Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bringing out the big guns!

Good evening, lovelies! I have quite the informative update for you all. Read on...

Today was my first day of the progesterone my derriere. I will admit that I was quite apprehensive, as you would be too after seeing this ginormous needle that had to be jabbed into my rear. Here, maybe this will help:

(not my photo - thank you, google)
See, I told you it was large. And the kicker of this is: I have to be sure the entire needle is completely "in" before I can plunge the meds. So, after poking around a few times - to see where the needle pricked the least - I found a nice spot and did my business. It wasn't too bad actually. The worst part was plunging the meds since it's progesterone in oil. The oil is thick so I couldn't just plunge quickly like I did with the Lupron belly shots. The challenge will now be to continue finding new places for each dose, as intramuscular shots will bruise more. :( And perhaps another challenge will be the side effects from this particular hormone. Incase you forgot, here's a refresher: bloating, weight gain, and mood swings. Eeek, right?!? But seeing how I was not affected too terribly by the previous hormone set, maybe I can avoid these effects as well. *fingers crossed*
C has spent the last week driving to and from the fertility clinic (a 45min drive for her), almost daily, to have her ovaries monitored for the egg retrieval. Our doctor is very pleased with how her body is responding and he will retrieve her eggs tomorrow morning!!! So, embryo transfer will happen in less than a week. I know, right! My flight leaves very early Wednesday morning; transfer will occur either Thursday or Saturday, depending how the embryos are developing.
It was quite an exciting journey just to get to this point, but I think the real adventure is only beginning.


  1. Wow, Tasha! This is it! That needle freaks me out, but I'm so proud of you for "sticking" with it... pardon the pun! Seriously praying for you! -Amy

  2. YIKES! You are way super brave! The needle is huge!
    Thanks for keeping us updated.. It's so interesting to read about even if it does contain HUGE needles!