Monday, March 14, 2011

What's the Deal?

Here's the deal: I'm home, yay! I was discharged from the hospital late yesterday afternoon and now come blogging to you from the comfort of my recliner. :)

Yesterday morning at the hospital, the attending physician decided it would be good to have one more ultrasound before determining if I should be released to go home. Babies were doing very well on the belly monitors that measure their heart rates, but an ultrasound to check on blood flow and  complete biophysical profiles (a test during the ultrasound to assess the babies' well-being: fluid levels, practice breathing, muscle tone, movement, heartbeat) would determine when the babies should be monitored again.

This ultrasound resulted in more great news, similar to what we have been seeing over the last few weeks, with the exception of the early morning ultrasound on Friday. Baby B's blood flow was slightly elevated and both babies' biophysical profiles came back perfect! Heart rates were strong and steady, both were definitely practicing their breathing (that was so neat to see!), wiggle worms they were, and amniotic fluid levels were great. The only concern was the elevated blood flow as it has been for the few weeks. It seems even my cervix is growing a bit and is not near as short as it once was. All good things!

I was released home on modified bedrest rather than on the previous stricter rest. That means I have a little more freedom to move about the house now. My specific instructions state that I must take 2 hours of rest after every meal, and then I am permitted to do some light activity: light housework, light cooking, etc. Although I won't be vacuuming, scrubbing bathtubs, or bounding up the stairs, I will be able to relieve some of the household duties that have burdened the hubby for the last month. If I stick to simple, quick meals I can even cook dinners for the family now. I must be off my feet completely from 8p until morning. No problem! Despite the lifting of some of the restrictions though, I am still continuing to keep my two youngest in their respective childcare situations. I think that would be the best in order for to continue to required resting during the day not to mention that I still cannot lift anything over 20 pounds, so the little guys will have to wait a bit longer before Mommy can pick them again.

C & M were so wonderful during this whole ordeal. I was so worried about the many ways this situation must have inconvenienced them, and they had to head back home without the babies they thought they were coming to get. They were so kind and understanding. I'm so very thankful for that.

I will have another ultrasound to check on the babies, especially little B that has caused us so much concern, tomorrow morning. It seems I will be having ultrasounds twice weekly for perhaps the rest of the pregnancy. What a nice treat that will be: getting outside of my four walls twice a week. ;)

Until tomorrow, blog groupies...


  1. Hey Tasha. I have been following your blog since you have been on the prayer list at The Bridge. We have 9 month old twins. Your pregnancy brings back memories! Please let C&M know that we would love to meet them if they have to spend anytime in Nashville. They can also email me if they have any twin gear and trick questions. We lived at Vandy for 5 weeks when ours were born. We are praying this is not the case for them! If you have any questions, email me too. I would love to hear from another twin pregnancy. By the way, how much do you hate sleeping?!

  2. This blog is too cool and you are a great blog writer Tasha. Thank God literally for answered prayer for the twins and for you.