Monday, December 14, 2015

Meds are here

My meds arrived last weekend and we began Lupron (an ovary suppressing injection) on Wednesday, December 9. My apologies for not posting about such exciting news sooner, BUT I have a really good excuse for being too busy. Due to the Christmas season being  a really, really good reason for all things baking, I spent last week prepping dough for my family's annual holiday cookie baking day. This was the result...

Each year, we bake our little hearts out. Then we package them up, and pass them out to our neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. It's a sweet tradition that we look forward to every year -- and I think our recipients do as well! 

So that, friends, is what has kept me away from the blog this week. And since I was so busy mixing, rolling, and baking, I did not take a picture of the meds when they arrived. It's the same protocol as the previous surrogacies, but if you need a recap, you can go here.

I have been on the Lupron for 6 days now. The small little stick on the belly doesn't bother me one bit. But the side effects the first couple of days were pretty awful - mostly headaches, hot flashes, and nausea. Those seem to be subsiding as we move along. I will continue the Lupron at my current dose until an ultrasound on December 21. If that shows that the Lupron is doing it's job (turning off my ovaries so no follicles are producing eggs), then my dose will be lessened and we'll move onto the next medication to start preparing the uterine lining for transfer. 

In the meantime, I'll continue baking, drinking hot chocolate, attending classroom winter parties, wrapping presents, and looking at Christmas lights with the family! 

(My Crew at the Opry Hotel, Nashville)

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  1. The goodies were tasty. The lights, at Opry, were wonderful. My wife is always awesome.