is one my favorite hobbies these days. My rib cage has expanded already giving me the need for one of those lovely extenders. My weight is still in check - up 7lbs as of this morning. I'm also making better food choices since the hormones are finally allowing me to eat a little more protein and crave a little less carbs.
My next appointment is Nov. 23. That should just be a quick, routine check up. I'll have the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks. C is flying down for the appointment. I'm hoping we'll get to visit for a longer time this trip, and the tornado weather should be long gone by that time.

I apologize for not having more regular updates, but honestly, there isn't much to report from week to week, except for the same old stuff. And I don't want to bore all of you lovelies. :) But I will try to commit to weekly belly pics in the meantime. Oh, and I got a new digi-camera, so the pics should be better quality in the future.
Today: 15 weeks, 2 days and counting...