Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're good for another week!

I saw my perinatologist today as scheduled. Much to my surprise, the doctor was not actually in the office today. I was only able to see the ultrasound tech. The doctor will read the scan off-site, then send his findings to my OB, who will then call C and I with his results. I confess, that is somewhat nerve-racking since I wasn't able to get as much information as I would have liked during the appointment. I will have to wait on the OB to call me this afternoon/evening with more of the medical info.

I was able to ask the tech some questions though and get some information at least:

Baby B's condition still looks improved, as it did on Monday. That is fantastic news! I was again cautiously reminded that Baby B is not "cured," and the condition will worsen determining when delivery will take place. The longer it takes for that to happen, the better. And we did check on Baby A, too -- A doesn't get as much attention these days as B -- Baby A is doing very, very good, no concerns at all.

My cervical exam showed that my cervix has actually lengthened. Again, more fantastic news! If you remember, it measured 11mm at Monday afternoon's appointment; today, it measured 17mm. Now, that is still on the short side in terms of where my OB would like it to be at this point in the pregnancy. However, the fact that did not continue to shrink is praise-worthy, for sure! I was told that it may not lengthen much more, but continue to be monitored for consistency. As long it stays the same with little change, we're good. :)

Based on these findings, it appears that the medicine and bedrest are working for now. While neither is really a cure, any improvement they can sustain for any length of time is a much needed blessing.

My next check-up will be on Wednesday afternoon; that means the lil' babes get to bake for at least one more week, yay! Definite prayers that next week's appointment will bring just as much as assurance and joy as today's!

Thank you all for checking in on me, praying for me, loving on me through your company and cooking and goodies, and for all your support and encouragement. I'm off to enjoy more rest. ;)

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