Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm still home

For now, that is....

Initial ultrasound today showed improved bloodflow to Baby B, which means the rest seems to be helping. However, the rest isn't a cure and Baby B's bloodflow will decrease; it really is just a matter of time. Hopefully, the rest can buy us some more time. The offical condition for this is called absent end diastolic flow, meaning the bloodlfow from the umbilical cord to the baby is intermittent, causing the baby to receive inadequate nutrients. This leads to a slower growth rate and requires very routine monitoring. Early delivery seems to be imminent, but exactly when that wil happen will depend on the assesment of Baby B's bloodflow, growth rate, and overall development at each monitoring appointment. There's a bit more medical science behind this condition, but I don't want to bore you -- although it fascinates me, of course.

I also had another cervical exam via an internal monitor. My cervix has shortened again, from 21 on Friday to 11 today. Mind you, I have been resting and barely moving since Friday not to mention being on the contraction stopping meds, and still the shortening. This is very frustrating to me as it seems I have no control over this and can't seem to have any positive effect on the situation.

I was sent home to continue to continue to bedrest. Some studies have shown that bedrest can increase bloodflow to the uterus and placenta and it can alleviate pressure on the cervix, so as not to encourage labor. So, here I sit.

I have another appointment on Thursday afternoon to check on the bloodflow of Baby B as well as to examine my cervix. If there is a change in either situation, it is highly likely that I will be sent to the hospital to rest there and for monitoring. The perinatologist shared with me today that hospital bedrest is inevitable due to the fact that as we move along, Baby B will require daily monitoring in order to allow B to grow inside my womb as long as is healthy, then delivered into the NICU when B's placenta begins to fail completely.

This is definitely not the ideal pregnancy C and I had envisioned. I feel for her and how she must feel being so far away. And while I know this is not fault -- this could not have been predicted or prevented -- I worry C may feel she did not make a wise choice in choosing me to be her surrogate.

My prayer and hope, as has always been but perhaps moreso now, is that 2 healthy babies -- NICU health all the same! -- will given back to C & M. Lifted prayers are also for my overall health throughout the process.

I certainly hope that I do not see you all again until AFTER my appointment on Thursday afternoon. I'm off to continue resting and doing absolutely nothing but hoping to contue growing and nuturing these little lives.


  1. My current pregnancy started as twins. I spent a month reading EVERYTHING on the topic, and there are just so many things that could go wrong. Honestly, I was freaked out. All the "mom stories" I read said to expect hospital bedrest not long after 24 weeks. I'm sure C has read everything about twins, also. So I'm sure she knows it's not you, Tasha. You're doing an amazing job!

  2. Praying for you and babies,and both families Tasha! For peace and health and God's hand to be on all things concerning this pregnancy! I think you are doing an amazing job, too :) Wish I lived close enough to help you out.

    -Cheryl H