Monday, August 30, 2010

Betas Galore

Beta level this morning: 2352! I'm not so much good with the math, but I do believe we are continuing to more than double every 72 hours. This brings me a lot of confidence in the strength of the little bean. My ultrasound is scheduled for Sept. 14 at 9a, yay! I am officially 5 weeks pregnant today.

Is this my 3rd post about my beta levels? I believe it is. I'm wondering if you are finding it rather boring reading all my numbers; I'll try to jazz it up a bit for you all. I will warn you though that I am not my usual chipper self today; I'm in quite the cranky mood and I rather enjoy it.

At the present moment, I'm watching Lifetime (yes, I'm admitting it) do a cheesy portrayal of teenage pregnancy. All I can think about, other than the BAD acting, is why constipation is never glorified, hahahaha!! You can check that symptom off my list now, too. While I don't feel the need to add a TMI disclaimer, I will occasionally remind you that you must "pass" the warning page before entering, so you were aware of the possibility. After much googling, I learned that the extra does of hormones present during pregnancy cause the intestinal muscles to relax, thereby slowing the, erm, movement of said intestines. My mission now to to drink water like a camel and hope I can button my pants tomorrow. Lovely mental image, wasn't it?

And so you all don't walk away from this post with thoughts of my gastrointestinal woes dancing in your head, I'll leave you with this:

Fetal image at 5 weeks, approximately 1.25mm - pretty cool, huh?!


  1. What great numbers! It's very exciting. I have to say congratulations again on the pregnancy. How involved are your IP's? Are they going to all the appointments with you?