Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some things to think about

or "some thing about which to think." Sorry for introducing the post by ending with a preposition. And I'm sorry for just revealing my inner-nerd, but really if you didn't know that about me already, I suggest you read through the blog again...

Ok, I'm going to let that rabbit get away and bring this post back together:

A couple of things have been on this post-pregnancy brain as of late, and whilst thinking of such things, I thought they'd make a good blog post. Hopefully, I'll be right.

The hubby and I have decided that a little bit plastic surgery could be in my future. (Think this means I could end up looking "plastic?") Nothing too fancy of course - just a little tuck to take care of this tummy. I'll spare you a photo of the tummy that's delivered 6 children in 13 years - you'll thank me. While this may seem like a vain thing to think about in light of those 6 beautiful lives, let's be real: clothing designers don't make clothes differently for women who've had a half-dozen babies. Call me vain if I want my clothes to fit how they should. But since I like to take my time researching and getting all my ducks in a row before I jump into anything serious, any sort of nipping and tucking won't take place for several years. Maybe I'll blog about that too --- hmmmm. Thoughts on another decision has also made me think that this event could be delayed for a time too...

As time is passing and I'm beginning to heal and feel more like my old self again, I confess that I have been seriously considering whether this last surrogacy was my last. Two months ago, my feelings were different but time can change those, I suppose. And of course, not being on a crazy hormone roller coaster helps. Did I mention I think I'm returning to normal?

Recently, C said (ok- texted, because between us, we have 7 children = no time to actually talk, ha!) something that very slightly indicated to me that they may be interested in another surrogacy. Just to clarify before I continue, she said nothing definite/concrete in any capacity at all whatsoever. It was just something that made me think about the possibility of doing another surrogacy for them. The hubby and I have also talked about this. If C & M asked me to carry another child for them, I would be so honored; I would do it again - in a heartbeat. That's on the record. ;)


  1. I don't blame you for wanting to get a little "nip/tuck"...heck, I wanna do it and I'm only on my 3rd kiddo! And I can relate to being on board for another surrogacy b/c I bet if my current IPs asked me to do a sibling project, I'd jump right on board! Go with your gut, especially if you have the support of your family.

  2. I can totally understand the need for a surgical adjustment! With the possibility of this being twins, it's already crossed my mind, LOL! You can't "work off" stretched skin...I say more power to ya! If another surrogacy is in the cards for you, that's awesome too! GL!