Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Reminiscent These Days

At some point in every pregnancy, every woman starts to remember what she misses about NOT being pregnant. I am noticing such things already, quite a bit earlier than in my previous pregnancies. The cause of such reminiscing:

This ginormous thing! You want a glimpse of what this might feel like? Here's what you do:

First, go find your self a nice round 20 pound medicine ball and strap that baby around your torso, being sure to place the strap around your lower back. Next, grab two 1 pound medicine balls and affix each one to your chest, in addition to the boobies. Now, hunt down two to three 1 pound dumbbells and attach those at random to your hips, butt, and/or thigh. Don't forget: each month, you get to add 4-6 more pounds to the torso area and/or that rear end area. Once you're all strapped up, go do life (laundry, aerobics, grocery shopping, chasing a toddler, room mom it up, and sleep well!). Let me know how you enjoy finding a wardrobe to fit around all those "pounds" too. :)

In all honesty, I love being pregnant. I enjoyed nurturing my 4 babies and am currently enjoying carrying C & M's twins. I do not want to rush them out by any means, but here are a few things that I will look forward to after delivery (comment me up if you can relate!).

1. Stomach sleeping (oh man, I miss this!)

2. Being able to squat comfortably (to reach into the laundry basket, the pick up the crumbs off the floor, to tie a toddler's shoe, etc)

3. Pulling out all the stops in my cardio classes (going to do this one asap!)

4. Being able to shave my legs easily (if you don't know, you don't want to know)

5. Being able to get in or out of a chair without groaning or other weird noises (it's not pretty in my house these days)

6. Not going to the bathroom 27 times a day (no, I'm not exaggerating)

7. Not walking with a waddle

8. Being able to reach my overhead cabinets (seriously, you give it a try)

9. Regaining my balance (that's important)

10. Being able to pick up my sweet 3yr old again (he's a big 'un!)

Next Tuesday is the gestational diabetes test, and a quick "how you doing?" with the OB - No ultrasound. :(

Legal news: I spoke with my attorney today and we are getting the ball rolling on a pre-birth order. This will allow C & M's names to be placed on the birth certificate before birth. This is important because in the state of TN, any mother who gives birth is considered the legal mother, DNA aside. The hubby and I will make a short court appearance in February to finalize this part of the surrogacy. I am definitely looking forward to naming C & M as the parents on the birth certificate. What a sweet time in this process!

Readers, thank you so much for being patient with my sporadic posts and random thoughts. I am so thankful for each of you follow and read along, even you silent lurkers. :)


  1. Do squat exercises while you can, it makes it easier to survive the last months.

    Don't waddle! Intentionally swing your hips when you walk and you'll find that it REALLY helps with your lower back pain.

    When I reached 32 weeks (twins) I did a final leg wax so my legs would still be nice and smooth (almost) for the final weeks.


  2. I really enjoy reading your posts and just wanted to say I think you look awesome for being preggo with twins! You're getting close and those babies are lucky to have you carrying them around and nourishing their little growing bodies, keep up the great work! Sleeping on your tummy will be ever so sweet when you finally get to do it again, I totally remember that feeling! : )

  3. Hi Tasha,
    Thanks for stopping by The Bella Mella. The contact info for the ladies' even at Hermitage Hills Baptist is:
    Candy Sakarapanee []

    Candy Sakarapanee is the Women's Ministry Leader.


  4. Oh yea, I definitely remember those feelings! You'll have those babies before you know it and then you'll be wishing you were still preggo! :-)