Thursday, April 21, 2011

They're home :)

Hi, friends! In my true blogging fashion, I am *a bit* behind on keeping you all up to date, but it IS the week leading up to holiday, which keeps me pretty busy each time any holiday rolls around. So, let's get to it:

The twins were discharged from the hospital last week. Baby Boy was released on (Thursday) the 14th and Baby Girl was released the next day. My crew - all 6 of us - were able to visit with C,M, and the twins for a time before they flew home on Saturday, the 16th.

I'm so impressed with how well the twins grew and how healthy they looked! Baby Boy was weighing over 5 1/2 lbs (I can't recall the exact numbers now) and Baby Girl was weighing 4lbs 5oz. They were so sweet!

This gathering was the first time my boys had seen the babies, so that was exciting for them, at least for a minute or two. ;) I was able to grab a few photos of the occassion, but my ever present procrastination has kept me from actually asking C for her permission to post it here. I plan on doing this in the few days, but we'll see. ;)

I'm glad we all got to cuddle with the little ones before they went home to begin their life, finally outside of the hospital. It was admittedly the "closure" I needed on my part in this experience. For the first time I truly felt that this, their (the twins) going home to their family with their mom and dad, was the ending for which we were all waiting. It was the goal that both our families desired to accomplish from the very beginning, before we even met one another. During the time that the babies were in the NICU, I struggled with the finality of it all, or lack thereof; but now that they are home, I feel as if this entire process has come full circle. I could talk without end on this alone.

I am still so humbled to have been priveleged to care for those babies for a time and honored that C & M trusted me and my family with such a precious task. I definitely feel that I am just as blessed in all this as they are; my heart is full.


  1. That's wonderful, Tasha! Love it!

  2. How great! So glad the babies getting to go home. And I'm glad that you got the closure you needed :)

  3. That's great, Tasha! BTW...happy b-day today!