Saturday, November 30, 2013

We are a go!

My lining check was 3 days ago, but I hope all of you were too busy enjoying copious amounts of turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, pies, etc (like I was!) to care about what those results were. Now that I'm out of my food coma, I can update you all...

My bloodwork was perfect and the ultrasound showed my lining at 12mm, which is right on track where my RE wants me to be. This means we will keep our Dec 6 transfer date as planned. C and I are ecstatic to finally be moving on to the next step! My flight leaves on Dec 5 (from TN to CT); we'll transfer 2 sweet embryos on Dec 6, follow that up with bedrest, then I'll return home on Dec 8 and wait. Ahhhhhh, the waiting!!!

Since we are on for transfer, I begin new meds tonight. I will have my first PIO shot: right into the hip with this bad boy:

Maybe the needle doesn't look so daunting in the photo, but it really is. You would think that since I have experience with this, I wouldn't be so nervous. Except I am. Maybe I can never really get used to sticking a giant needle in my rear. The crankiness from this hormone won't be too far behind - no pun intended, ha! Prayers up for the husband! :)

Tomorrow I will also start Crinone twice a day (a lovely vaginal's not that lovely!); I'll also start Prednisone and Doxycycline pills. I will remain on my Estrace tablets twice a day and my prenatal vitamins. Daily med recap: 1 injection, 2 suppositories (yes, they're a little gross), and 6 pills. This protocol will continue until the beta blood test, which should happen 10-14 days after transfer.

I'm off to do this shot thing...will chat soon, friends!

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  1. oh my goodness. How do you do the injections?! I couldn't even get myself to poke my finger to check my blood sugar levels at my parents house! You're one tough person