Tuesday, January 26, 2016

High hopes

We got the results from our beta blood test yesterday afternoon. I'm sorry to say that the number was quite a bit lower than we would want at this point. I wasn't surprised as I had taken a home pregnancy test the day before and it was negative. Our beta number was 14. The expected range is 5-426, so it is a positive result. We are pregnant.

However, our nurse was concerned that this could be a chemical pregnancy (that's really a nicer term for an early stage pregnancy loss). In a chemical pregnancy, the embryo implants but never continues to develop. We are not certain this is our case, and the way to find out is to have another beta on Thursday to see if that HCG will rise. If we have a sustainable pregnancy, our numbers should double (or more) every 72 hours. Our numbers on Thursday will tell us what our next step is. It really could go either way right now.

I will confess that K and I a bit discouraged but not hopeless. I have scoured the internet for encouraging stories regarding low beta numbers and there are many! We are cautiously optimistic and our hope is high. Reproduction is a miracle; we are praying that these little lives are no exception!

As of right now, we are pregnant; our due date is Oct 1, 2016.

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