Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How You Doin'

It's more than a cheesy pick up line. It's another variation of the infamous, "How are you feeling?" I forgot how many times folks ask you that when you're pregnant. I know they mean well, and perhaps are truly concerned, but I wonder if my inept social ability makes it awkward to say anything else. Go ahead and giggle, you know it's probably true.

I'm guessing that most are content with an "Oh, I'm doing fine," and would prefer to hit up the blog for the real truth. Because, and let's be honest, do you really, really want to know how I'm feeling in the early stages of pregnancy. Should I openly share with you, it would appear as if I'm complaining and you may walk away and never speak to me again, ha!

So, the next time I say, "Oh, I'm doing well," here's what I really mean:

  • My boobs are sore
  • I'd like to sleep for the next week straight
  • Food disgusts me, so I don't eat, therefore I'm always hungry
  • I'm moody just because
  • I'd like to sleep for the next week straight
  • Still working on those digestive issues
  • My pants are starting to get tight -- yes, already!
  • I pee all the time
  • Id like to sleep for the next week straight
  • I get dizzy at the oddest times
  • I can smell everything (and it nauseates me, so grandma-esque potpourri is a no-no
  • I have hot flashes that make me sweat ridiculously
  • I'd like to sleep for the next week straight

Ok, I think that about covers how I feel most days. Now would you really like to stand patiently in the grocery store and listen to me go through all those "feelings?" I'm guessing no, and it's likely that list won't change much until the 2nd trimester, where I hope to have much more positive feelings. :)

Back to the fact that my pants are tight: Yeah, I'm only 6 weeks in and my uterus is already taking shape. I think it's a soldier in ready mode! It's probably not noticeable to those that don't know me. If you do know me, I likely look like I've put on a few pounds. (But I haven't yet, I swear -- I'm actually down 4lbs, but not on purpose.) I'm supposing I will remain in the is-she-fat-or-is-she-pregnant stage for a some time.

Ultrasound is scheduled for Sept. 14th at 9am, yay! I'm off to talk myself out of a nap and into a load of laundry. More updates coming next week.


  1. Yay for an update! Sep 14 needs to hurry up and get here!

  2. Hahahahahahaha. Look on the bright side, cousin, you've got beautiful birthing hips! I love you. You always make me tinkle my pants. Can't wait to see you again and hug your pretty neck. I'm thinking another sushi date needs to be planned!!!


  3. Ah yes, can definitely relate to those feelings! haha I can't wait to see your update in a couple of days!!