Friday, April 28, 2017

Heartbeat = check!

Our ultrasound earlier in the week went exactly as we had hoped! The little guy is measuring one day ahead and his heart was beating like a champ at 132bmp. Both P and Z were able to be at the appointment, and I'm so grateful they got to be there to see their little one's heart pumping away.

such a lil' guy!
I am definitely behind on posting this update. All those early pregnancy symptoms that I had just bragged about not quite arriving yet fully arrived about a week ago. The nausea and fatigue wasted no time in taking me out! I think my anemia is playing a role as well as I am experiencing some nasty symptoms: dizziness, even more fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches. Those in particular have really slowed me down! I have my first OB appointment scheduled for early next week; I will definitely be discussing that and managing the anemia.

Ultrasound day was also my birthday, yay! After the appointment, my husband took me - just me, no kids! - to Chattanooga for a quick overnight trip to celebrate. We enjoyed some leisurely walks (with more breaks that I'm used to thanks to the fatigue and the breathlessness) in Coolidge Park, the art museum, the zoo, and Point Park at Lookout Mountain. It was nice to getaway, even if it was for just a quick minute.

We will see the little guy again in about a week. At that appointment, we will discuss the tapering schedule for the medications as I prepare to transition from the fertility clinic to my OB's clinic. That's always an exciting step - no more patches or hip shots!

Thanks for being so patient with me, friends, as I post updates whenever I can find the energy. Hang with me!

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