Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last One

Yes, stalkers, this is your very last belly shot, snapped yesterday at 33 weeks, 4 days.

Currently, I am blogging atcha' from a not so comfy hospital bed, AGAIN! Any one else tired of me being here *raises hand*. At yesterday afternoon's ultrasound appointment, Baby B was found to have absent-end diastolic flow (signaling that the placenta is no longer functioning properly), so I was sent for monitoring. This was expected to eventually happen, so while not surprising, we were certainly holding out hope that the decline would hold off a couple of more weeks. When I arrived at the hospital, the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doctor informed me that we would receive another round of steroids to mature babies' lungs and that delivery would happen this weekend. Wow!

Basically, with the B's condition, there is no reason to take any unnecessary risks, so while we have generally said the longer we bake the better, the time has come where the high-risk doctors feel that B would be better served outside the womb. No decision has been made as to whether delivery will occur today or tomorrow, although I suspect tomorrow is the hope in order to complete the round of steroids. However, if there is any concern with the babes as they monitor heart rates - I'm being constantly monitored, so I'm all wired up: 3 monitors on the belly, an IV in one arm, and a BP cuff on the other - or I go into actual labor, then we will deliver at that time.

My cervix was checked yesterday evening and I was found to be 4cm and 70% effaced. Recap from Tuesday's check: 1cm and 40% effaced. It seems some changes have been taking place. I also have been having regular contractions, but only from time to time rather than continuous. It is my hope and prayer that I can go into labor before B's heart rate changes (should it change, that is) and before they decide to whisk me away for a c-section tomorrow. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a wonderful MFM doctor will is willing to deliver both breech babies, as she feels this would be easy since the babes will be small, and she would like to see me avoid major surgery if possible.She is working hospital rotation this week, but we have to tell my body to cooperate during her working hours, gah!

C & M are in town now, and they WILL get their babies this time. I asked many, many times so I could be sure before letting them get on that plane.

We shall see what today holds. Perhaps my next update with have delivery info or even announce the arrive of the little babes! Stay tuned...

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  1. Wow! Praying for you this weekend and whatever may come with delivery! So excited for you and C & M as you all meet these tiny ones :)