Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FINALLY moving forward

We FINALLY heard from all points of contact regarding my last appointment - May 4 - and we are FINALLY a go for transfer! My uterine lining measured 17-18mm, which was a slight decrease from the 21mm it was previously. My clinic is happy with that and we are preparing for embryo transfer on May 19.  I am waiting to receive travel arrangements, but given the 19th appointment date, we should be flying out on the 18th and coming back home on the 20th. Then we wait for beta to see if either of those 2 embies decide to stick around! As much as I would like to lament over the fact that this is 3 weeks past our original proposed date, I'm too excited to care! We are FINALLY going to attempt a second transfer nearly 3 months after our chemical pregnancy. It's been a loooong 3 months, y'all.

C and I continue to be in touch about our travel dates, so we still hope to be able to see the twins when we travel for the transfer. We're excited about that as well.

My estrace was decreased again in preparation for the transfer; I'm down from the original 8mg/day to 2mg/day. The decrease in the estrace has caused some slight spotting (which helped to decrease that lining a bit), but this is normal and expected. I will take my last dose of Lupron tomorrow and begin the big progesterone shots Friday. I should be getting used to those by now...should be.

I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day this past weekend. My boys and I spent the day Saturday hiking, picnic'ing, and ended the night with a frozen yogurt outing, yum! On Sunday, we relaxed a bit at home and had a cookout that evening: grilled BBQ chicken and corn on the cob! We don't take time often enough to slow down and spend some time together;  it was such a blessing to do that this weekend with my family.

I will check in again soon, friends!

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