Wednesday, January 6, 2016

All layered up

Yesterday was our lining check. We -and by "we" I suppose I mean the ultrasound tech - were looking for a thick trilaminar (fancy medical word for having 3 layers) uterine lining. And that is exactly what we got. In fact, my uterine lining measured 19.1 mm. Seriously, ya'll, that's a LOT of lining. Maybe that's why I feel a little puffy when I try to button my pants these days - could be all the Christmas cookies too. In my previous two surrogacies, my lining only measured 12 mm at this point prior to transfer. The thicker the trilaminar lining, the better chances at implantation. This means good things for us, I think.

We will continue our med protocol as planned. Tomorrow will be last dose of the Lupron (yay!). I will begin the bigger Progesterone shots on Friday. Remember those?? Even though I've done this twice already, those big ol' shots are something I never get excited about!

My kiddos are still home from school on their Winter break. They go back tomorrow. I'll be spending time making preparations for travel for next week. We will leave TN on Wednesday, transfer 2 frozen embies on Thursday, and be back home on Friday night. Here's hoping the cold isn't too unbearable in Connecticut. Wishful thinking, perhaps? I'll be sure to pack warmly.

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