Friday, February 11, 2011

One appointment

can change everything.

Ultrasound from this morning's routine appointment showed 2 concerns. I'll try to keep it short and sensible. Here goes:

Concern 1:
Baby B's growth has slowed, again. Where the twins have always had a disparity between them, it has never been more than 1 week. If you remember from my previous growth update, we were satisfied with the difference between both babies. Today, Baby B was discovered now falling 2 weeks behind Baby A. The reason for this is because Baby B's blood flow in the umbilical cord (from the placenta to the baby) is less than would be acceptable. It seems that the nutrients being delivered to both babies don't seem to be divided evenly, and Baby B is not quite getting enough. I am assured that this has nothing to do with my lifestyle (ie. eating enough, vitamins, moving enough). This is nature taking it's course.

Concern 2:
After an internal ultrasound for a cervical check, it was noted that my cervix has begun to shorten. The OB would like to see the cervix to be longer than 25mm. Four weeks ago, I measured at a nice 39mm. This morning, I measured 21mm. I was sent to the hospital for a few hours of monitoring to see if I was having regular contractions.

Currently, I am writing to you from an uncomfortable hospital bed way past my bed time. Those few hours have now turned into a 28 hour hospital stay. After the monitoring showed regular contractions, I was given Procardia to weaken the contractions. It seemed to work, however upon another cervical exam, my OB found me to be 1cm dialated already. She was not comfortable sending me home, so I am to say overnight for more monitoring and will have a test tomorrow afternoon called a Fetal FibroNectin test. Basically, it's a test to determine my odds of preterm labor. If the test is negative, I could go home to continue on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. However, if it's positive, it may mean that I stay for further monitoring. Believe me, I'd much rather do my time at home.

I was also give a steroid shot to help mature the lungs of the babies. There is a highly likely chance that I will deliver before our hopeful 38 weeks, so we need to do what we can to make sure the babies are as ready for the world as they can be when they arrive. Our goal is to take appropriate measures and for my body to respond to those measures and make it to at least 32 weeks. After that, we will hang in there daily to see just how long the babies can bake. Everyday will be safer for them than the next.

It also seems that the original plan for a vaginal delivery has faded away. A C-section will have to take place given Baby B's condition. Baby B's placenta will be too weak to withstand labor contractions; the risk of the placenta rupturing or tearing away from the uterus during labor is too dangerous. So cut me open, baby!

I have information overload at the moment, way more than I can type here in any sort of order that would make anymore reading worth your effort. I will leave you with a (28.5week) belly shot - because I know you look forward to those! - and I'm going to try to get some sleep and pray for the best outcome tomorrow afternoon. See you all then!


  1. Hey Tasha, I know you're eating healthy and taking your vitamins, but perhaps you could boost your nutrition intake by juicing a bunch of vegetables first thing in the morning. First thing is best because it goes straight into your system without being stuck behind a heavy muffin or something. Juicing is a great way to get extra vitamins without having to eat a mountain of extra food.

    leana(dot)knight at yahoo.

  2. Still praying! Hoping you were able to go home.