Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 weeks

That's it -- only 10 weeks left before we get to meet the little babes in my tummy. Wow, 10 weeks! Not to be too cliche, but it really does seem so surreal. I'm truly in awe by how blessed this experience has been. There are times when I have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I am so close to "completing" this dream I have had for so long. I just can't believe it sometimes.

While it might seem strange to some of you that one of my (many) goals/dreams in this life would be to be a surrogate, I think you can still relate to my feelings. If you have ever been blessed with the opportunity to see any of your dreams come to fruition, then you know what I'm feeling in these moments, whether your dream is to be debt-free, run a marathon, graduate, hike a mountain, etc -- it's all the same elated feeling of "Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I am actually doing this!" And if I'm on cloud nine now, what in the world will it be like during and after delivery?

The hubby and I have played birth day over and over with each other, and I can't explain how much both of us are looking forward to giving these babies back to C & M. We almost wonder if it will more emotional than the births of our own children. Perhaps the experience of it all will add a different element of emotion.

I can't say enough how truly humbled I am to be trusted with the care of these 2 precious lives. C & M have held these babies in their hearts long before they I carried them; soon they will hold them in their arms and I am honored to have even a small role in making that happen. What a sweet, sweet beginning to both our dreams!


  1. What an awesome dream you are living out! Nothing like blessing someone, especially with a child.

  2. I love this post and am excited to hear about your delivery. Good luck and keep us posted.