Wednesday, May 3, 2017

First OB Appt

I had my first official prenatal appointment a couple of days ago. Although I haven't been released from the care of the fertility doctor just yet, I wanted to go ahead and see my OB and share some concerns with her. For the past week and a half, I have been experiencing some dizziness (that throws my balance), shortness of breath (with only minor exertion), chest discomfort (I assume from the breath shortness), and muscle weakness. All of that along with first trimester fatigue and nausea has had me DOWN for the count!

current situation...erry day
The verdict from my OB is that these are all normal symptoms of pregnancy with the addition of anemia. No real cause for concern except that it's kind of getting in the way of my life. 😐 A small sacrifice really though. Her suggestion is to basically "take it easy," no exercise or strenuous activity until the symptoms subside, which she suspects will be in a couple of weeks. That should also be when the full effects of the iron infusion should kick in. I hope so. I've always exercised throughout my pregnancies, so it's bothersome that I can't right now. But I will just keep telling myself that this is only a season and the gym isn't going anywhere.

I did get to see the little guy and his heartbeat beating away again. My OB has a portable scanner that she brought in the room to do a quick ultrasound. All is well! She also drew my blood to check the iron levels again. I am of course still waiting to hear back.

I will see the fertility doctor next week. We will discuss tapering medications as well as check on the little one again. That's still so fun to me! P is coming to that appointment as well and we have plans to grab brunch afterwards. I'm really looking forward to that!

See you all next week!

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