Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm an Information Machine!

Gosh, I feel like I'm updating too often -- is that possible?!?!

In any case, I do have more news to share with you all. AND I get to share it from the comfort of my cozy couch. :)

Today's ultrasound showed Baby B to be the same as on Sunday morning, consistent with what we've seen over the last month: blood flow is still slightly elevated. Biophysical profile was great. B is quite the squirmy wormy and appears to be a little fighter, hanging on strong! Baby A is right where A should be, as usual.

And in even more interesting news: we have a delivery date scheduled! I am on the calendar for April 4 at 10:30a. I will be officially 36 weeks on that date. The reason we are not pushing for 38 weeks is due to B's growth. The OB explained it to me that it would be better to take B early in order to avoid any extra stress from the blood flow concern; with B's growth, it would be better to assess the situation from outside the womb at 36 weeks. 36 weeks is a very acceptable "term" delivery for twins. She also told me that twins do not grow very much from week 36 to week 38, so we would really not be losing any growth or development.

And in even more exciting news (I mean, did you even think that was possible?!?!): The OB who treated me today said that if I were to go into labor on my own, she would be more than happy to deliver me naturally. She is experienced and comfortable performing a breech delivery, and even encouraged me to call her if I went into full labor, and she would come to the hospital to deliver me even if she wasn't on hospital rotation. She said that I am an excellent candidate for breech, and delivering a smaller baby who is breech is much easier than delivering a larger baby who is breech. She is actually on the hospital rotation for next week, so while I wouldn't encourage labor, it wouldn't necesaarily be a bad thing if I did spontaneoulsy go into labor next week...during the day of course since the OBs at this office only rotate hospital hours during that time. Also, if I happen to be in labor when I come in on April 4, then we could attempt a vaginal delivery at that time, otherwise a c-section is the way we'll go.

A bit more info, if you haven't had enough information yet ;) --- I am still dilated to 1 cm, but my cervix is starting to thin, making me 50% effaced. Perhaps, my body is already starting to show signs of changes that can lead to labor. I also had my uterus measured for fundal height. Fundal height measurement is taken from the top of the uterus to the top of the pubic bone and can aid in determing fetal growth and development. Although this measurement isn't as accurate as ultrasound, it can be useful in assessing when a pregnancy may be nearing it's end, read: labor may begin soon. My fundal height was 40cm, and it is sometimes thought that anything 40cm or above may indicate that the uterus may begin contracting to begin labor. This isn't always the case of course, but I might just cross my fingers that it is for me.

Being on twice weekly appointments now certainly gives me much more reason to come back here and update often, but if the appointments and ultrasounds are unchanged, I may wait until I have more news to share before popping into the blog o'sphere. Thanks for keeping up with me, friends!


  1. That's great news all around Tasha! Keep up the good work! :-)(And there's no such thing as too many updates!)

  2. wow - awesome!! Good luck with everything and hang in there...good news all around.

  3. Praying for you Tasha! I know how you are feeling... and I know the anticipation of the delivery coming. Call if you need anything! You know, I had to deliver Caleb by emergency c-section because he was breech, but I'm praying for a natural delivery for you. Seriously call if you need anything!

  4. We all love the updates. Keep it up!

  5. thats so cool that you may get to do natural delivery!!
    Glad things are going good right now