Thursday, June 2, 2016

Waitin' on Round 3

If you read the post title, then you know that our recent transfer was not successful. Our beta blood test was negative. We are 0-2, folks. :( After recovering from the shock (K and I both had really thought we would be successful this time!) and speaking with the doctor, we have decided to move forward with our third transfer attempt.

We will be changing up our med protocols this time. For K, she will begin medications to treat a pre-existing thyroid condition before proceeding with meds for the egg retrieval. The doctor feels like this could help her body respond to the hormones in a more positive manner. The hope is to end up with two top graded tested embryos from one retrieval, however K is prepared to do multiple retrievals if necessary.

My med protocol will change as well. I don't have exact details yet but the doctor would like to try to avoid some of the lining setbacks that we experienced earlier. I'm excited about this proactive approach since the lining issues were definitely a new situation for me. This ain't my first rodeo, y'all!

We are planning to do two embryo frozen transfer as before. As of right now, we are looking to transfer near the end of August or possibly early September. In the meantime, I am just hanging out enjoying the summer, waiting to hear when I will begin meds again.

I'll be in touch soon, friends!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Embie baking, round two!

Hi! We returned home late yesterday evening from our transfer trip and I am happy to report that two beautiful embryos are in and are (hopefully) making themselves at home. I would have happily updated earlier, but I didn't bring my laptop with me on the trip and blogging from my tablet just isn't practical for me.

See how beautiful!

The picture above is magnified and shows the 2 embryos at the blastocyst stage. They look good! The transfer went very smoothly. The clinic sent us home with a perfect picture of these two little embies getting nestled into that lining! See...

K, J, and the hubs and I went out to lunch after the procedure. We haven't been able to spend as much time with them as we would have liked, so this was quite a blessing.

Our flight out to NYC went pretty smoothly other than a typical delay. I say "typical" because it seems my flights are always delayed; I don't remember the last time one was actually on time. I suppose all that matters is that we made it.

After we grabbed the rental car and a quick bite to eat (breakfast at 3p!), we headed to meet up with C and the twins. We were able to visit with them at their home for about 45 minutes before C had to load up kiddos and head to another activity. I almost forgot how busy little ones can be! She is in a very busy season of her life for sure. We took several pictures, but for privacy I can not post them here. You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that those two are the cutest kids I've ever carried! I mean, they rank right up there with my own!

They are in NY and we are in TN so visits are few and far between as you can imagine. Although it felt like a short visit, I'm so grateful to have been able to see them; they are such a sweet family and they hold a special place in my heart.

Our return flight was a bit more dramatic - perhaps everything is "dramatic" when you hate flying! The airline attendant announced that 4 people would be bumped in order to accommodate a "weight restriction." The captain was in the terminal and requested a baggage and head count and asked that the plane not be fueled until after everyone and their bags were on board. He didn't say this to the passengers of course, but my anxious ears perked up after the announcement. The thought of being on a plane that may be too heavy, and therefore not weight balanced, was a bit unnerving. I know a (very) little bit about physics, and I'm pretty sure that weight and balance is important when flying a bird!

As we were sitting (me, anxiously!) on the tarmac, the captain then announced that we would be flying over some stormy weather so the second hour of the flight could be a bit choppy. *sigh* We made it just fine all the same, but I don't think I will ever get used to, let alone like, flying!

My beta blood test is scheduled for May 31. The Memorial Day holiday costs us a WHOLE  extra day of waiting! In the meantime, I've been instructed to carry on life as usual but with a 15lb lifting restriction. I need some time away from the gym anyway. ;)

I'll check in again soon, friends.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FINALLY moving forward

We FINALLY heard from all points of contact regarding my last appointment - May 4 - and we are FINALLY a go for transfer! My uterine lining measured 17-18mm, which was a slight decrease from the 21mm it was previously. My clinic is happy with that and we are preparing for embryo transfer on May 19.  I am waiting to receive travel arrangements, but given the 19th appointment date, we should be flying out on the 18th and coming back home on the 20th. Then we wait for beta to see if either of those 2 embies decide to stick around! As much as I would like to lament over the fact that this is 3 weeks past our original proposed date, I'm too excited to care! We are FINALLY going to attempt a second transfer nearly 3 months after our chemical pregnancy. It's been a loooong 3 months, y'all.

C and I continue to be in touch about our travel dates, so we still hope to be able to see the twins when we travel for the transfer. We're excited about that as well.

My estrace was decreased again in preparation for the transfer; I'm down from the original 8mg/day to 2mg/day. The decrease in the estrace has caused some slight spotting (which helped to decrease that lining a bit), but this is normal and expected. I will take my last dose of Lupron tomorrow and begin the big progesterone shots Friday. I should be getting used to those by now...should be.

I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day this past weekend. My boys and I spent the day Saturday hiking, picnic'ing, and ended the night with a frozen yogurt outing, yum! On Sunday, we relaxed a bit at home and had a cookout that evening: grilled BBQ chicken and corn on the cob! We don't take time often enough to slow down and spend some time together;  it was such a blessing to do that this weekend with my family.

I will check in again soon, friends!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

News travels slow

I am so sorry for not updating sooner. There are a lot of moving pieces in the communication between my monitoring clinic, my fertility clinic, K & J, and myself. Whew!

Monday was my ultrasound to check my uterine lining to see if we are ready for transfer. (It was also my birthday, yay!) We saw a fluffy, trilaminar 21mm uterine lining. Since I was 19mm prior to the previous transfer attempt, I can only think is good news the fluffier the better, right?! So off I went to celebrate my birthday with my family complete with flowers, cupcakes, and even a surprise overnight getaway with the hubby, sans kiddos! The hubs and I spent a couple of days in Atlanta, exploring Oakland Cemetery, the Georgia Aquarium, and my favorite part: The Bodies Exhibition. Perhaps not everyone would enjoy viewing cadavers on their birthday, but it floated my boat! And just as we were wrapping up our trip and about to head home, I got an email from the fertility clinic...

Y'all. Another set back: my lining is TOO thick for transfer. I cried a little. Apparently, the RE would like my lining to be between 8mm and 20mm at this point. Soooo, instead of transferring on May the 4th (be with you!), we will have another ultrasound to see if lowering my estrace dose by half will drop that lining measurement a bit. I will be in the office bright and early next Wednesday, praying my body responds favorably this time.

I'm trying not to be discouraged with all the push backs; it's frustrating. And I know K is a bit frustrated as well. We're so so ready!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Let's try this again!

Hi, friends!! Perhaps some of you have been waiting patiently to find out how this week's appointment went, considering that the previous ultrasound did not go as we had hoped. I have better news this week. My ovaries are still suppressed (as they should be!), and my lining is at 5mm. The clinic is looking for it to be below 7mm before we can continue with the meds, so yay! I began estrace on Thursday and we preparing for transfer May 4th. Quote from my husband. "Transfer is Star Wars Day. So cool!"

Lining check will be April 25, so let's hope that goes well so we can keep the rockin' date as planned. April 25 also happens to be my birthday so it can only be a good day, right? 

And if all that news wasn't exciting enough, I also attempted and failed, then attempted again and succeeded at making pretzels...cinnamon sugar and salted. Not photogenic at all, but they tasted good!
Making Auntie Ann proud
I don't think my family minds being taste testers for my kitchen adventures. They didn't mind this sweet peanut butter cream pie either:

I promise not to fill the blog with pictures of food. It is about surrogacy afterall. But what a fun way to spend the "hurry up and wait." (and pictures are fun!)

I'll check back in soon. Thanks for following me!