Monday, December 28, 2015

I need my estrogen!

I had my appointment for labs and ultrasound as planned on Monday, Dec. 21. My bloodwork came back super quick but my ultrasound report did not. Apparently the holiday week posed a problem for my clinic in sending that report to the fertility clinic. This might have been tolerable if that report didn't determine the next step in meds, and keep me on the Lupron and it's side effects longer than planned! After 3 long hot flashy, migraine filled days (my side effects increased after the birth control pills were stopped, leaving hormone-less!), my fertility clinic decided to let me lower my Lupron dose and add in some estrogen - without seeing the report. The clinic made the decision based on lab results and the fact that my period started as expected. Although I wish they had received the report, I was grateful and relieved to have been able to begin my the Estrace. I think I became like an addict looking for drugs: "Anybody got any estrogen???? Please, I NEED THE ESTROGEN!"

Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad -- maybe only in my head. The husband says that I was ok without hormones. He's a nice guy though, and he has to live with me.

I did speak with my OB today actually - during my annual exam - and she was very apologetic about their mistake and assured it would not happen with the next ultrasound on January 5. I'll be sure to get a copy of the report myself before I leave the office that day, just to be safe.

I'll continue on the Lupron and the Estrace until we check the uterine lining at the next ultrasound. In the meantime, you all can enjoy some family photos from our Christmas (because pictures always make blogs more interesting!)

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