Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Today's appointment could not have been any better!! I just wanted to get that out of the way right off the bat. Now for the details:

Baby B's blood flow looked perfect! It was forward flowing, which is how it should be in a normal, healthy pregnancy. There was no instance of the absent end or intermittent end diastolic flow that we had been seeing at previous appointments. Did you read that: NO instances!!! I don't know about you, but that tickles me silly! The prayers of myself and many others have been for this very thing, and I cannot wait to see what next week's appointment brings. The perinatologist did mention that B's blood flow was elevated, but he didn't really explain to me exactly what that meant. (And I unfortunately didn't think to ask -- I'm blaming the full bladder at the time for my temporary lack of judgement.) I have spent some time googling searching for any information about elevated blood flow to a fetus, but have come up with nothing in return. In any case, the peri didn't seem concerned at all about that, but I will definitely ask at my next appointment.

My cervix was also measured as per usual protocol in my situation. While it had shortened, the change was minimal and not cause for concern or to change my treatment (bedrest, meds, etc).

Based on today's appointment, the doctor thinks that we have a very good chance for delaying delivery for quite possibly a few more weeks - more if B's blood flow continues to impress. Of course, I am still cautioned that this is still a week-to-week monitoring situation, but I'm definitely more confident in B's ability to hang in there for a more acceptable period of time.

I will return for yet another scan next week = Thursday morning. We will do a cervical measurement and check B's blood flow. We will also do a growth scan on both babies to determine growth rate. The growth rate, especially for Baby B, is also a good indicator of how sufficient the blood flow is. C & I are definitely anxious for this appointment. I will also have a routine OB office visit as well; this appointment will take 1.5 hours at least, so for certain there may be a delay in my update that day as those long appointments leave me less motivated to blog right away.

I am of course still on the strict bedrest; I think it's unlikely that it will be lifted at any time during the pregnancy. My family is adjusting to the change as well as can be expected. It must be hard for 4 kiddos and a hubby to have pick all of mommy's slack these days. My husband in particular is a bit overwhelmed by the change, although he really is taking it well. He takes care of all my normal daily chores after he comes from his day at work; he bathes the kids, takes care of their school needs, and makes sure they get in the bed on time. He also takes care of the morning routine as well, making sure all the kiddos get on their respective buses and the toddler gets to the sitter's for the day. Knowing the greater purpose of all this is handing over two healthy babies to their parents is motivation to endure. This temporary change will yield such miracles that it will be forgotten as quick as it began.

I hope that I do not see you all for any other condition updates until after my next appointment because that will mean we are still truckin' along.

Today, I am 30 weeks, 2 days pregnant with C & M's twins:


  1. Awesome update! You're doing great and kudos to a wonderful husband!

  2. Wonderful! My guess is "Baby Bs blood flow is elevated" just means that compared to previous exams Baby B is now getting a better blood flow. This would be a good thing, not a negative. Yay!

  3. I've been reading since the beginning and haven't commented but I just wanted you to know that I think you and your family are AMAZING!! You are bringing the miracle of parenthood to someone very lucky!! I hope you are all doing well, and I look forward to an update.