Sunday, April 17, 2016

Let's try this again!

Hi, friends!! Perhaps some of you have been waiting patiently to find out how this week's appointment went, considering that the previous ultrasound did not go as we had hoped. I have better news this week. My ovaries are still suppressed (as they should be!), and my lining is at 5mm. The clinic is looking for it to be below 7mm before we can continue with the meds, so yay! I began estrace on Thursday and we preparing for transfer May 4th. Quote from my husband. "Transfer is Star Wars Day. So cool!"

Lining check will be April 25, so let's hope that goes well so we can keep the rockin' date as planned. April 25 also happens to be my birthday so it can only be a good day, right? 

And if all that news wasn't exciting enough, I also attempted and failed, then attempted again and succeeded at making pretzels...cinnamon sugar and salted. Not photogenic at all, but they tasted good!
Making Auntie Ann proud
I don't think my family minds being taste testers for my kitchen adventures. They didn't mind this sweet peanut butter cream pie either:

I promise not to fill the blog with pictures of food. It is about surrogacy afterall. But what a fun way to spend the "hurry up and wait." (and pictures are fun!)

I'll check back in soon. Thanks for following me!

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  1. I continue to reap the benefits of this baking marvel. How I love her and so does my belly.