Friday, December 10, 2010

Move along

nothing to see here....


my ever growing belly!!!

Both photos were taken this week...the first on Monday and the second today, Friday. Notice any difference between the two, plus compared with my 18.5 week photo. Definite proof that the little ones are growing in there!
I think I can finally say that the nausea has made it's way on out of here! It only took about 18 or so weeks, but I have certainly noticed that it's not here. Only time will tell if it creeps back up as we near delivery.
I am assuming that the placentas have not moved (it's common for them to do so during the pregnancy) because I am unable to feel any strong kicks from the babies. I can feel very slight movement, similar to what one would feel if you were thumped threw a very heavy coat. I am looking forward to feeling all their activity, but I may have to wait until the placentas move or until the babes get a bigger and stronger.
I am looking forward to the big appointment next week and especially looking forward to sharing it with C & M! It should be unseasonably cold when they arrive, but nothing like they experience in the northeast I'm sure. C sure is getting her taste of this erratic weather we have here in TN!
Well, groupies, that's all I got for now. Thanks for faithfully following me. See you next week!


  1. You look amazing! Especially for being pregnant with twins. That's what my belly looks like when I'm 18 weeks prego with 1

  2. Awesome Tasha! Glad you're not feel nauseous anymore!

  3. Hooray for no more nausea! Hope it stays away for good! I echo what Jennifer said, you look awesome!! Love reading your updates! : )