Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am convinced...

...that there comes time in every pregnancy - perhaps earlier in a multiples pregnancy - that the cute little belly that everyone has "awwww'd" at for so long is now the receipeint of a lot of "Wow!'s, "Good Lord!'s," "You must be so uncomfortable" and "Looks like you you're counting down the days." I think that time has come for me:

It is no longer a cute "bump." It a big ol' belly! :) But in case you were wondering, that's supposed to happen. Hello! Babies grow and as such, so does the belly.
Now, for what you really came here for: a baby update ------>
After spending nearly 3 hours in a doctor's office, I am back at home, blogging to you all. Yay! Although the appointment took a considerable amount of time, the outcome was pretty simple: everything is the same as it was last week! (That's good news, people!!) The blood flow again showed no instance of intermittent or absent end diastolic flow; B's blood flow is still elevated as it was previously. And I learned what that meant as well. Basically, placental blood flow concerns will take this progression:
Normal -Elevated - Intermittent-Absent-Reversed
Once blood flow is reversed, intervention is required = delivery. So, although we would love to see normal blood flow, elevated blood flow (meaning there is some resistance in sending/receiving blood to Baby B) is definitely better than what we saw 3 weeks ago with the intermittent and absent end. The growth scan also showed that both babies grew at the appropriate intervals. B is still a couple of weeks behind, but the important thing is the interval growth. According to the ultrasound, Baby A weighs approximately 3.6lbs and Baby B weighs approximately 2.8lbs. The tech was able to get a 4D photo of Baby A as well; I'm excited to send that to C!
The weekly cervical check also showed my cervix measuring at 16mm, so we're still doing well with that as well.
I also spent quite a bit of time asking the OB about the c-section procedure as I have never had one before. I won't bore you with all those questions (some are TMI, anyway, ha!), but I do feel much better knowing what to expect. And my OB has assured both C and I that she will make it work so that my husband as well as C & M will be able to be in the OR during the procedure. Normally, only one person is allowed, but given our situation, the OB is going to make an exception for us. I can't tell you all how truly blessed I am to have such a wonderful and supportive OB throughout this surrogacy.
I was sent home to continue bedrest and meds. I'll go back on Friday of next week to check B's blood flow again. On that date, I will be 3 days shy of 33 weeks -- I never thought I'd consider every week golden, but I'm so happy at the idea of baking these babies for at least 33 weeks, with a very probable chance at carrying them longer!


  1. I have to admit I saw the picture before I started reading and I did say Whoa! Those babies are growing fast!
    Glad that the appointment went well. I couldn't remember what day it was and was waiting for an update. And I'm glad you have a good OB that is working with you guys!

  2. You're looking great. I've seen some OMG Bellies (including my own 2X) and you've got a lot more room there to grow ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I have also had 2 sets of twins and witnessed how much a body can stretch. And yes, you have plenty of room to grow. Your belly is so high and pointy....can't wait to see it drop. :)

  4. Good lordy! Lol. I still think it's cute, but, yep, it looks quite uncomfortable. You're doing a great job! Can't believe your almost 33 weeks!