Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Black is Slimming, right?

Maybe that fashion rule doesn't apply in my situation, hehe!! We are 23 weeks, 2 days and chugging right along in this pregnancy. Other than the concerns from my last appointment, I'd have to say that this pregnancy has been pretty textbook. Although I confess that I' might be feeling my age a bit more than in my previous go 'rounds.

My aerobics classes may be numbered soon. Each week seems to get harder and harder, and I am no longer able to keep up with the class (whereas I used to be able to keep up and in some cases outdo some of my classmates...even only 2 weeks ago!). I think after this month, I may be resigned to ellipticals and long walks around Target. I have no restrictions on my activity -- it's just getting plain uncomfortable and at times impossible. I mean, really, ab work with this belly!

My lower back has been causing me quite discomfort in the last few weeks as well. You might even be able to see in the photo up there that there is quite a pull on my lower back from the belly. I'm chalking this up to the fact that I am carrying two and the way I'm carrying in my lower belly. Although, I wonder if this back pain is any indication of possible back labor? I've never had back labor before, but I hear it is no picnic. Now I ask you, anyone had labor that was a picnic?!? At any rate, the lower back discomfort along with the sciatic pain is definitely lending itself to some waddling and sometimes all out limping. It's not pretty, people!

Next week is the OB appointment and ultrasound. I always look forward to those, and I'm sure you do too as they make for much more interesting posts. :) C was supposed to come, but has decided that she cannot. Apparently, airfare jumped a pretty penny since her last flight. (I hope this is temporary, for sure!) I plan on having her on speaker phone during the appointment so she can listen to the OB and ask her any questions. This will work out well, I think, since no way could I write all the information down that I get and I certainly couldn't remember it all!

Unless anything unusually blog-worthy happens between now and then, you all can find me back here on Tuesday! It's a date!

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  1. Hi Tasha, my back pain started around this time too (23 weeks). I used Mother-To-Be Maternity Support Brace and it REALLY makes a big difference in how your back feels. You can buy it on I would suggest that you wear it only when you're doing something strenuous with lots of bending. That way you protect your back muscles but don't become dependent upon the brace.

    I found that my back would hurt for about a week and then my muscles would catch up with the belly and I'd feel strong for a couple of weeks before the back would start feeling the strain again.