Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Place Like Home

and that is where I'm at now, yay! My fFN test results were negative, signifying that pre-term labor is not on the horizon. I was sent home shortly before dinner yesterday evening and am now on strict bed rest for likely the remainder of the pregnancy. Strict bedrest = must remain in reclined or horizontal positional at all times with the exception of using the restroom, showering, and making the necessary meals to eat, of course. I am not allowed to exercise (duh!), lift anything (poor sweet 3yr old), drive (and I have 2 appointments/week from here on out), no intimate activity (poor sweet hubby!), and must minimize walking/standing. This will indeed be quite a different lifestyle for our whole family, but knowing it is in the best interest of the babies' health and is temporary is motivation enough.

I am so grateful for the wonderful support system that I have here in my home- the BEST HUSBAND EVER!- and the offers to help from many, many members from my church family. A meal schedule is being set up, babysitting is being arranged for my 3yr old who stays home with me during the day, and many others have offered to help with the domestic duties: housecleaning, laundry, etc. I truly am so blessed by all these special people; I only hope they know how truly appreciated all their care is to me and my family.

I have been in contact with C during this whole ordeal to keep her as informed as I can. My OB also contacted her personally to explain everything that was going on, all the possible scenarios, and answered any questions she had. I'm so thankful for her for doing that as I know it brings peace to C to know as much information as she can.

I do have an appointment on Monday afternoon at 2:15p with a peri-natologist (high risk OBGYN) to check on Baby B. This will be the first time I have met with this doctor, but will be under his care as well as my OB's care throughout the rest of the pregnancy. C will be phone conferenced in during this appointment so she can hear everything the doctor says and has an opportunity to ask any questions.

I know I have mentioned before how hopeful we are that we can continue to bake the little babes until at least 32 weeks along -- I am 29 weeks now, so a few more weeks. However, if I cannot keep them in until then and delivery happens before 31 weeks, I will have to deliver at a different hospital than at which I am currently being treated. This is because my hospital has a level 2 NICU which means they cannot treat and care for preemies delivered before 31 weeks. The level 1 NICU that is equipped is located in the downtown section of the metropolitan area closest to my suburb. It is much further away and is not a facility with which I am familiar. This gives me yet another reason to desire delivery to remain several weeks away.

Also, we are well on our way in getting all the paperwork together for the pre-birth order, however being on bed-rest will make it impossible for me to make it to our court date. We may all - C, M, the hubby and I - have to complete our court "appearance" over the phone. It's really important that we get the pre-birth order complete before the births of the little babes. Without those legal documents present at the birth, the state department will be legally required to place my name on the birth certificate (in my state, any woman who gives birth to a child is the legal mother, regardless of DNA). Of course, you can imagine if that is the case, there would be more legal hoops to jump through in order to name C & M as the rightful parents of the twins. I have a fabulous attorney and am confident she will get this taken care of before the birth.

Thanks for following along, readers, and for all the encouragement you've given me along the way. It is truly valued. Another update will be coming tomorrow.


  1. Tasha, if you are unfamiliar with the hospital I think you're speaking about, I'm pretty sure I delivered there and would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Ben was in the nicu for a bit there as well (with jaundice, nothing serious). We delivered at both hospitals in metro, you know, so, would be glad to let you know that both hospitals were exceptional. Praying for you, those babes, and your sweet family. Please let send my name to whomever is starting a meal signup.
    -Andrea Wandell

  2. I'm glad you are home. I wish I lived closer because I would be there helping out too!

  3. Glad your at home. I know you'll do all you can to keep those precious babies in there!