Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Plan in Place

We received the results from the embryo testing a couple of days ago. Since then, we have been working on getting a plan together for our next transfer. Of the three embryos that survived to testing, only one was deemed viable for transfer. K and J have decided to move forward with the transfer of that one little embie and we couldn't be more excited! The doctor also suggested that we transfer a remaining embryo from K's very first retrieval. That will give us a two embryo transfer, and while the remaining embryo did not undergo PGD testing, the doctor feels that two embryos increase our chances for a successful pregnancy.

We do not have a transfer date yet, and that is because I am waiting to begin birth control, which I can do when my cycle arrives. I am expecting that to be any day; really, I expected it a couple of days ago, but since we're actually waiting for it to arrive, I'm sure it will be late. Once I'm able to begin the pills, we think it will be about 6 weeks before we can attempt our second transfer. All I'm thinking (other than "On my gosh, I have to fly again!) is Connecticut weather should be nicer in the spring than it was in January.  In the meantime, I'm literally just waiting on my period. If that's not the weirdest thing on which to wait...

So, I guess I'll keep you all posted on- erm- Aunt Flo's arrival? I'm sure you'll be checking back often. ;)

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