Sunday, December 18, 2016

Medical screening complete

I wanted to pop in during this busy holiday season and post a quick update (and a few pics, yeah!).

I had my medical screening with the RE last week. I shared my medical records, had an ultrasound, and met with the IVF coordinator. The RE says I am an "excellent candidate" for surrogacy, yay! I will have a saline sonogram in about a week and a half (no appointment date yet) to make sure my polyp removal was indeed successful. I also have an psychological evaluation scheduled for Dec. 30. After that, the IPs and I will move on to the contract phase. This will be slightly different as I am basically in charge of determining what goes in the contract, with the help of my attorney of course, as opposed to an agency telling me what HAS to be in there. I am confident in my experience to choose the necessary pieces for the contract. We are planning to begin contracts the first week of January, and are hopeful that the process will move much quicker this time around.

IM and I have been in touch about doctor's appointments, psych appointments, attorneys, etc. I feel like this will be a very communicative journey.

I have been very busy in my kitchen this season. My oldest son asked me to make cake pops. I have never attempted them before as I consider them quite above my skill level. But I gave it a go, and I surprised myself with how well they turned out:

They were delicious!
I have also spent the last month preparing cookie dough for my family's annual Christmas cookie baking day. Every year, we (ok, mostly me!) bake hundreds of holiday cookies and treats to enjoy. We also box them up and pass them out to teachers, friends, and neighbors. It is something that I look forward to every year. Here is a photo of the results from this year:

This is how we box them!

Keep checking in on me, friends. I'll post an update after my sonogram. For now, we just keep on keepin on!

Merry Christmas!!

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