Friday, February 14, 2014

Almost 13 weeks!

An update for you, as promised: We are almost 13 weeks along, yay! Baby is about the size of an egg, and eyelids have formed and arms and legs are moving all around!

Our ultrasound on Wednesday went great: nuchal scan was negative as well as the Materni21 blood test. Doc said baby was absolutely perfect! We will get another peek at the little in about 6 weeks when we have the big anatomy scan. Since all is well, I am carrying on as usual.

The ultrasound was fun as I had a fantastic tech who kept commenting on how cute the baby was and how much bean was moving around. I love having a tech that really enjoys her job...not like those tight-lipped ones that I seem to get lately. She took several pictures that I was able to send to C. Here are my favorites:

I love how baby looks like he/she's smiling in the first pic; really, he/she was gulping the amniotic fluid. Baby also kept waving his/her little hand around. I'm not feeling any movement yet, but I hope to be able to in the coming weeks. That's almost my favorite part of pregnancy!

My pants are definitely getting snug and it's likely I could need maternity clothes soon...sooner than my previous pregnancy even. Baby is measuring about 5 days ahead, so maybe that's it...yeah, that's what I'm going with. ;)

I'm off to spend a quiet Valentine's evening with my two youngest boys; the hubby is traveling for work and my eldest are doing their own thing with friends. The boys and I are grabbing a movie, a heart shaped pizza, and dessert'ing with a strawberry shortcake. Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

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