Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winter transfer is on it's way!

I had my screening appointment earlier in the week at CT Fertility. Everything went great, as expected. The doctor said my uterus looked "wonderful," and that it was empty and "just waiting for a baby." IVF doc humor? ;)

My lab results from the bloodwork should come back next week. After that, I will receive a timeline as well as meds. We have transfer scheduled for January 14, 2016. I am very excited to finally have some dates on the calendar. I should be starting meds sometime around mid-December but of course will know more next week.

We had planned to meet K & J in person during the appointment, but they had an emergency at the last minute and couldn't make it. They will definitely be there for the transfer.

The husband and I had several hours after the appointment before our flight home. So, we popped on over to Hoboken, NJ and had a cannoli from the famous Carlo's Bakery! It was fantastic, and we were able to bring some back home to the kids.

(don't mind our selfie taking skills)

I wish I had more to update but this particular part of the process is pretty par for the course. And we're back to waiting again.

I'll check back in soon, friends!

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