Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Apologies

Hi, faithful followers. My apologies for not returning to the blogosphere sooner to update you all on how things are moving along. In me defense, I came down with an icky stomach bug last week that knocked me off my feet for a few days and required that I change my appointment. On a personal note, my family and I have been dealing with our own personal issues inside the home. That alone is enough to keep me away from blogging these days. But no matter, I'm here now and ready to catch up with you all!

I had my glucose lab to test for gestational diabetes last week. I actually didn't even mind the drink this time, although I wouldn't offer to do it again. ;) I passed, so no diabetes here: my body knows what to do with sugar. However, I failed the bloodwork that measures for iron: I am "slightly" anemic. I have been told this before by other doctors with other bloodwork, so I am not surprised. Although, I do feel that the virus that kept food and nutrients out of my body for the first part of the week might have possibly skewed the results. In any case, I am now on an iron supplement in addition to the prenatal vitamins. I confess, I am not looking forward to long-term iron supplements, considering the biggest side effect is constipation! Yeah, like pregnancy doesn't come with its own plethora of digestive yuckiness along the way.

There was no big ultrasound, but my OB did take a quick peek on a small monitor to check for heart-rates and movement. Both babies were beating and kicking away.

C and I have been emailing and communication about what delivery will look like and such since it's getting so much closer. Her and her family are so excited! I'm just so grateful that there's no nervousness from them, only anticipation. One of my (many!) prayers as we get closer to delivery is that C & M would not miss the births of their babies. It is indeed a possibility because labor is unpredictable - and mine seem to move fast!- and C & M are a 2.5hour flight away. We're praying that we are able to keep our planned induction to avoid any of that stress. That would also be easier for me and my family of course, because finding a last minute sitter for 4 kiddos might be a tough job, and I certainly don't want to have to leave my hubby at home while I am in labor, alone. I'm not too worried about what all this will look like, but prayers up just the same.

My next appointment will include the big ultrasound to measure heartrate and babies' growth; that will happen next Friday, the 11th. And I promise I will try my super hardest to update asap after the appointment.

I leave you with this @27weeks:

See you all soon (hopefully!).


  1. Looking good! I'm sure your OB will keep an extra eye on everything knowing the IPs leave a little while away . . . both times I carried my surro twins to around 38 weeks but I did go into labor 1-3 days before the c-section, both times! LOL

  2. so glad you updated! Well if you lived closer I would totally be the last minute babysitter! LOL.
    Glad things are going good and still praying for the babies and their mom and dad! :)

  3. Great update! And you're looking good!