Friday, June 23, 2017

3 weeks later and a bump!

I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since I posted an update. I really should do better. I want to keep this blog updated as often as possible, BUT it's the actual doing that throws me apparently.  We are currently a little over 15 weeks along and things are going so smoothly that I guess there's just not much to talk about.

But I do have a lil' bump starting to make an appearance...

These photos were taken last week, at the 14 week mark, and truthfully some of that "bump" could be a little pregnancy bloat -- does that ever end?! The bump is not nearly as noticeable in my regular clothes but those are my gym clothes and they are bit more fitted. 

I am no yet in maternity clothes, though I suspect I may have to transition into some tops in the coming weeks as mine get a bit tighter as we move along. Thankfully, I can still fit into my shorts and dresses and even my bathing suit for the time being. That's great because my little family and I are preparing to go to South Carolina next week for some beaching and ice cream eating. (I could come back with a bigger bump, ha!)

I also think I have been experiencing some very early baby flutters in the last few days. They are ever so slight and quite inconsistent; I may only notice them a few times a day. It's very early so it can still be hard to tell if it's the little guy moving around or just good ol' pregnancy digestive bubbles. But he was measuring about 5 days ahead on the last several scans, so maybe feeling slight movement a bit early is to be expected. I'll know for sure soon enough. 

P and I haven't talked much lately. No reason other than there's just not much to talk about -- a rather textbook pregnancy so far. She also keeps very busy with owning her own business so I imagine her time is limited at the moment. We usually communicate more around doctor's appointments and such. That is all to be expected. 

We'll spend the next week at the beach then take a quick visit to my mom's house for a few days to celebrate the 4th of July. My children return to school a month after that so I suppose school supply shopping will be on the agenda in the very near future. These summers seem to roll on by quicker and quicker the older I get! 

My next OB appointment is in about 2 weeks, so definitely be looking for an update about that. I hope to pop in and share some vacation photos here as well. Be on the lookout!

Friday, June 2, 2017

12 week scan complete

I had the nuchal scan yesterday as scheduled. Everything went well however we won't receive the results for another week. The nuchal scan measurements have to be combined with my labwork in order to have the results. Until then, we wait.

But we did get to see the little guy on screen again. He has gotten so much bigger since we last saw him a few weeks. Aaaaand he's looking a lot more like a tiny human these days! He was wiggling all around moving his hands and making faces with his mouth. It's always so fun to see that! His heart rate was very normal, coming in at 161bmp. He is measuring 4 days ahead; if he continues to trend ahead as he has been it could mean we'll deliver a "big" baby, whatever that could mean. There's no concern of course, just a little guy that's growing a bit ahead of his gestational age.

isn't he a cute lil' human!

P is of course very excited to be moving right along. I was able to send her an image of the photo so she could see him right away. I'll be popping the hard copy in the mail to her today.

It's warming up a bit here in middle TN, so we've been spending a bit more time at the pool. The water is still a little chilly as our nights are still cool but it's nice to just spend some lazy time around the water. It keeps my kiddos busy for a minute or two and allows me to pick up a nice tan to get the summer started.

I will have my next prenatal appointment in a few days. I am officially just over 12 weeks (only 5 more days to go in the 1st trimester!!) so hopefully more energy will return soon. I'm still quite tired most of the time. It takes A LOT of work growing a little one.

Thanks for keeping up with me, friends. I'll check back in soon, but right now the sun is shining and the pool is calling!