Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lovin' from the Oven

The embies are in and hopefully getting all set to begin baking. My transfer was complete a couple of hours ago, and my job now is rest to allow the little babes to latch. The procedure was very quick; in fact, I think I was on the table all of 3 minutes before the doctor was done. That's crazy, right?! C and her mom were there for the procedure. While the doctor didn't allow them in the room (it would have been too small anyway, I think), they were able to view the embryos on the screen as well as watch the procedure from a window into the room. I think we would have both preferred for her to be in the room.

The doctor transferred 2 of C's embryo's. Both embryos were at the blastocyst stage (feel free to google that) and were a grade A. Basically, this means they were the best of the best, and as high of a grade and as developed as they could get. We couldn't have had better embryos. The chance of implantation is 70%, so we are quite hopeful.

My instructions are to rest and lie around the rest of today and through tomorrow as well. After that, I will no longer have to be on bed rest, but I won't be clear to return to my normal activity (read: receiving the cardio high that I live on most days) until after a confirmed pregnancy. In the meantime, I am permitted to get my activity through walking. And since I find the treadmill quite boring, it seems I'll have to take joy-walking trips to Target and the local mall, hehe! I have a blood test for (pregnancy) beta numbers on August 23. I can begin home pregnancy tests earlier, but the blood test will be more accurate.

My plan for the next few days includes trying to relax. That will not be an easy feat for me, but I'm going to give it my best shot. To help me with that, my agency sent a care package to the hotel yesterday:

So, my loot includes a comfy pair of pj's a la Target, chocolates, a novel, a puzzle book, and a magazine. It was so thoughtful of them to think of me like that. I'll also spend time sending the hubby on food runs. :)
Thank you for all the prayers, the thoughts, and the encouragement. I'm now back to another waiting phase, looking forward to a POSITIVE outcome.


  1. C'mon lil babies!!!! Take off your coats, get comfy and stay awhile, about 40 weeks sounds good!!!

  2. I just started following your blog. I just started the surrogacy journey myself (found IP's, a friend, but we're waiting a year)

    Good luck! And I hope the little babies stuck!

  3. It's the 24th, and your betas were supposed to be done yesterday - is there an update?!?! Wishing you the best!

  4. Hi, Wendy!! There is an update -- you might need to refresh the blog a few times as I jut noticed blogspot ws being uncooperative and was not showing my latest post. :)