Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where do I start?!

I'm seriously not even sure where to start with this update. It's a super long roller-coaster of a story, so I'll take a few deep breaths and try to walk you all through it without being too talky-talky.
I had my regularly scheduled appointment early yesterday morning. During the ultrasound, the tech told me that I would likely be going to the hospital, and she immediately left the room to call the perinatologist to send him the findings on the ultrasound. A few short minutes later, my OB came into the room and told me, "Today's the day." They were telling me we were delivering babies that day!! Can you imagine my shock?!?!

I immediately called IP's to be sure they could try to get to their babies in time; called my mother so she could make the long drive to be here with my kiddos; called the hubby so he could head over to the hospital asap. After texting and notifying multiple people about this last minute scenario, my OB came into my room and notified me that the NICU was full. I would have to transfer to another hospital.

Strapped onto a stretcher I was and given an ambulance ride to another hospital a bit further way. I was admitted at this hospital and given a complete workup: blood draws, slew o'questions about my medical history, etc, and IV'd up to receive fluids. The delivering doctors came in to talk to me, the anesthesiologist came in for her spiel, the social worker came into confirm legal paperwork....I must have had 15 people in and out of that room in the first hour I was there.

I also had another ultrasound. The doctors at the "new" hospital wanted to confirm what they were told was seen in my OB's office. An hour later, the ultrasound was complete. And by that I mean, the actual ultrasound took an hour, an ENTIRE hour! A bit of time passed and the high-risk doctor came in to tell me what the findings were of that ultrasound. They did NOT see the same thing that was seen earlier. In fact, they saw something completely different. In my OB's office, I was told B's blood flow was reversed and B needed to be delivered immediately; after the 2nd ultrasound, I was told the B's blood was slightly elevated, consistent with the ultrasounds over the last few weeks.

Now, if you're confused here, you are not alone. But for the time being, there would be no delivery of the babies. I was admitted for overnight stay for monitoring with another ultrasound coming the next morning. This decision came only after IP's were in the air, coming to me, expecting to meet their babies.

Fast forward to this morning:
The ultrasound this morning showed that Baby B's bloodflow was slightly elevated from yesterday's ultrasound (but still not reversed, yay!), so I am remaining in the hospital for another 24 hours to monitor the babies' heartrates to make sure that the increased elevation is not affecting fetal heart rate. Also, the physicians here took me off the Procardia I was taking to help relax the uterus to avoid contractions, so they want to make sure I'm stable without that for 24 hours before they send me home. If the babies' heart rates remain good as they have been and I don't have regular contractions, then I *should* be able to go home tomorrow sometime after lunch. I will then be seen again on Monday or Tuesday for another ultrasound, and will likely be moved to twice weekly scans.

IP's are on their way home now, but know that is a possibility they may have to return asap based on next week's ultrasounds. Our hope is to continue the pregnancy for 3 more weeks if B's blood flow and growth will allow. My bed rest continues, hopefully at home tomorrow.

Did you get all that? I know, it's a lot to process. Imagine being on this end of it.

And while I know this is the least important part of this post, I wanted to leave you with another tummy shot @ 32 weeks, 4 days:

And if you're really brave, you're welcome to view a bare belly shot -- and if you're not so much with the bravery, you are now free to leave this blog as this post is finished for you. ;) For the rest of you, here's a feast for your eyes maybe:


  1. Tasha, I know this must be hard for you. Carrying one 40 weeks is difficult; I can't imagine two (although I'm sure there are many who can). Been praying for you, for rest and peace and joy in these times. Love you and your family.

  2. Wow - that is a lot to go thru!!! Hopefully these next few weeks will slow down for you and I will pray for peace and comfort and that you deliver 2 healthy babies when they are ready to come out!!! Keep us posted!