Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birth Story Anyone?

Is this the post you all have been waiting for all this time? I think I have some energy restored to me so that I can make a clear post.

At my last post, we were heading into the OR to deliver some babies. It was somewhat of a hurried moment since we were bumped on the schedule by a few hours. I barely finished the last blog entry before the hubby was taking the laptop out of my hands as the anesthesiology team began to give me the initial prepping medicines. In fact, the operating crew (nurses, anesthesia, etc) wheeled me out before C & M even arrived at the hospital. It all felt pretty fast.

I spent the first 20-30 minutes in the OR alone with the team of nurses and anesthesiologists while they continued to push meds through my IV and of course get me all set up with my pain medication. I had a spinal/epidural combination, then placed on the table I was. I was also given a 24 hour dose of Duramorph (for post op pain control) as well as a shot of Remifentanil (narcotic pain reliever).

The combination of the Duramorph and the Remifentanil made me very dizzy and nauseated. So much so that I actually got sick while on the table. My anesthesiology team was so encouraging and supportive to me during all this (as I was having anxiety thanks to the effects of those medicines), and I honestly don't know what I would have done with them. By the time the hubby arrived at my side, I was very much "out of it" and quite the loopy patient.

C & M were graciously allowed to be in the OR as well to witness the birth of their little ones. I'm so grateful that my OB advocated for them to be present. Once they were settled and my hubby was settled, the surgery got underway.

Baby A arrived at 10:20a, weighing 4lbs, 5oz -- IT'S A BOY!
Baby B arrived at 10:21a, weighing 2lbs, 15oz -- IT'S A GIRL!

I was able to see the sweet babes for a few seconds over the drape before the neonatal team began their assessment. C & M were able to see and hold their little ones in the OR before they were both taken to the NICU, with C & M following right behind. I, of course, was being stitched back together during all this.

I didn't get to see the little ones until the next day due to them being cared for in the NICU as well as my adverse reaction to all the medicines used during the surgery. I will spare you the details, but it was indeed a rough night for me. I should have probably warned someone how I react to narcotic med pains and things of that nature. Basically, if "dizziness" or "nausea" is a side effect, I have no tolerance for it and it should be kept far, far away from me. Wonder if they would have let me go through the c-section without the morphine and fentanil?

I am on the mend currently (from my first ever cesarean section) and although it has been quite the tough 48 hours, I feel like I might finally be showing signs of healing and a general leaning towards feeling better, at least better than the first 48 hours. I'm walking the halls with slightly more ease - not pain free though - and I am hoping to be released today. Oh, how I hope to go home today.

The little babes have been in NICU since birth and the doctors are very impressed with the progress they continue to make. They will have their oxygen completely removed today and are even being formula fed. C & M have been allowed to bathe them, change them, and feed them once a day. They are only allowed to hold them and have physical contact with them for only a few minutes each day. I know they are looking forward to the day they can snuggle and hold them without all the restrictions. There is no word yet on how long they may need NICU care, but it is likely it will be for at least another 2 weeks, and possibly longer. I will continue to visit C & M and the babes after I have been discharged. I have not held them or gotten a photo of us all together, so that is a big "must do" before they are released and return home.

I'm sure I have plenty more information, but after the whooziness from all the drugs, I may be missing some things. I have plenty of photos, but C & M have respectfully requested that I keep those off any public venues (ie: blogs).

This ends this surrogacy journey for me, aside from recovery, and it begins a whole new life for C & M and their family! I have so many emotions at this point -- way too many to add to this post for sure. Perhaps another post for that, folks.

I'm off to finish recovering and resting. I'll check in with you all soon.


  1. I can't even imagine the gratitude the parents have towards you! You are amazing to do such a wonderful thing and blessed to have a wonderful family backing you up!
    Praying for the pain to go away fast and that you can get up and moving again and see those precious babies.

  2. Sounds like a whirlwind! I'm glad you're recovering well though. Thanks for the update.

  3. Glad the births went good and you are on the mend. I will say a little prayer for the babies and you to get well soon and to get out of NICU. You did an awesome thing. I'll be going thru the same in 3 mnths....time has flown by!!! Take care.

  4. Beautiful update-hang in there!

  5. you did a wonderful Job!! Congrats you will Always be a Surrogate.Hugs and love from Me and my Family,Jodi(gracie).

  6. Congratulations Tasha - you've helped create a family! So excited for your IPs, they must be over the moon. I'll continue to keep the lil babes in my thoughts and pray they grow strong in the coming weeks. Rest up and sending quick recovery vibes your way.

  7. Yay! How exciting!! Congrats to you and to C&M and I wish you a speedy recovery so you can return home to the comforts of your family!