Thursday, April 17, 2014

21 week appointment

The latest appointment was normal and boring, just like we like 'em! I am up 9lbs so far - doc is happy with that, so maybe my cookie binges aren't doing too too much damage. I have developed a couple new patches of spider veins, gross. I suppose they wouldn't bother be so much if they weren't below my knees, where summer dresses won't always cover. I guess I will just consider them "life lines" and hope that they go away after the pregnancy, once blood flow decreases.

This is the belly today:

Pregnancy fatigue is still kicking my butt -- seems like that will be the running theme for these 9 months! My next appointment is in a month; I will be tested for gestational diabetes, and get to drink that yummy glucola. Blech!

We have a more exciting appointment next because we get to have another ultrasound, yay! 

Sometimes I wish I had more to post but this pregnancy has been pretty textbook so far, and the less drama the better!

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