Monday, May 2, 2011

6 weeks, done

My (standard) 6 week post-partum checkup was a few days ago. I passed, yay! Of course, did you expect anything different? ;) My scar is healing nicely, although still has some ridging, due to the dissolvable staples that were used. I confess that I can't wait for that be FLAT finally - at this point, it looks as if my lower abdomen has a pouty bottom lip, ha! I'll spare you the photo. I am 14lbs away from the pre-pregnancy weight and I am cleared to return to full activity, meaning I can "get my butt in gear" at the gym. It's no fun wearing maternity clothes when you're not pregnant - Express jeans, here I come! I know, I know: this isn't a health & fitness blog, so I'll move on...

C & M's twins are doing marvelously well! Baby Boy recently weighed in 7lbs, 5oz; Baby Girl weighed in 5lbs, 2 oz. Yesterday, they turned 6 weeks old! By C's account, they are normal, happy, healthy babies as we knew they would be. My prayer for both C & M these days has been that they have a smooth transition into the parenting, going from 1 child to 3! They have their hands full to say the least, but from what I know of them, they're going to be great!

Unfortuntaly, I don't have any progressive tummy shrinking photos to share today. I have them, but they're just not really impressive, hehe! All of internal organs have returned to normal, so the rest is up to me. And since pregnancy takes it toll on the ab muscles (and the skin), it will take time and focus to get it all back to my normal. While I know this blog isn't focused on that, it is an important element in the post-partum period, for any woman who has given birth, so I'll include updates from time to time.

This blog will become a bit inactive as time passes, although I'll check in with you when I have something to say. ;) I wanted to use this as a place to chronicle my experience as a gestational surrogate and I feel I have accomplished that. I feel "done" with my role as a surrogate, but not done with my role in C & M's life.

Since delivering the twins and even before delivery, I have been asked if I would be a surrogate again. I will honestly say that I have thought about it, but am not willing to be more definitive in my decision at this time, considering I am still in the recovery process from this pregnancy and delivery. I'll save those thoughts for another post, just to keep things interesting around here.

Thank you all for following along with me and for all the prayers and words of encouragement. They mean so much! Until next time, friends...

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  1. Good luck with losing the weight and getting back..I'm sure you'll bounce right back!!! You did an amazing thing for someone and I will follow your next journey if there is one to follow. Take care and stay in touch!