Friday, March 19, 2010

Progress already?

So, no sooner than I hit "publish" on my first post did I receive 2 (not 1, but 2!) emails from 2 diffierent agencies, each with a couple of Potential Intended Parents (PIP's) who saw my profile and are interested in talking with me about possibly being their surrogate. I'm a little shocked after being told that I would likely be waiting awhile.

While I cannot share any information about the PIP's publicly, I can tell you that both couples seem absolutely perfect! My heart's desire is for each of them, at least on paper. I am humbled to even be in a position to choose between such great couples. But listen to my arrogance; it is they who must choose me.

I will be speaking with one couple, C&M, this weekend, smiliar to a phone interview. I'm hoping we "click" right away, and we will both know that we are a match for each other. I'm absolutely giddy at such a fast and positive response.

I may be posting more than I expected afterall.

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